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Number 089 is one of the products that are loved by many customers and is creating a big fever in the market. Let’s learn more about this topic with General Warehouse Sim through the following article.

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1. What is the first number 089

? On the other hand, due to the depletion of digital sim sources, “supply is not enough for demand” causing the big man to find a solution. In March 2016, Mobifone launched a new number 089 with the meaning of “permanent transmission”, creating a new fever in the market.

Do you know what network number 089 is?

Mobifone is one of the three largest telecommunications network providers in Vietnam with agents and stores across 63 provinces and cities to provide professional and reputable services to each customer. Accordingly, the number 089 includes various sim lines as follows:

+ Number 0896;

+ Number 0898;

+ Number 0899.

2. Guide to choose to buy sims

In what ways can you find the right 089 sim card?

You can choose to buy a 089 sim card based on the following ways:

Buy a sim based on meaning

The first number 089 means “Eternal development” about eternal prosperity, bringing luck, happiness and good things. According to feng shui, 089 has the following meaning:

number 8 has the ability to ward off evil spirits, this number is the number of luck to bring peace, happiness and fortune with you; The number 9 has the meaning of fire bringing energy, light, warmth, spread and enthusiasm. The product lines of sim number 089 have specific meanings such as:

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+ Head number 0896: Eternal fortune, eternal fortune;

+ Head number 0898: Permanent transmission;

+ Head number 0899: Eternal fortune.

Sim in harmony

Those of you who have the Wood and Fire fates should use the number 089 to bring good luck on the career path and a smoother life:

Some of the zodiac signs are as follows:

+ 1942, 2002: Nham Ngo;

+ 1959, 2019: Ky Hoi;

+ 1988, 1928: Mau Thin;

+ 1943, 2003: Quy Mui;

+ 1972, 2032: Nham Ty;

+ 1989, 1929: Ky Ty;

+ 1950, 2010: Canh Dan;

+ 1973, 2033: Quarter Ox;

+ 1951, 2011: Tan Mao;

+ 1980, 2040: Canh Than;

+ 1958, 2018: Mau Tuat;

+ 1981, 2041: Tan Dau.

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Some of the Fire zodiac signs are:

+ 1934, 1994: Giap Tuat;

+ 1957, 2017: Dinh Dau;

+ 1986, 1926: Pisces;

+ 1935, 1995: At Hoi;

+ 1964, 2024: Giap Dragon;

+ 1987, 1927: Dinh Mao;

+ 1948, 2008: Mau Rat;

+ 1965, 2025: At Ty;

+ 1949, 2009: Ky Ox;

+ 1978, 2038: The Year of the Horse;

+ 1956, 2016: Binh Than;

+ 1979, 2039: Goat period.

Choose digital sim based on financial ability

In addition to choosing a sim based on destiny, financial ability is also a big factor to help you choose the right number of subscribers. If you have a low payment capacity, you can choose a cheap first sim number 089 at agents and stores of Mobifone network operator. On the other hand, if you are willing to pay a high fee to get a satisfactory number of sims to show your class and personality, choose the top 089 sim numbers at high prices at dealers specializing in selling beautiful sim numbers. .

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3. General Sim Warehouse – A professional, quality supplier

With the current digital sim market, it is not difficult for customers to find a 089 sim agent to meet their needs. Among them, a reputable and quality address so that you can rest assured when buying a 089 sim set is General Sim Warehouse.

General Sim Warehouse Address to buy beautiful and reputable 089 sims

Here we are committed to meeting the needs of customers with a variety of sim cards with many prices for you to choose from: sim god of fortune, sim loc Phat, sim year of birth, sim matching destiny, … With a team of staff 24/7 professional advice, enthusiastic will help you find a suitable 089 sim.

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Above are the most detailed sharing on the topic 089 is what network and instructions on choosing the right sim number that everyone should know. Hopefully, the information provided in this article will help you better understand this eternal sim line.