Milestone is an important “Milestone” of the project. These milestones are indications of the beginning or end of a project or the completion of a major stage of work.

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If a Milestone focuses on the important points in the progress of the project. You will find it very useful in the progress of the project. It is responsible for breaking down a large project into manageable chunks and making project management easier.

So when starting a project, it helps a lot in planning. In project management software, it is often denoted by the “Diamond” symbol on the Gantt Chart.

A Gantt chart is a visual calendar that shows a project plan. Shown as a timeline with the work that goes along the project’s progress until the project is successful. The Milestones will divide these timelines into phases.

Plan with Milestone

The Milestone will allow for a more accurate estimate of the time to complete the project. Therefore, they are very important in project planning. Based on the Milestones, you can define the main phase of the project. With these Milestones you can better calculate project slack by breaking the project into smaller intervals for easier control.

The Milestone is also a tool for flexible mental planning.

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Track your progress with Milestones

Part of project planning is continuous real-time monitoring. The Milestones will help you see how far you have come on the project. When you look at completed Milestones, you will know how far your project has come and how long it takes to “touch” the finish line.

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This will be very helpful for stakeholders such as: Customers, investors… They will not be interested in a detailed report on the progress of the project. They want to see the overall project to see if it is going according to plan or not. The Milestones will indicate the main phases of the project that you must complete at these points according to the plan.

When you present to your stakeholders, you’ll show them the Milestones you completed this month and the Milestones you’re tracking to complete next month. Let them know that you reached these Milestones as planned or it was delayed. Don’t hide that you’re 1 Milestone behind. They will understand and appreciate your honesty and trust your professionalism in project management.

Milestone can be fun

?Although, Milestones are just symbols that look like little “nuts” or “screws” on a Gantt Chart. But the meaning it brings is great, it shows the achievements that you or your team has achieved. Obviously, once they reach the important “Milestones”, it means they have followed the plan set out. Take this opportunity to congratulate them!

Celebrate your Milestone success in ways that work for you and the project team. It can be simply a handshake, a Hi-Fi or just a note, a message for the team. More jubilant, you can treat them to lunch or give them a reward. Either way, recognizing team accomplishments promotes positive team relationships, builds trust, and retains employees.

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iHCM Workspace – Project Management and Collaboration Software Solutions

Workspace is the perfect tool with a powerful feature set to help businesses with collaboration, task management and project management of all different businesses:

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– Set up and monitor detailed project execution plan with Milestone and unlimited levels;

– Monitor progress, work results, stick to the set goals;

– Automating the approval process, reducing 80% of the time to circulate administrative documents in the enterprise;

– Create a flexible document sharing space within the enterprise;

– Is the only software in Vietnam pioneering in integrating communication tools (messaging, chat, video calls), creating internal social networks in enterprises.

Business administration software iHCM applies the management method according to MBO goals, using modern management tools KPI, BSC, competency dictionary, OKR (Objectives and Key Results), Kanban, developed and operated on the basis of cloud computing according to ISO 27001 security standard certified by QUACERT. The functions of goal management, project and collaboration management, task management, capacity management, employee evaluation, etc. and many other functions are designed to support users to use conveniently on the web as well. as a mobile application, helping employees collaborate in real time. iHCM is developed by Hyperlogy, a technology company established in 2003.

Bring technology for a billion-dollar company to accompany the Vietnamese business community to make a breakthrough in the digital transformation journey!