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What is the year 2020 is the content that we will discuss with our readers in today’s article to provide you with the most basic information around the issues of 2020 (especially feng shui elements). .

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According to many people, 2020 is considered a year with many new beginnings. Not only that, this year is also believed by many to be a year of promotion and luck. Right now, we invite you to learn about 2020 and its related meanings in the content of the article below.




5.2 2, Look up the ages of Kim Lau, Hoang Oc and Tam Tai in 2020 (Canh Ty)

WHAT IS 2020

?The year 2020 according to the lunar calendar used in Asian countries (such as Vietnam, China, Korea, …) is the year of the Rat (the year of the rat). According to the solar calendar (or public calendar – Gregorian calendar), the year 2020 is the 2020 AD year (A.D 2020 or 2020 C.E).

Rat is the top animal of the twelve zodiac animals, symbolizing personality traits of wit, creativity and inquisitiveness.

people born in 2020 WHAT ARE BY

?According to the five elements, everything in the universe has its five elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth. Each year has its own destiny and its own characteristics. People born in 2020 have the destiny of Tho, Bich Thuong Tho.

The people of the Earth destiny are all very fond of practicality and this quality always stands out from the others. They often work very carefully and plan before doing something. In addition, people carrying the Earth destiny often do not like the luck that comes to them. They often have a good heart, help others and are very loyal in their work. Thanks to those qualities, people carrying the Earth destiny are often a support for others.


People born in 2020 belong to the year of the Rat, they often have a firm consistency. They will never back down from difficulties in work and life. Instead, it’s about trying, always trying to complete your work. Thanks to this personality, people born in the year of the Rat have a pretty successful career path.

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From birth to adulthood, people born in 2020 do not face financial difficulties. They often know how to spend and limit expenses reasonably, to save a huge amount of money. Therefore, people born in 2020 often do not have to worry about their old age. In addition, the personality of people born in 2020 is usually very cheerful and sociable with everyone.

People born in the year of the Rat and people born in 2020 (Canh Ty) are often very agile in communicating with others. They like the bustle and cannot sit still, this person’s personality is very honest. They do not like to lie and show themselves in front of others, more importantly, they do not disparage others.


People born in the year of the Rat born in 2020 (Canh Ty) have an extremely difficult life. During the years of their life often encounter certain difficulties. When they reach middle age, they will overcome those difficulties. Of course, from middle age onwards they will have a full and prosperous life.

Specifically, you can refer to some more specifically explained content as follows:

Love love: People born in the year of the Rat and born in 2020 are often very peachy. However, when they love someone, they are very loyal and deeply in love. However, the year of the Rat is often very dreamy and mistaken, often leading to confusion in love affairs. Ages that can do business: People born in the year of the Rat born in 2020 are often very suitable to do business with the following age groups: Tan Ox, Giap. Thin, Dinh Mui, … when doing business with people of this age. The work and money of people born in 2020 are often very favorable and abundant. The life of people born in 2020 is also improved and there is no failure in business. Ages that are taboo for people born in 2020: People born in the year of the Rat born in 2020 are often against people of age: Giap Dan, Nham Dan, Quy. Rabbit, Mau Than, At Mao, Binh Than,… Because when you cooperate with these people, bad luck will come continuously (even bankruptcy and affect your life). Difficult years. Difficulties of people born in 2020: People born in the year of the Rat born in 2020 often face many difficulties in life at the age of 20 to 35. These years are very difficult years for people born in 2020. In these years illness and loss of money occur frequently.

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1, Why choose a beautiful age to build a house

According to experts (especially on feng shui issues), considering the age of making a house is first and foremost to create peace of mind because peace of mind is the most important thing (that is, all careful preparation makes us happy. more secure). Accordingly, before starting to build a house, it is necessary to choose the date, time, age and carefully consider spirituality and feng shui to avoid violating the deadline, so that the project is sustainable with time, the homeowner is honored. wealth.

According to feng shui experts, it has actually happened that poorly prepared works can lead to bad luck such as natural disasters, enemy sabotage, quickly damaged, uninhabited, owners. Therefore, when you want to start construction of houses or projects from simple townhouses or beautiful large-scale villas, hotels, restaurants, etc., homeowners should see The age of housework is really thoughtful.

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After choosing the age to build a house, it is also necessary to choose a good day to break ground, … along with carefully looking at the direction of the house.