How to write standard SEO articles, content that attracts users is becoming a challenge for marketers in general, and SEO in particular.

To have standard seo content, you need to answer the question:

What is an SEO standard article? What types of SEO content are there? What is an SEO standard article? What is the standard of an SEO standard article? The complete structure of an SEO standard article?…

Heading tag structure

H2 will add meaning to H1, H3 adds meaning to H2, H4 adds meaning to H3, H5 adds meaning to H4, H6 adds meaning to H5.

H2 should contain keywords or related keywords Limit the misuse of keywords that make the article awkward, difficult to read, spam rated Do not write duplicate heading tags on the website. Do not use typefaces or fonts Art text to highlight heading tags…


1. Image name:

Contains keywords: To optimize images and seo to TOP, the image path needs to contain the keyword Unsigned letters, each letter is separated by a “-“: This will help google easily understand.

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