What is a ritual? Is there any difference between marriage and wedding ceremony? This is a problem that many young people are interested in today and want to be answered. Because, only when the answer is clear, can it be used correctly.

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In fact, the wedding ceremony, the wedding ceremony, and the wedding ceremony are 3 completely different ceremonies, but they are held on the same day. Therefore, many people, because they do not understand what the Vu Quy ceremony is, mistakenly believe that these 3 ceremonies are all 1, just different in calling. So, in order to know clearly what are the differences between these 3 ceremonies? And how to use it correctly, please follow the answer in the following article.

What is a merry-go-round? What’s the difference between marriage and wedding?

Not everyone can tell the difference between a wedding ceremony and a wedding ceremony. Because, they are all held on the same day and consecutively. So, if you don’t pay attention, no one can distinguish them but only refer to them as 1. In fact, the ceremony is completely different from the wedding ceremony and the wedding ceremony. Read the content below and you will understand immediately.


Sequence of ritual rituals at the bride’s house

What is a ritual?

To distinguish the Vu Quy ceremony is different from the two marriage and wedding ceremonies, you must understand the concept of Vu Quy.

Vu Quy ceremony is the ceremony where the bride’s family takes the bride to her husband’s house. And this word vu Quy is only used for the bride only. That’s why, in the background of the bride’s house, in the wedding invitation of the bride’s house… it is imperative to use the word vu Quy, not the word marriage or marriage. At this ceremony, the bride and groom will burn incense at the ancestral altar and bow to their parents to show their gratitude for the birth and upbringing of their parents.

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What is the difference between a wedding ceremony and a wedding ceremony?

As mentioned above, the word vu Quy is only for the bride. Therefore, the ritual ceremony is the ceremony performed in the bride’s house. Therefore, when using the word vu Quy, we can only use it to decorate the background at the girl’s house. As for the groom’s family, we will use the word wedding or marriage.

Sequence of ritual rituals at the bride’s house

Vu Quy ceremony means the ceremony to prepare the bride to return to her husband’s house, that’s why it is called “vu Quy”. Therefore, the Vu Quy ceremony takes place only at the girl’s house. If you want to know how the ritual ceremony at the bride’s house takes place, please see the sequence of rituals shared by riclix.com below.

Bride procession at the wedding gate

In the wedding procession, there will be two main rituals: asking for the bride and giving the ceremony to the bride’s family.

Ritual of asking for a bride

At the bride requesting ceremony, the bride’s family representative and the bride’s parents will stand in front of the door to wait for the groom’s house. A representative of the groom’s family and a groom’s assistant will come in with a tray of tea and wine to ask the bride’s family for a marriage ceremony. After the girl’s family agrees, the representative of the groom’s family will go out and invite the whole family to enter the girl’s house.

Bride procession

Ceremony of giving ceremony

The groom’s family will bring the gift to the girl’s house. The number of trays and fruits will depend on the culture of each region. After that, the bride’s family will stand in front of the door to welcome the adults into the house. Next, the bridesmaids will line up, facing the groomsmen to perform the ceremony of giving and receiving the ceremony. The bridesmaids will bring gifts and place them on the ancestral altar in a predetermined order.

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Ceremony at the altar of ancestors

At the ceremony, the groom’s family will stand on the left side of the altar and the bride’s family will stand on the right side of the altar. The groom’s representative will open by presenting the ceremony trays and their meanings. After that, the two family representatives will drink wine together. Next, the following rituals will be performed in turn:

– Bride launching ceremony:

The groom’s representative will ask to see the bride. At this time, the bride’s mother will bring the bride down to introduce the two surnames.

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– Incense burning ceremony to worship ancestors:

At this ceremony, the groom will burn 8 incense sticks, the first 2 will be given to the two representatives of the 2 houses. Give 4 incense sticks for parents on both sides to light their faces and pray. The remaining two faces are given to the bride and groom to use for prostration.

Feast of the ancestors at the bride’s house

– Wedding ceremony ceremony:

The bride and groom will begin the ceremony of exchanging wedding rings. Officially becoming a family together.

– Rite of giving dowry to the bride:

This rite will be performed by the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom. First, the groom’s mother will come forward to give the bride gifts. Next, the bride’s mother will come forward to give a dowry to her daughter.

– Ceremony of giving gifts:

After the dowry ceremony, next is the ceremony of giving gifts from the bride’s family to the bride. In turn, the uncles and relatives will give gifts to the bride to celebrate the wedding day.

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After the ceremony is completed, the bride and groom will begin the ceremony with the following rituals:

Tea ceremony:

The bride and groom will take turns offering tea to their parents on both sides to thank their parents for their cooperation.

The ceremony of offering tea to parents on both sides

– Family greeting ritual

After the ceremony is over, the bride’s mother will introduce each member of the bride’s family and similarly to the mother of the groom. introduce each person in the boy’s house.

– Ritual of giving gifts and giving gifts

After returning the gifts, the bridesmaids and groomsmen will not be as symmetrical as they were at the beginning to give the gifts back. And then the bride and groom give red envelopes to the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

After these rituals are completed, waiting for the good time, the groom will ask the two families for permission to bring the bride home for the wedding ceremony. The bride will prepare a neat outfit to go to the groom’s house for the ceremony.

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If it is said that the wedding is the most important day in everyone’s life, the Vu Quy ceremony is the turning point in the life of every Vietnamese woman. It is the official ceremony to bring the bride to her husband’s house and away from her parents’ arms. Therefore, you need to understand what the ritual is to do correctly. Wish you have a perfect wedding day, a perfect wedding day.