Translucent ceiling is a suspended ceiling system consisting of two basic components, which are the tension panel system and the lighting system. The lighting system shines on the tension plate, causing the stretch sheet to glow and at the same time cover the defects of the lamp. In addition to the function of the ceiling, the transparent ceiling can also be used as a wall, lighting and shaping.

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Stress Plate SYSTEM

Translucent panels made from PVC ~ 0.18mm thick combined with an electrostatic aluminum skeleton system in an average finished weight of only 0.5kg/1m2. The panel system can be flexibly installed in almost any size and shape.


Lighting system is installed at the top to illuminate the plate system. LED lights are the most commonly used lights today due to the convenience they bring.

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Lighting replaces conventional lamps and can produce special lamps that illuminate a large area, evenly spreading and not dazzling. Learn more about lighting systems

Aesthetics, UNIQUE

Aesthetics create specific decorative surfaces to create accents for the space, freely shaping in accordance with current modern trends. Conquer any living space with a patterned ceiling.

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Translucent ceilings are the ideal lighting solution for traditional residential and commercial interior design, while bringing aesthetics to each building. The ability to provide uniform, quality light with a high color rendering index (CRI) (80 or more).

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The light source is soft, does not cause glare and eyestrain, and you can manually adjust the light according to your preferences so that the light meets the standards for each use with each different space. help customers easily work and live for a long time without affecting their health. That’s why light-transparent ceilings are used a lot

Living room


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