It is no coincidence that the keyword “aurora borealis” or northern lights/aurora borealis has become the most searched travel experience in the world in recent decades. You will not be able to know exactly where and when you can observe this amazing natural phenomenon.

Watching: What is Aurora

The keyword “aurora borealis” became the most searched travel experience in the world. (Photo: Internet)

During the Icelandic tour, you will experience the aurora hunting trip. You will be completely captivated by the continuous dancing of colorful lights. They are braided and twisted together like soft, flexible, colorful silk.

What is an aurora?

The phrase “aurora borealis” is one of the most searched keywords along with meteors and lunar eclipses. Many visitors will enjoy seeing the Northern Lights on the Iceland tour.

In astronomy, the aurora is a rare optical phenomenon. (Photo: Internet)

In astronomy, the aurora is an optical phenomenon they encounter. They are formed by magnetic radiation forming colorful light streaks. In the night sky lights like silk ribbons were born. This amazing phenomenon is very beautiful and splendid but not everywhere can be observed. Only a certain number of people can see this natural optical phenomenon.

The aurora is not only on Earth

Not only on Earth, the aurora borealis also occurs on other planets. (Photo: Internet)

From the planet, we know that the vast worldview beyond Earth is the solar system. The Sun affects all the planetary systems that revolve around it. Of course, not only Earth has this aurora, but other planets. For example, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune also have auroras.

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Concentrated in 2 hemispheres of the Earth

Auroras are produced by the interaction of particles in the solar wind with the magnetic field. They are therefore most pronounced at high latitudes near the magnetic poles. This aurora occurs in two hemispheres of the Earth. They are called the Northern Hemisphere Northern Lights and the Southern Hemisphere the Southern Hemisphere.

Solar storms produce auroras

The aurora in physics is again explained in great detail by the colliding electromagnetics. You’ve probably heard of solar storms. These are nuclear reactions with electromagnetically charged particles. The sun radiates out into the universe in huge quantities to form a stream of electric particles. When this stream of charged particles passes through the Earth, it will affect the atmosphere. The atmosphere will immediately block harmful rays that come into direct contact with the surface. This solar storm event created the aurora borealis.

Where to admire the Northern Lights?

Where does this phenomenon come from and why can you see it when you go on a tour of Iceland? The answer lies right below.

The closer you are to the Earth’s poles, the easier it is to see the aurora borealis. But in these two poles the climate is very harsh, even in places where no people live. In the Nordic countries you may have observed this aurora. The most popular “hunting” spots for the aurora borealis are countries such as Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Northern Siberia, Alaska and Northern Canada.

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Iceland is a great land for you to have the most exciting aurora experience. (Photo: Internet)

The Iceland Tour is a great opportunity for you to have memorable aurora experiences. Because of the rarity of the aurora borealis, you should not miss this special tour.

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