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How to do short selling? In what situation should short selling be used? Case #2: Hedging of a portfolio World famous short sales

In this article, you will learn all you need to know about short selling. Specifically:

Understanding what is short selling How to make a short sale Short selling in the Vietnamese market Famous short selling transactions

We will go into detail now.

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What is short selling (or short selling)?

Short selling is the activity of profiting from a decrease in the price of a security, such as a stock or bond.

Usually when you invest, you buy a stock, hold it, and hope to profit from the stock price increase (and the dividend received).


With short selling, you expect the stock price to go down.

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On the other hand, Soros’ hedge fund raked in more than $16 billion in net profit after this crisis.

Bottom line

?Although you can see the huge profits that can be made from short selling, in reality, this is not a “game” for the individual investor.

Personally, I believe that you should not do short selling.

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In some special cases, if you hold a very large portfolio (tens of billions), then you can use short selling as a hedging measure to preserve profits and minimize risks.

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