Have you heard the term “Taobao stuff” many times before? Are you curious to know what Taobao goods or Taobao orders are? In order not to be left behind with the times, let’s find out all you need to know in the article below.

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1. What is Taobao Order? What is Taobao Store? Is Taobao good? 2. How to order on Taobao?

1. What is Taobao Order? What is Taobao Store? Is Taobao good?

First, let’s learn the most basic concepts surrounding the name Taobao.

1.1 What is Order Taobao

?Taobao is an extremely large retail e-commerce website built by Alibaba Group from China, operating on the same principle as eBay or Amazon in the West. West and Shopee or Sendo in Vietnam…

The form of online ordering through the Taobao website is called Taobao order. Ordering through the website helps customers save effort and time as well as travel costs. You can sit at home and still be able to consult the price, choose the shop you like and proceed to order.

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However, the limitation of this method is that you cannot choose directly, so it is difficult to guarantee the quality. This requires you to carefully learn about the store you intend to order to avoid risks in the buying process.

In addition, Taobao is a purely Chinese website so you will need to know a bit of Chinese to be able to select and place an order.

1.2 What is a Taobao Store

?Taobao Store is the name used to refer to a virtual store on the Taobao website, where products are displayed, quoted prices to customers publicly and implemented trade.

Currently, the stores on Taobao are all under the management of Alibaba, subject to strict regulations to protect users. Since then, Taobao minimizes the sale of poor quality products, fake goods, imitation goods, ensuring buyers in many aspects such as quality, price ….

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1.3 Are Taobao Goods

?“You get what you pay for”

This sentence does not seem to be very true for goods on Taobao. Many people are afraid that the prices of items on Taobao are too cheap, so they will come with poor quality products. However, although the price on Taobao is cheap, the quality of the items here is always guaranteed.

Taobao sources mainly from China, where goods are quite cheap because raw materials and labor costs are low. Therefore, goods on Taobao are cheap, but the quality is still very good.

Besides, customers before ordering on Taobao also need to note that: not all goods on Taobao are good and not all shops on Taobao are reputable.

Due to the large number of shops, sometimes Alibaba cannot manage them all. To be sure to buy quality, affordable products, you need to learn about product reviews and shop on Taobao before making a purchase. The customer feedback will be the clearest proof of the reputation of a shop on Taobao.

2. How to order on Taobao?

To be able to order goods on Taobao, you can completely buy goods yourself or you can use the Taobao buying service from intermediaries.

2.1. Self-purchase on Taobao

To be able to buy goods on Taobao by yourself, you must meet the following criteria:

China domestic payment card to pay for the order. Alipay account is verified. The shipping address in China because Taobao only accepts domestic shipping, not international shipping. On the other hand, the cost of international shipping is also very high, so you also need to pay attention at this stage. Means of transporting goods to Vietnam.The goods customs clearance documents.

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It can be seen that self-ordering on Taobao is quite difficult when you need a lot of paperwork and procedures. If you do not meet the above conditions, you can use the way of ordering through order units.

Also because of these limitations, most Vietnamese customers often use the service of placing orders from intermediary companies. However, be sure to choose reputable companies to ensure the safety of your orders.

2.2 Purchase through HVT’s order support service

In order to maximize customer support and overcome limitations in self-ordering through Taobao, riclix.com’s ordering service was born. The purchase process is as follows:

Step 1: Create an account on HVT

By accessing the web www.riclix.com. You can use your existing Google or Facebook account.

Step 2: Install the ordering tool:

HVT has built its own ordering tool completely free of charge to maximize the customer’s purchasing process.

You need to access the web https://riclix.com from Coc Coc or Chrome browser to download the application according to the following link:

Link to download the COC COC tool

Link to download CHROME tool

Step 3: Choose to buy and create an order

By searching on the website riclix.com . In the website section, select Taobao, enter keywords and search.

After choosing the right product, add the item to the cart then press order to proceed to create an order order and send the order to the system.

Step 4: Deposit money into HVT . wallet

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After completing the order process, the next thing to do is to deposit money into HVT wallet and make a deposit.

There are 2 ways to deposit:

Option 1: You go directly to the company and have the support staff recharge your account. Method 2: Transfer money directly to HVT account.

Step 5: Deposit the order.

After successful deposit, the order will change from “Pending Quotation” to “Deposited”. The order will then be moved to the “Purchased” status.

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Step 6: Pay and receive goods

Using HVT’s service is quite simple and brings a lot of convenience to you in the process of ordering from Taobao.

3. Benefits of ordering Taobao via HVT Ordering Taobao via riclix.com

When choosing and using riclix.com’s ordering service, you receive the following benefits:

The cheapest service fee, only 1% of the order value. The cheapest shipping fee is only 11k/kg. No need to worry about risks because riclix.com always minimizes risks during the ordering process as well. like shipping. Support to find goods and negotiate prices. With a team of enthusiastic and experienced consultants, riclix.com will assist customers in finding reputable and professional shops. When customers order in bulk, riclix.com also helps you negotiate the price with the shop. The service includes shipping goods to Vietnam. Support to send goods to your place. Support to solve complaints Complain to Taobao shop about the quality of goods as well as delivery errors, if any.

The article has provided readers with the most complete information about what is Taobao order?. Hope you have some more useful things for yourself. If you need a unit to order, please come to riclix.com for the most dedicated service.