In every store business, businesses often refer to “CUSTOMERS”, but how many people properly understand the concept of what a customer is. In this article, CRMVIET will summarize and give the exact concept of what a customer is.

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I. What is the concept of customer

?Customers are individuals or organizations that businesses are marketing efforts towards. They are the buying decision makers. Customers are the beneficiaries of the quality characteristics of products and services.

And the customer itself is also a key player in CRM strategies. So what is CRM? You can simply understand CRM as customer relationship management.

What is customer concept?

II. Customer classification

Previously, when referring to customers, people only thought of objects outside the organization that had a need to buy goods that the organization provided.

However, as time goes by, the concept of customer is gradually changed and expanded. Customers are not only objects outside the business but also exist objects inside the business. Learn more about each type of customer.

2.1 What is a customer outside the business

As mentioned above, those are objects located outside the business that have the need to purchase goods of the production organization. they are the people you can deal with in person or over the phone. Consists of:

IndividualsBusinesses or business people (suppliers, banks, competitors) Government agencies, voluntary organizations

Business owners need to clearly determine whether these are potential customers, traditional or those who directly bring revenue and profit to the business. Therefore, business owners need to have customer care measures to entice and retain customers to use the products you provide.

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To take care of customers, you can use the following CRM software tools:

2.2 What is an internal customer (internal customer)

As people working in the business providing products and services, in the departments and divisions in the customer care process of the business.

. In simple words, employees in the company are the people who directly produce and interact with products.

Above all, the company’s employees are the ones who know the best about products and services. They will be the ones to help promote your brand well.

Company employees also easily become the most loyal customers. Therefore, expanding relationships with employees is essential.

Customers inside the business

III. The role of customers in the business

To better understand the concept of customers, understanding the role of customers in today’s economy is inevitable.

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In the context of economic development and fierce competition, customers have become a very important role for every business.

The role of customers for businesses

It is a decisive factor in the success or failure of a business. That is why many businesses affirm that “The most valuable thing of our company is the CUSTOMERS”.

It is easy to understand that goods and products are produced to meet the purchasing needs of customers (consumers). If there are no customers, the product will be stagnant and unsold. As a result, the business goes bankrupt.

Meaning of customer care

In fact, a product – service has not only one supplier, but also many diverse substitutes.

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For example, instead of eating rice, it can be replaced with pho, vermicelli, etc.

Because of this, it gives customers the right to choose. Businesses that provide good products and good customer service will be chosen by customers.

If customers are not satisfied with the product – service of a business, they are ready to look for other products and services that can perfectly replace. A business that cannot sell its products will not be accepted in the market.

Thus, businesses survive in the market by providing products and they have no choice but to compete for customers. The survival of the business depends on it. In short, customers are the ones who bring in revenue, profit, and pay for all activities in the business.


After reading this article, you must have had a deeper insight into what a customer is as well as the role and importance of a customer for a business. Give your customers the best products and customer service.

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IV. How to effectively manage customers in the 4.0 era

Many Vietnamese businesses have difficulties in customer management, such as:

Information about customers who have purchased products. Potential customers Update customer information from advertising campaigns

To solve the problem of customer management, the developers have created the Crm software, helping businesses to solve all of the above problems, automatically sending Email marketing, Sms marketing … helping sales grow suddenly.