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I – Male network – At Dau

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OVERVIEW Rooster Nam was born in 2005, 1945, 2065:

Life of At Dau Nam Born in 2005, 1945, 2065:

Never be subjective and never be pessimistic. Human life is like that. Sometimes it’s exciting, but sometimes it’s quiet and silent. In short, the life of the Year of the Rooster has many personal sorrows and sorrows in the pre-lucky and middle-fortunate times, only in the later fortunes will they be comfortable and happy. At the age of the Rooster, life is not very lucky, life has many sorrows in childhood, when growing up, you meet a couple. A little luck in career can be a little successful in terms of wealth. The average life expectancy from about 57 to 62 years old is the maximum. But doing good deeds, doing good deeds will increase the life span of more than 5 years, evil deeds will decrease.

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The LOVE of At Dau Nam was born in 2005, 1945, 2065:

In terms of love, you will have a lot of luck and get many results. But it never lasts long, that’s what your destiny of love is supposed to be. The problem of love is like a flowing stream that is sometimes strong, sometimes calm, not knowing what will happen tomorrow. According to astrology and astrology, here is your life in relation to love and happiness. If you were born in these months, your life must change three times in love and happiness, that’s your birth. in the 8th and 12th lunar months. If you were born in these months in terms of love and happiness, you must change at least twice in your life, that is, you were born in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 9th and 10th lunar months. And if you were born in these months, your life will enjoy the happiness of a husband and a wife only, that is, you were born in the 6th, 7th and 11th lunar months. Above is your number, by date. born and observe the change of predestination and happiness throughout life.

JIA DAO, CONG DANH of At Dau Nam born in 2005, 1945, 2065:

The family religion is not peaceful, there are always many worries, only after the age of 30 can there be peace in the family religion. The career part is choked halfway because the circumstances do not allow the continuation of the career, but the fame part rises somewhat in life from the age of 28 onwards. The career can only rise to about average in the middle of the year. 27 years old, start to have results in terms of money-generating career, but often sudden collapse, it can be said that the career is created easily and money comes in regularly, but the net is not. can save money at a young age.

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Ages that are suitable for business with the Rooster Male born in 2005, 1945, 2065:

In business as well as in the development of fame and career, you should choose people of the same age, for business or work, and for new cooperation, hoping for many successes for you throughout life. The following are the suitable ages for your business, which are the ages: Binh Tuat, Ky Ox, Nham Thin. These ages are very suitable for your business, so you should cooperate in all situations in life without fear of failure.

Choose a husband and wife for At Dau Nam born in 2005, 1945, 2065:

In marriage and happiness, you should also carefully choose the right age for you to marry, because the predestined relationship between the two years is very relevant to life and life. Here are the kisses that you can choose from, like the ages: Binh Tuat, Ky Ox, Nham Thin, Quy Mui. You are in a relationship with the year of the Dog: will promote your life to victory on the road to fame and career. With the year of the Ox: Get rich faster because the year of the Ox is suitable for the fortune line. With the year of the Dragon: Create a home, live a prosperous life and be completely successful in all matters. With the Year of the Goat: Complete success in career, fame and fortune. In the above years, the children are full of joy and happiness. You meet one of the above, life of you have many good prospects and are not afraid to be bitter in life, sad because of fate, because those are the ages of good luck and are suitable for your Year of the Rooster. At this age, your life is only at an average level, that is, you have a relationship with the age: At Rooster Same age, Tan Mao, Quy Mao, You marry at these ages, your life is only average, because the above ages are only suitable for the love line but not for the fortune line. If you get married With these ages, your life will become poor, because your life is always difficult, because you can’t create favorable opportunities in life, that is, you get married with the ages: Dinh Hoi, Mau Ty, Quy Ty. Marrying with these ages is not good and cannot prosper in terms of wealth. In these years, you should not get married or think that the marriage will not work or if it succeeds, you will have to endure the distance because of the year of the horse. for your marriage, those are the years in which you are in your age: 15, 21, 25, 27, 33, 37, 39 and 45 years old. Born in these months your age will have a number of flowers, Or at least superstitious about women, having many concubines, love, that is, you were born in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 8th and 9th lunar months. You should carefully remember which month you were born to decide for your fraction.

Years of the Rooster Male born in 2005, 1945, 2065:

Do not do business or marry at these ages, because it is very taboo with the Year of the Rooster, marrying or doing business will encounter many difficulties and obstacles in life, in the middle of life, encountering death or separation in life. Your life is always in pain and suffering, these are the ages: Canh Dan, Giap Ngo, Binh Than, Nham Dan, Giap Than, Nham Ngo and Mau Dan. Do not get married or any other situation in your life. If you have a bad age in business, you should not deal with money. If you meet the age of taboo in love affairs, you should get married quietly without having a wedding ceremony or debuting the family, because it is very taboo in front of crowds. When meeting the age of cavalry in children, the family should pray for the release of the term for all ages during the time when the term is met, the term will be released.

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HARDEST YEARS of At Dau Nam Born in 2005, 1945, 2065:

The Year of the Rooster has the most difficult years, when you are at the age of 24, 27, 31 and 37 years old. In these years, business encountered many obstacles and difficulties in developing fame or fortune. During these years, many sad and sick things happened, making life the most painful.

CONSOLIDATED TIME AND DATE for At Dau Nam born in 2005, 1945, 2065:

There are days and times when they will merge and develop in terms of fortune, the Year of the Rooster must depart at odd hours, even days and even months. If you go abroad, go away or do business as above, throughout your life, you will never encounter difficulties in your life.

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Year-by-Year Progress of At Dau Nam Born in 2005, 1945, 2065:

From 23 to 28 years old: At the age of 23, you have many difficulties in doing business, your family has many troubles, you don’t have luck all year, try not to be pessimistic, so be careful in all your work. stand. At the age of 24, it is not very good but not as difficult as at the age of 23, in June onwards you will have a lot of luck. At the age of 25, he had many blessings. At the age of 26, you are lucky and can make a career this year. The Horse went away in September. At the age of 27, the whole year was just within the normal range of all professional and public activities. At the age of 28, if there is success in fame or career, money will be sure in the 6th and 12th lunar months. From 29 to 35 years old: At the age of 29, you will be full and somewhat rich in fortune. , emotional or professional development. At the age of 30, hope to be successful in all aspects of life. From the age of 31 to the age of 33, the business is difficult, encounters many obstacles in business, poor fortune, illness, and accident prevention. At the age of 34, business is a little prosperous, there may be unexpected fortune in the 5th and 6th lunar month, other months are average. At the age of 35, the hope for the road to fame is high, fortune is somewhat weak, business and career development is somewhat slow and very difficult to succeed. From 36 to 40 years old: Age 36 is quite good, all year If you have a lot of luck in business, this year you should go far or do good business and get many results of fortune. At the age of 37, he thrived and prospered in terms of fortune and fame, so be careful in the months of February and July, these two months are inhospitable in the family, relatives have great tribulation, three ears. At 38 years old, this year is not good in the first months of the year, but in the last months of the year, it is very lucky for business, the whole year is average. 39 years old, achieved a little bit of fame, but the whole year of fortune is only at an average level. At the age of 40, everything is comfortable and normal. From 41 to 45 years old: At 41, there is no luck, there is a loss of money or illness in February and there is a great tribulation in the family in the August, Other months are averaged. At the age of 42, there is a prospect of career success, temporary fortune, and there are no obstacles in career as life. At 43 and 44 years old, not so good. It’s good to go away at the age of 43. 44 years old should not go out or combine in June or 7, September and October with pain sick. At the age of 45, good fortune, starting from May onwards, great prosperity. From 46 to 50 years old: At 46 years old, you should be careful about money, should not do big business, or cooperate with young people, on your own. If you don’t go out to exploit it, there’s a lot of hope. At the age of 47, money on average, in the last months of the year is not very good and lucky for you, be careful not to get sick or waste money. The age of 48 is quite good, but it is not good in the months of 6 and 12. These months have a waste of money or finances. At 49 years old, serene and maybe have more luck. At 50 years old, the whole year is still normal, nothing important happens in life. From 51 to 55 years old: This time period, there is or is beautiful at the age of 51. In the year 52, there was loss of wealth and illness. The year 53 is not good in October, then the age pulse. In the year 54, fortune is normal, love is prosperous. At 55 years old, the first months of the year are peaceful, but in the last months of the year, there are many worries.

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From 56 to 60 years old: 56 years old is quite good. At the age of 57, in case there is a personal disaster, if you are not careful this year, there will be an accident or a funeral. At 58 years old, if you pass 58 years old, you will be at peace, nothing will happen to your life, and your descendants will receive the results of their fate. 59 and 60 feelings are complete, the career part is solid.

II – Female Network – At Dau

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OVERVIEW Rooster girl born in 2005, 1945, 2065: