Wool fabric (also known as wool) is a fabric of animal origin. Mostly, people use sheep’s hair, camel hair, etc. This hair is separated from the animal’s body and then processed through many stages of yarn. After that, the yarn is woven into the final product. Wool fabric for vest | Top choice for high-end vest

The value of woolen vest fabric depends on the origin and origin of the fur. In addition, the weaving standards and the fabric surface treatment also speak for themselves.

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Most people use wool for weaving because it is the most common type in the world. They have many advantages: light, smooth, good heat retention,…

High-grade woolen vest fabric

I. Characteristics of wool fabric for making vest

When viewed directly with the naked eye, we see fibers and woven textures. The fabric is soft, quite spongy to the touch and less wrinkled. When you wear it, it feels light and comfortable.

Elasticity, high elasticity, good hygroscopicity. Wool is heat-resistant, heat-insulating, good electrical insulator. Wool vest is lightweight, cool in the hot season. When the weather changes, they have the ability to keep the body warm. Therefore, wool fabric is suitable for both summer and winter vests.

Wool fabric will be the first choice to sew a vest

Moreover, the fabric is difficult to burn, burns very slowly and goes out as soon as it is removed from the fire. Wool absorbs dyes directly without the use of chemicals. Therefore, using wool fabric to sew a vest will make the outfit more upscale. And depending on the purpose and needs, you can choose different wool blend materials.

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However, with 100% wool fabric, if you don’t use it for a long time, the fabric is easily damaged by a musty smell. They can only be dry cleaned. As for blended wool, you can easily wash it with normal water.

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II. High-grade men’s wool vest

Wool is a widely used fabric in the world with its own advantages and high applicability. Wool fabric is considered a high-quality material for men’s suits.

Nice and smooth fabric

Because of its outstanding properties, it absorbs sweat well, does not wrinkle, is stretchy and suitable for all weather. Therefore, wool fabric brings a comfortable feeling to the wearer when working. And depending on the ratio of the fibers together, the price and quality of the fabric will be different.

Thanks to its good stretchability, the wool fabric feels comfortable to the wearer. If your business has a moderate budget, blended fabric is the most suitable choice. With a mixing ratio of 75% wool and 25% polyester, it is the optimal choice for businesses making vest uniforms.

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high quality wool fabric

You will easily see classy gentlemen in high-quality wool suits. The gloss of that high-grade wool suit has indexes of 100s, 140s, 150s, 160s, 170s. This is a very light weight wool, but difficult to care for due to its wrinkling and heat shrinking properties. Normally, if you have a need to wear a vest in a formal event, the 150s index is perfect.

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Wool fabric is really the perfect choice for businesses who want to make high-class uniform vests.

III. The most famous and most expensive wool fabrics in the world

a. Baby cashmere fabric – king of wools:

Leading Italian fabric manufacturer Loro Piana has created a special cashmere fabric. Woven from the undercoat of the young Hircus goat, native to Mongolia and northern China. The yarn for this wool is particularly porous and light. Brushed directly on the coat of young Cashmere goats when they are less than 12 months old. The downy hairs appear only once in a goat’s life. They are sterile and meticulously processed to create premium wool.

b. Cervelt fabric from New Zealand:

Cervelt is a premium fabric woven from the fur of New Zealand red deer. The quality is comparable to cashmere wool in terms of softness and warmth. One can only get from each red deer 20g of Cervelt yarn per year. Therefore, the price of this fabric is also super expensive.

c. Len Shahtoosh from India:

In Persian Len shahtoosh means king of the finest wools, woven from the fluff of the Tibetan antelope. The shahtoosh wool is 9 micrometers thick. Making shahtoosh wool is quite a feat. Because the Tibetan antelope is on the verge of extinction due to poaching, infrastructure development and mining industry in Nepal. Many countries have banned the possession and trade of shahtoosh wool, but the trade in this wool continues. Shahtoosh wool is often woven into high-class shawls that start at $5,000.

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d. Vicuna fabric – golden thread from the Andes:

This is a fabric made up of the fluff of llamas, also known as “God’s silk”. Craftsmen use the fluff from the shoulders and neck of Vicuna camels to weave fabrics. Vicuna fabric is okay considered the finest wool, the softest, warmest and lightest in the world. Vicuna yarn retains its natural color and is not dyed with any artificial colors.

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