Drop hearing is a phrase that is mentioned a lot in the current period, especially on facebook. So what is snooping? Join us to find out and answer the hidden secrets behind two simple words that are not simply “hearing”.

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What is a hearing?

Drop hearing is an action widely used in fishing enthusiasts. This is one of the stages that determines 90% of how many fish you can catch, and whether you can catch big or small fish.

Hearing is a product created in the process of intoxicating rice. A process that transforms rice grains into: Rice, husk and hearing, also known as rice bran.

And hearing is the main ingredient, there are some other ingredients: Roasted peanuts, beans, screws … these are the favorite dishes of fish or a certain species of fish. After that, the angler chooses a good position, listens before asking a sentence.

The figurative meaning of the word flirt

Stalking is an action or actions, used for the purpose of enticing or appealing to someone. Or make someone have positive feelings about you. From there arise positive emotional catalysts for themselves.

The most modern styles of listening today

Encapsulated in two short words, but “drop hearing” is used in a variable way. Anyone who acts like a fool, is talented and intelligently transformed like a god without magic.

Listening to your crush

This is the action that is applied to the crush of the listener. When your crush has never admired you, this action is applied to “smash” the other in the most tender way.

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Image source: Vforum

In the process of leaving the crush listening, many situations arise, which are considered as sleazy.

Let’s hear it out

This is an act of flirting that is considered immature, or a lover who does not know how to express himself. From there, let us see how important it is to hang out.

When flirting occurs, you will immediately reap the side effects of flirting. It brings about extremely negative emotions of the person who refuses to eat.

Classy listening

Classy, ​​used by professionals. Normally, for a non-specialist, only one “fish” eats hearing. But for people in the industry, internal affairs are profound. Then once sprinkled hearing, the whole school of fish, big fish, small fish, fish of many species, fish in many different areas to swim to win hearing.

A random photo, and a status line: I’m still the same, I don’t belong to anyone!

Status is cool

Because it was born when facebook appeared in Vietnam. Therefore, the statuses to listen to are always ideal locations. Here, only one state line is waved.

You have achieved your goal, and the ideal outcome is for you. Below are the lines of fragrant status from four directions:

I’m so lonely, don’t make me fall. I’m used to being alone forever. If I don’t love you, there’s no one else in my life. If only I had you, let me do it together. Hihi. Still alone. Seeing the whole world confide in each other. I don’t know if it’s sad or painful in the future. We’re walking side by side with each other. Frozen, need a hand. This winter is like winter, still the old Lexus still has enough car seats. Where are you, why keep playing hide and seek. I’m sad, I’m vi vu alone.

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Ten super cool statuses above, often accompanied by eye-catching images. And it is used by the members of the audience, extremely effective!

While creating hearing, practicing hearing and sprinkling hearing. The masters always use their genius minds. To create the latest and most modern hearing products. Applicable to many different objects.

Therefore, this article will be reused here. And the latest update, will be available after I update myself and have the latest data on hearing. Respect!