Dinh Suu 1997 – also known as internal chi ox. Buffalo in the lake, is the destiny of satiety, harmony, abundant fortune. But it’s very hard and tiring. Talents have but many challenges, many hardships from a young age. The image of the buffalo represents an animal that needs guidance. If you have leadership, you will be on the right path. If you have leadership, you will save time. If you have leadership, you will have less regrets when looking back. Of course, the image is one thing, whether it is okay or not is another matter. In a person’s life, where do you get such a constant lead to sublimate. And of course, fate is determined to be one thing, Dinh Ox stands out with the personality of bias, stubbornness, stubbornness, and conservatism. Lead one way, take another, and then look back later to see the waste of opportunity and time. Buffalo and dog are two animals that are often challenged in life, not only many but also often come early. There are those who are 27 and 28 years old when the country enters a difficult period. Then buffalo and dog often enter a difficult stage right from the time when there is still something dreamy in their thoughts. Giap Tuat – 1994 met a three-year drought at the age of 23, worked hard from 2016 to the end of 2018. Similarly, Dinh Suu 1997 – will also be the destiny to step into life, step into difficulties. Step into 3 years of challenge. 2019,2020,2021 .

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Again, the world we live in is regulated as a dualistic world, so everything has two sides to it. It was difficult for Dinh Ox to meet challenges early on, difficult from the very beginning. Their talent will be crushed, their wisdom will be forged, their ability will be tested, to accumulate experience to grow and rise. Of course, no one likes that. Everyone wants their life path to go flat, straight forward, and sublime. But the rules of fate often rarely go in line with their own wishes.


Discourse on the Life of Dinh Ox – Born in 1997

Commentary on the Life of Dinh Ox – Born in 1997

Nam Mang Dinh Suu 1997

– Life: Dinh Ox’s life does not have to be physically and mentally hard. Although he did not have a glorious victory in his career, the road to fame was a bit wide open. Life is not rich, but not to the point of poverty. They will have a certain position in society at the age of 30, their career will be complete at the age of 34.

– Love:

People born in the 8th and 12th lunar month may have to go through three changes in their love story to reach their own happy shore. Those born in the months: 1, 2, 3, On the 4th, 5th, 9th and 10th lunar calendar, the love will have to go through two changes to find the final destination of its life. Male network Dinh Suu was born in the months: 6, 7 and 11 of the lunar calendar. will be the luckiest. They do not have to go through any changes but will live happily with their only common intention for the rest of their lives.

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– Gia Dao, Cong Danh: The reputation of male network Dinh Suu only stops at an average level. Family religion is always fluctuating, not warm. If you know how to be more patient and sharp, you will reduce some of the troubles in the family and the difficulties on the way to fame. From the age of 34 onwards, the family will be happier, the reputation will be more stable,

– Age of Business: Canh Dan, Quy Ty, Giap Ngo and Binh Than are the ages suitable for Dinh Ox male network in terms of fortune. If you combine business with these ages, everything will be extremely smooth, smooth sailing, avoiding risks, earning many results and profits.

– Age of the Horse: Dinh Ox male network should not cooperate in business or form a relationship with his wife and husband with incompatible ages such as: Nham Ngo, Binh Tuat, Mau Ty, Giap Ngo, Binh Ty, Giap Tuat and Canh Ngo. If combined with these ages, everything will be difficult as expected.

– Departure date and time: If you have to leave for a long time or need to perform big and important jobs, the male Dinh Suu should choose to depart at odd hours, odd days and odd months. Departing in this zodiac time frame, everything will be extremely smooth, have a lot of luck, advantages, avoid risks, bring back many results, everything will be as desired, great sand and great benefits.

Female Mang Dinh Suu 1997

– Life: Females born in the year of the Ox in life have to go through many hardships and difficulties to get what they want. When he was young, he faced many difficulties, and starting his career faced many obstacles. At the age of 28, his career developed quite quickly, in his 30s there were many breakthroughs. In the love of female Dinh Suu, most of them are quite favorable and have complete happiness. After marriage, life is full, affluent, and full of joy.

– Love:

Born in the 4th, 9th and 12th lunar months, Dinh Ox woman in love encountered many obstacles and failed many times. At the age of 18, predestined conditions developed, many people pursued them, but they all ended quite quickly. 20 years old is a beautiful time for emotional development. After marriage, life also has difficulties but not significant, the family is quite happy. Born in the months of January, February, May, August and January. 10 According to the lunar calendar, these are people who are very charming, very attractive to others, their feelings are not too important, these people consider marriage to be “accidental”, Dinh Suu is usually a rational person. strong. Most of these people after marriage are quite happy and happy. Born in the 3rd, 6th, 7th and 11th lunar months, these people know how to grasp the hearts of others, so their love is always favorable. beneficial, nice. On the other hand, Dinh Suu behaves very properly, never offends anyone, their married life is always very comfortable in family relationships.

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– Gia Dao, Cong Danh:

About family: In the family life, female Dinh Suu has many joys, is loved by her parents, and has a rich and full life. After establishing a family, married life went through very easily, without many problems. About career: At the beginning, there were many obstacles and difficulties, but by the efforts of Dinh Suu himself. easily overcome and have certain successes. At the age of 30, his career was especially developed, and the following years had good fortune.

– Age of Business: If in life or work, female Dinh Suu intends to find people to cooperate or jointly invest in development, then choose the following people: Mau Dan, Canh Thin and Giap Than. Due to the age, working with these people will bring a lot of luck and favorable success to the female Dinh Suu.

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– Age of the Horse: Due to the conflict of destiny, the female Dinh Ox should not cooperate with the following people in any aspect of life, that is Nham Ngo, Binh Tuat, Mau Ty, Giap Ngo, Binh Rat, Giap Tuat and Canh Ngo. In business, if cooperating with these people can bring a lot of troubles and troubles, it may also cause Dinh Ox to lose money. It is also not advisable to marry at these ages. If you marry these people, you will have many sorrows in life, if you want to be happy, Dinh Suu himself must try many times more than others.

– Date and Time of Departure: The female Dinh Ox departs most conveniently at odd days, even months and even hours. Before doing great things, you should pay attention to the time of departure to increase your fortune and good fortune.

Dinh Ox 1997 What Destiny

?According to Eastern feng shui, all things on earth are born from 5 basic elements Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth in the natural environment, Those 5 elements are called the Five Elements. The theory of the five elements includes the laws and relationships of mutuality, contrast, anti-birth, and antithesis. All these factors exist in parallel, based on the mutual interaction, undeniably, apart from any element. People born in 1997 Dinh Suu have a horoscope destiny according to the five elements, which is Menh Thuy: Lowering Ha Thuy (Khe Suoi Water), this is the kind of fate that almost everyone is very familiar with, used to see in the daily horoscope, choose a wedding date, see divination. Whether you are male or female, as long as you have the same lunar year of birth, the horoscope will be the same (for example, 1996 – 1997 is Lower Ha Thuy, 1998 – 1999 is Thanh Dau Tho, 2000 – 2001 is Bach Lap Kim …) and life will repeat after 60 years (for example, people born in 1920 and 1980 have the same life as Thach Luu Moc).

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However, when choosing a feng shui stone, we need to use another type of par, which is Cung Phi Bat Trach, also known as Qua Menh. Manh Cung Phi is based on Ngu Hanh Ba Quai, thereby reflecting everything in the universe and its change and development over time. This Destiny consists of 3 main elements: Destiny, Supply and Direction. The difference between Menh Cung Phi and Sinh Sinh is gender. Although men and women have the same birth year in the lunar calendar, the destiny of Phi may be different.

► Men and women born in 1997 have Menh Cung Phi used to view feng shui stones as Chan Moc.

Which Color Matches Ding Suu 1997? Wearing Stones What?

Men and women born in the year of Dinh Suu 1997 both have the destiny of Cung Phi as Wood, so people of this age should use Green (compatible) and especially should use black, blue, this is a color that has a special character. Thuy (mutual birth) helps the wood element to produce and develop, activates fortune as well as increases luck.

– Color of Mutual Birth: according to the principle of the five elements that give birth to “Thuy Sinh Moc” (plants need water to sprout buds). Therefore, the colors that are most suitable for people with the Wood parity are the colors of the Water element such as black, navy blue, sky blue or blue, which help people born in 1997 to develop their fortunes and smooth all roads.

✧ Stones belonging to the Water element such as: Aquamarine, Amazonite, Black Quartz, Black Hair Quartz, Obsidian, Black Toumaline, Black Sapphire…

– Color Compatibility: you are destined for Wood, of course, wearing the colors of the Wood element will also be very good for you. The typical colors of the Wood onion are the Green colors.

✧ Stones belonging to the Wood element such as: Marble, Jade Stone, Diopside Stone, Green Hair Quartz, Emerald Stone, Green Quartz Stone, Pedidot Stone…

– Carving color: In the relationship between the elements, Wood can overpower Earth (the plant absorbs nutrients from the soil), so the color of the Earth element such as Yellow, Brown, the Wood element can still be used normally. However, depending on the specific case, you need to learn carefully to use the correct counter color.

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✧ Stones belonging to the Earth element such as: Golden Hair Quartz, Yellow Quartz, Golden Brown Tiger’s Eye Stone, Amber Stone.

– Color Engraved: According to Ngu Hanh Tuong Khac, “Kim engraved Moc”, so it is best to avoid colors related to the metal element (white, silver, gray) according to feng shui, which will affect the development in children. career path as well as fortune and health

✧ The stones belonging to the Metal element such as: White Quartz, MoonStone, Pearl, White Jade, Bach Ngoc…