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Synthetic horoscope lifetime cuaTuoi Tiger Boys in 2010, 1950, 2070 Tiger vaTuoi Midwives 2010, 1950, 2070 and most complete accuracy here. Here you will know what will happen in my life from the past, present and future. Everything from love, family, work, career … full all! View hexagram nhé!

I – South Network – Tiger

Needy. Direct NGUYMang total three MOC (tree accomplice, promoting tree) Fix the bar to Lu Ban thocon (the network) tiger bones. Minister CONhEOPhat Guanyin satellite network level.

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OVERVIEW Tiger Boys in 2010, 1950, 2070:

LIFE of the Tiger Boys, 2010, 1950, 2070:

Tiger Wood of the network age but the feisty nature, brusquely make life difficult khaNhon. Life is not necessarily succeed at a young age. Wisely and with great patience to overcome the physical labors, hoNhay shaken mind, emotions have no or very nice, must go through many waves. As a ship is at sea with the wind bao.Tom: Life is full of exciting and turbulent as the sea was calm the storm to have a new and very lucid bay.So escape but felt very upright, but often do enjoy rich high level in mid-life, impatient temperament, lack of calm, very good patron of little or illness, unexpected. The average score at the age of 52 to 55 years old. But as the case may eat in virtue, the Millennium enjoys increased more from five years or more.

conditionality of the Tiger Boys, 2010, 1950, 2070:

Tiger is back on the network should Moc love affair more strict. Going through many changes and brings many painful wounds, never lived with a life filled with happiness, but instead full of heartbreaking stories about this issue. Wounds affair continued into the bloodstream causing grief in life, making life much guilt brought on the issue of love. And here’s the numbers that you have to take the path of love more or less. If you were born this month is aimed at people in your life to go through many changes in minimum wages and charming three times, that is if you are born in the months 5, 7 and 11 lunar. But if you were born in the following months will be counted twice changes of love, happiness, which is the month that you were born in January, 3, 6, 8 and 12 of the lunar calendar. But if you were born in these months, the charming story salary spending a husband a wife and not a change, that you were born to the February, 9 and 10 of the lunar calendar. But in general, the age of many painful Tiger regard affair while starting at age 20 onwards.

NATIONAL DIRECTOR, THE LIST of the Tiger Boys, 2010, 1950, 2070:

Tiger’s old career began to develop and have more luck in the year in which age was 19 onwards, part of the list have the opportunity to moderate. Will have good results in the years 23 and 24, and 26 and 27, then the list is somewhat striking up. If lucid and patience in this matter. Family religion has much sorrow, because her number is not Cantilever kinship live, but to live in her doNhay thanks friends, strangers more. Seldom grabbed something nice by her children, families spend time cho.Cong list also deep scholarship, but still reached a voluntary basis. Hopefully in 18 years, the list begins with opportunity and facilitate progress so you can develop them.Van all religious beliefs, there are many troubling pity on you past the age of 20 to 21 years old . If orphaned before the list is less clear. If motherless before the left part of the list and clear up quickly. Family religion is always in what sadness, try and have love in religion, God, Buddha brand that helps create more unfortunately took a life career man.Neu you solid and durable, it also must be in age from 26 onwards start, but the work completed was a great career does not have a chance to. However grabbed a career minor and firmer, you can prolong a life in a state average. Money from age 19 onwards to the age of 26 candidates rarely have the opportunity to develop strong, but step over 27 years even more opportunities to make up for your nice about money issues. You want to make more than the creation took career to go along with the toao take the money, but not up, or riches, but career and money because you created are in a better living standards high.

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THE AGE SHALL doing business with the Tiger Boys, 2010, 1950, 2070:

Inception of the transaction, or trade professional development, you should also choose the middle age with his age to do business, then The creation of new career and money is faster and more fruitful. And here are the ages that you choose that can help you, coincidentally for the development of your life, creating a pretty good life, these are the ages: Nham Thin, At Mui, Mau Tuat, Ky Ox. These ages are very suitable for Tigers and when they cooperate, they will help Tigers bring many great victories in all aspects of life. So when you want to develop your name, career, money, you should choose the above age to cooperate, do business or cooperate in training for life, you will definitely never bring failure.

Choose a husband and wife for Canh Dan Nam born in 2010, 1950, 2070:

In building happiness and marriage, you also need to choose for age coincidence, sometimes thanks to age coincidence, fame and career develop strongly, but sometimes because of age coincidence. age or age, you become poor, desperate and frustrated. These are the ages when you can combine your predestined relationship, can combine with the Tiger year, which will have a lot of good influence and will help you succeed in life, those are the ages that you can choose. in a marriage relationship such as: Nham Thin, At Mui, Mau Tuat, Ky Ox, Nham Ngo, Quy Mao, and Binh Ngo. You marry in the year of the Dragon to help you create a career full of fame and fortune. fortune children prosper. You marry with the Year of the Goat, this age helps you to be rich and rich, full of blessings and talents. You marry with the year of the Dog, this age helps you to be successful in all aspects of love, fortune and career, which is very favorable for you in creating a career. You marry with the year of the Ox, which also helps you to be rich, have children, and a happy family. You marry with the year of the Horse, the Horse, and the Horse, which can coincidentally make you radiant in your reputation as well as on the path of fortune and career. The above ages are suitable for your age, in your life. life and related to your future life.You get married at these ages you can only enjoy a well-fed and clothed life, thinking you have only an average life without being rich or poor suffering, those are the ages that are only suitable for the age of the Tiger in terms of affection, but the only symbolic part of fortune is the ages: Tan Mao, Dinh Dau, Binh Tuat. Three years old can only help you get out of the situation. cycle of life, only creating an average life. If you meet these ages, even if you have many well-educated strategies or many plans to create a life, you will not create anything that can help your life. Living always has to live in poverty, poverty, these ages are only partly suitable for affection but not in terms of wealth or public fame, these are the ages: Dinh Da u, Giap Ngo, Ky Hoi. These years are very strict with the Tiger year in terms of wealth development, if you meet these ages and get married, your life will become poor, poor. In these years, you should not get married or choose a predestined relationship. those are the years where your age is at 18, 22, 24, 30, 34, 36 and 42 years old. If you get married or choose a predestined relationship in these years, it will give birth to a lot of sadness, the distant fate makes you have a lot of heartache about your love or your fate. Tigers are born in these months, in Nhay íTra also has many wives, that is, you were born in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 11th and 12th lunar months. Born in these months you will have many wives, or you will suffer a lot because of women. Never escape the plight of change.

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THE AGES with Male Canh Dan born in 2010, 1950, 2070:

The age of great cavalry with the year of the Tiger, those are the ages: At Mui, Canh Ty, Tan Ty, Dinh Mui, Quy Mui, Mau Than. If these ages get married, they will give birth to separation or death, pushing you on a path without a tomorrow in life. When doing business or getting married, if you encounter a hostile age, you must see the day and five stars. If you have a limit to worship, don’t ignore it, don’t do lies, you need to: have a sincere heart, do good deeds, help the poor, then your term will be released.

HARDEST YEARS of Canh Dan Nam born in 2010, 1950, 2070:

The Year of the Tiger belongs to the Wood network, has a quiet temperament, is less fond of luxury, but has many fantasies about fame and career. The years that the Tiger year brings the most difficulties are the years of the Tiger year at the age of 16, 22, 26, 28, and 32. In these years, if there is no illness, there will be many obstacles in life. Business, career growth is hindered or career life is often threatened regularly.

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CONSOLIDATED TIME & DATE for Canh Dan Male born in 2010, 1950, 2070:

The Year of the Goat is suitable for even days, odd hours, and even months. At any time, you can also go out as above, you will gain many financial results, succeed in business, never be afraid of failure or bring a lot of sadness. On the contrary, life has many more victories according to the above exodus.

Year-by-Year developments of Canh Dan Nam born in 2010, 1950, 2070:

From 18 to 25 years old: 18 years old encounters many great obstacles in public affairs, often suffers emotional breakdowns and family problems, but this year you will not have big obstacles. The years 19 and 20 brought many sorrows about life, but the reputation was somewhat progressive. The love affair also begins to blossom during these years: 21 and 22, there is an important change in life, a little success in both fame and fortune, 23 and 24, love can combine in the years. In this year, fortune is somewhat lacking and lacking, living standards become difficult and there are many sorrows, 25 years of age, fame and fortune are slightly improved, life is somewhat pleasant, love is many or beautiful From 26 to 30 years old: Age 26 there are many questions or obstacles in business, need to be careful with the body, this year cannot develop fame, 27 years old, Thien La star, this year is very difficult to do business. Should be careful with cars or luxury things. 28 years old, a good year for the number of people, should be careful in all transactions, trade, as well as all other jobs. 29 to 30 years old, two years with many good prospects PhoNhet, not only develops business but also thrives on the road of fortune. From 31 to 35 years old: This is the time when you are most comfortable, growing strongly. in terms of career, fame and fortune, it is possible to complete a career during these years, completely successful in all professional aspects. Year 31 and 32, should not go far away to do business. In years 33 and 34, business was in many ways going well. Year 35, climb high in all matters, try to keep your body at the age of 35, career development will have jealous people, hatred, prevention of disaster. From 36 to 40 years old: Throughout This time you are very prosperous in business, may have many good prospects in terms of wealth and love. Especially in the years when your age is in 37 and 38. Age 39 and 40 have some illnesses, a little loss of talent, not so much that you have to fail your career. From 41 to 45 years old: This time is a time of abundance. The happiest, can go higher in matters of wealth and love. But at the age of 41 and 42, the family religion is not very happy, there will be many sad things that will lead to it. At the age of 43 and 44, nothing important happened except in the case of many insignificant points of interest or everyday troubles. In addition, the age of 45 is a very passionate age in love and strong prosperity in fortune. Create opportunities for strong development and can be rich in these years. From 46 to 50 years old: At 46 years old, met Thai Bach star, 47 years old, met Saturn Tu Tu, these two years business, love and fortune is still in the normal range, but beware of sickness in the months of June, July and year 47. At the age of 48 and 49, they were very beautiful, nothing important happened except for the family religion with a few notes of Trouble. At the age of 50, enjoy peace and serenity for the rest of your life. There is nothing that you cannot enjoy.

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From 56 to 60 years old: This time is only for prevention of illness, the issue of descendants has a lot of career development. The number of children and grandchildren must endure a lot of bitterness before they can succeed and also enjoy an average share of fortune.

II – Female Network – Canh Dan

SUPPLYING BA MOC NETWORK (Cupberry, cypress) Bones of the CUP. GENERAL GENERAL CON BEO Buddha Ba Guan Yin saved her life

Overview of Tigers Born in 2010, 1950, 2070: