In the previous articles of the 5S series, we have gone through 4/5 stages of 5S. Complete Sort, Organize, Clean and Care and how to do each step effectively. Following that, this article will introduce and clarify the indispensable last pillar. It’s the S5 – Ready.

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1. What is “Ready” in 5S

?First, to understand what is “ready” in 5S? Let’s recall this letter S in the English 5S version. That is Sustain, which means maintain. Broadly speaking, being ready here means creating the habit of self-discipline, voluntarily maintaining correct 5S procedures. The implementation of 5S is the life of every member of the organization. Is the culture, history of the company.

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2. Why is “ready” important

? To answer this question, let’s take a look at some of the problems that can occur in an organization when there is a lack of S5 in 5S. When commitments on the 5 pillars are not maintained. That way, it’s easy to see why it’s important.

Problems related to 5S can occur in any organization when there is a lack of commitment to be ready to do 5S right all the time.

Unnecessary items will then pile up again even though they have been screened before. There will be items that are not put back in their correct place despite planning and spreading the arrangement. I left it there to wait for the cleaning team to clean up instead of doing it right at each shift, every day by everyone as set up

Therefore, without the commitment of everyone to maintain the correct 5S activities voluntarily from everyone, the implementation of the previous S will also quickly and easily collapse.

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3. How to build “readiness”

?It is true that when looking at an organization that does not have 5S or 5S is ineffective. Lack of self-discipline and discipline in 5S work. The comments and criticisms made at this time are not just for specific employees. It is the leaders of the organization that lack the close attention to set up and adjust their employees when 5S has not been implemented well. The leadership needs to find a way to build and set up actions that make 5S an indispensable thing for each person instead of complaining about 5S conditions that are not good or employees lack discipline and self-discipline.

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The following model shows how to build and develop this step:

3.1. Implement 5S intuitive

All businesses want to reduce waste and increase profits. Expect the production and operation processes to run smoothly. When there is a problem, the problem is quickly solved thoroughly. Not only that, but also continuously improve continuously to develop more and more… However, to do these things, first of all, the organization needs to identify and identify the problem that solves and improves.

5S is the same, if people do not recognize the problem, the problem will not be solved. It will grow and slowly engulf you in it. Therefore, it is extremely important to see the problem as quickly as possible. Visual 5S is a tool that makes it easy and quick to see anomalies (even at a glance). Intuitive through each step in 5S

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Visually arrange through the symbol board strategy, color paint symbol strategy, color coding strategy … to specify the location for each item Clean visualization through the 5S task map, 5S schedule… to perform cleaning properly and effectively Visually care through the results of 3S implementation before each day, 5S check sheets… Visually ready through the actions and behaviors of each individual in the organization. In fact, being “ready” comes from the mind and consciousness of each person and will manifest in action. So, based on this, we can see the “readiness level” in 5S of an organization. Even more conspicuous is from the results of the 5S test sheet over time

3.2. Adjustment, repair

Through visualization, we see the problem or anomaly. The next step is to correct them immediately. Do not allow irregularities or mistakes to be ingrained in the thoughts and habits of those around them. Some suggested lessons for doing this step are presented below.

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3.3. 15 reference lessons to build “ready”

Be polite to people even when pointing out their mistakes. Politely point out what’s wrong, help them really understand what’s good and what’s not, and provide guidance on how to correct it, which makes it easier for them to accept and cooperate rather than criticize and be rude Keep uniforms clean will and wear them with pride. Many manufacturing companies have a uniform policy for employees. Help them understand the benefits of wearing a uniform (safety, professional…) Always keep in mind that a good work environment can be built or destroyed by 5S. The benefits of 5S need to be conveyed to every individual in the organization so that the maintenance of 5S is always taken care of and implemented. The dividing line can mark the boundary of survival. Complying with the regulations of the dividing line in addition to ensuring the correct placement of items also helps to ensure safety. An example is a yellow-black line warning of danger Clarifying the 3 questions “what”, “where”, “how much” helps a lot in identifying and maintaining necessary items Good application of arrangement will help a lot for cleaning, cleaning Check before working. Include the inspection of related machinery and tools before starting work into the implementation process as part of the process Handle delays in 5S implementation as soon as they are detected Know how to give and record advice Comment and critique to get better and better. Supervisors need to learn how to give feedback. At the same time, the recipient of criticism also needs to learn to listen and acknowledge. Point out the source of the error. Apply 5W1H to find the root cause of the problem. Then find a way to fix and improve Once there is an answer for 5W1H, but there are financial difficulties in implementing remedial and improvement. Remember that funding is limited, but your ability is not. Don’t just rely on funding and then refuse to improve If not me, then who? If not now, until when? When a problem or abnormality occurs, take the initiative to solve it or propose, report it for immediate resolution When the problem/abnormality comes to the report, try to summarize the report in 1 page. Intuitive, succinct, concise, completeWhen problems/abnormalities go to a meeting, 3 hours is wasted, 2 hours is better, and 1 hour is best. Do not waste too much time, try to focus on solving quickly and decisively. Improvement requires effort, and effort requires enthusiasm. Working from self-discipline is always better than being forced

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3.4. Promoting “ready” across the organization
“One should not make young tree, three trees together form a high mountain”. Knowing 5S is the foundation for the survival of the enterprise. S5 is the last pillar though but indispensable 5S. Therefore, senior leaders should be leading the way as well as assisting people to promote the organization together “ready”.

There are clear reward policy to increase motivation, excited for all employees. Besides, sustained campaign to regular periodic 5S as part of cultural / historical organizations.

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3.5. The promotion tools 5S
There are many tools to support the implementation and promotion of 5S. In addition to the tool has been introduced as a map 5S, 5S stock inspection, patronizing 5S calendar, paint symbols …, here I will introduce one of the tools anymore. Accordingly, depending on the conditions and characteristics of each period of the organization that we can choose or collaboration tools to increase efficiency.

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5S slogans to link and highlight the theme of the campaign 5S. It will be more effective than when given by the employees of the company. Can be combined with a small selection contest slogan or / meaning. Thereby, help create more excitement every nguoiAp 5S posters. Posters displaying slogans 5S 5S or activities … We can be posted or hung over the place. To remind people of the presence and importance of 5STrien shows pictures or stories 5S. Especially pictures before – after 5S helps clear benefits 5S 5S brings laiBan periodic information. Internal newsletter constantly updated on the status of 5S. 5S atmosphere is always the focal point can not be forgotten …

4. In a nutshell
To succeed in S “ready” in particular and in general the work 5S. Always remember that 5S is the story of people, in all times and in all parts of the organization. Starting at his workplace and expanding throughout the organization. Implementing 5S as routine as part of their daily work. Workplace as well as your 2nd house. Under the guidance of the leadership with the initiative, voluntary, self-aware individual. Succeed in 5S is the success of the organization and also your own success.