What day is 11/11? Why is there this day, what is it special and what does it mean? Mimosa Wedding will answer in detail in the following article.

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Besides the special days that are very familiar to Vietnamese people such as the Lunar New Year on November 20 and March 8, the concepts of Valentine’s Day on February 14, Halloween, Mother’s Day… are still very new. With the majority of Vietnamese people, along with that, in recent years, a very interesting and unique holiday has appeared, which is November 11. Let’s see what 11/11 is and what it means. how!

What is November 11th?

November 11 has many different names: Singles’ Day, Happy Singles’ Day – a happy singles day, also known as a shopping festival.

On this day every year, instead of showing their inherent solitary style, single people and those who love the freedom of being alone gather in groups to party, sing, dance, or go shopping, eating, drinking. celebrate FA life in many different ways.

History of Singles’ Day

Singles’ Day originated in China, November 11, 1990 was chosen as a day for single, lonely, single people. This is an idea from a group of 4 single male students from Nanjing University deduced from four digits a pictogram.

Also starting from Singles’ Day, this “poor” day – billionaire Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba Group, soon grasped the development trend of this special day, he opened up opportunities for followers enjoy shopping for great deals. in the name of singles.

Not missing the opportunity, big brands were also dragged along in the form of a series of discounts that made Singles’ Day even more bustling and jubilant and since then, November 11 also has a new name, which is shopping day.for business people to stimulate sales. The business idea combined with the support from the Internet Singles’ Day is increasingly bringing new colors: vibrant, unique, spreading to many countries around the world.

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What sign is November 11? Are people born in November often lonely?

Of the 12 signs of the Zodiac, November 11 belongs to Scorpio. According to some comments, people born under this sign are often intelligent, with a vibrant appearance and strong attraction, but inside they are very mysterious and contradictory. They do not value their own opportunities, so even though they are very developed, they end up failing, lonely, living quietly without anyone knowing.

In fact, Scorpio people know how to renew themselves. For those who cultivate good will, always promote their own development, they will achieve success and a full spiritual life, which explains why birth date, sign and destiny are not everything. factors affecting your current situation.

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What to do on November 11

?More and more, the ways of expressing yourself on singles day are more diverse and richer from the form of an individual, a small group or creating an event on an entire advertisement school to all ages from young to old. Jubilant games, selfless drinking parties or creative all-night events for attendees.

There are many ways for you to choose depending on your health, playability and financial ability. Usually, people who choose to live alone do not have many ideas on this day, so sleeping in, watching movies, games, coffee alone is still a favorite choice. Some people choose to gather with friends, travel with a group of single friends to enjoy a free and liberal life.

For guys and girls in a state of “soon to be” or “for a long time”, this day is in a relatively heavy mood, even wanting to talk about it. Meeting friends, shopping, eating seems difficult to fill the situation because they are not confident that a predestined opportunity will appear. However, this is also an opportunity to meet and date for some people to get out of being alone…

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However, most young people are very excited to respond to this exciting holiday, let’s explore some healthy hobbies on this day:

Go shopping with FA association

What’s more interesting than walking with a group of single friends in shopping malls or roadside markets to choose from items such as clothes, souvenirs, bags, and shoes? shoes, necessary tools in daily life. This is a special occasion for groups of brothers and sisters to gather together and shop together for items at reasonable prices as much as possible.

Organize food gathering

This is a hobby chosen by many FA friends, instead of staying at home playing games or sleeping in, why don’t we gather together to organize jubilant meals and share interesting things together? taste of single life. The reunions of this school often have their own characteristics in terms of time, theme and relaxed carefree…

Watch movies and music with friends

Although entertainment is a daily human need, choosing to watch movies and music in Singles day is the choice of many people, especially young people.

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Coffee gossip

This is also a very effective way to relieve stress, especially for everyday people who have little time. A romantic atmosphere, melodious music, enjoying coffee with friends will help you feel more clearly about life so that you can be more firmly on the path you choose.


This is also the hobby of those who love to learn and explore new lands to admire and enjoy a colorful life. Going with a group of friends not only helps you feel the help and support of each other, but also interacts to help each other take pictures and record memories easily. In addition, the hobby of travel is also the passion of virtual life believers.

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Mimosa Wedding and friends discovered the “secrets” of November 11. We are young, let’s live, be happy because surely “half” of our life is waiting for you out there!