What is ENTP?

ENTP is an acronym that combines four words (Extraversion, iNtuition, Thinking, Perception), one of 16 personality types studied from the riclix.com personality identification indicator (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). riclix.com personality assessment indicator was developed by Isabel Briggs Myers, Katharine Cook Briggs and David Keirsey from the research works of famous psychiatrist Carl G. Jung on types of psychology based on theories of cognitive functions. Keirsey calls ENTPs The Inventor because they are passionate about coming up with new ideas. ENTP is one of the four personality types of a temperament group The Rational

What is the personality of the ENTP group

?riclix.com is estimated to have an accurate rating of about 75% according to its guiding indicator, using multiple multiple choice questions on the basis of four “binary” split” (psychologically opposite pairs), ENTP is 1 of 16 personality type results and is defined by the four where the first letter abbreviation stands (except for iNtuition because I is used for Introversion) as shown below :

Extraversion: prefers extroversion, feeling motivated and energetic for those around them; iNtuition: Using intuition more than feeling concrete, so they focus their attention on the big picture more are the small details, as well as the possible things in the future rather than paying attention to the present;Thinking: Thinking rationally rather than feeling, the tendency to value objective criteria rather than possessions personal likes. When making a decision, it is often based on logic rather than social factors; Perception: They do not rush to judge or prematurely make an important judgmental decision, instead always see the problem flexibly. subject and may change depending on circumstances.

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What are the core values, actions and thoughts from ENTP’s personality tendencies

?ENTPs are described as intelligent, agile, extroverted, creative, flexible, and resourceful people. bevel. They are always excellent at coming up with fresh and original solutions to difficult problems, often they don’t plan a project in advance. ENTPs also have a deep understanding of how things and relationships work and how to improve them. They are non-judgmental, open-minded, skillful in communication with intelligent minds and flexible language abilities. With constant creativity and excellent social communication skills, The Inventor is completely worthy of the role of a leader in an organization or group.

ENTP – The Inventor – Inventor – Sourcericlix.com

ENTP and Career

ENTPs are interested in applying creative solutions to challenging work problems in order to deliver the best possible results. An environment that always creates intellectual challenges, requires constant improvement of knowledge along with smart colleagues is preferred for ENTP. They fit into the following industry groups:

Business and leadership (Business management, human resource management, executives, …); Art and design (Architects, art producers,…); Science and engineering ( Scientists, engineers, professors and doctors,…).

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ENTP’s diplomatic relations

ENTPs are dynamic and agile communicators. They love to make connections and explore the information they receive from people around them. ENTPs love to discuss creative solutions and original ideas and have more than enough patience to explain them in detail to people:

For INTP, ENTJ, ENFP: similar personality and many things in common so it is easy for ENTP to share values, interests and approaches; For INTJ, INFP, ESTP, ENFJ: They have some differences but these differences are attractive to ENTPs. Basically, they still have things in common to create a balance in their relationship with ENFJs; For INFJs, ISTPs, ESTJs, ESFPs: At first, ENTPs may have a bit of a difficult time accessing and connecting with ENFJs. this personality group. However, if they interact for a while, they will discover common points as well as other points of view that can learn from each other; For ESFJ, ISFJ, ISTJ, ISFP: This personality group is opposite and conflicting. However, if a relationship can be developed, this is an opportunity for ENTP to learn and grow, challenges always come with opportunities.

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Temporary group classification of ENTP personality

Artisan Personality Group (SP): ISFP (Composer), ISTP (Crafter), ESFP (Performer), ESTP (Promoter); Guardian Personality Group (SJ): ISTJ (Inspector), ISFJ (Protector), ESFJ (Provider) , ESTJ (Supervisor); Idealist Personality Group (NF): ENFP (Champion), INFJ (Counselor), INFP (Healer), ENFJ (Teacher); Rational Personality Type (NT): INTP (Architect), ENTJ (Fieldmarshal) ), ENTP (Inventor), INTJ (Mastermind).

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Popularity of the ENTP Personality Type

This is the rarest personality group in the world and makes up about 2-5% of the population world number. If looking at the sex ratio, for women the rate is 2%, while for men it reaches a higher level of 4%.

Famous ENTPs

Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Leonardo da Vinci,….