As we all know, the market is now gradually saturated with many people doing business and even having a lot of inventory, so they have to discharge too much. And it’s not difficult to come across words like “Sale off” but “What is Clearance sale?”, let’s find out with in the article below.

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What is Clearance Sale?

Clearance sale, if translated from English into, it will have many different meanings, we can understand as “clearance sale”, “stock sale at a discount”. If in business, it makes sense to understand either way, but to best understand it in terms of business, Clearance sale is understood as lowering prices to free up inventory in the warehouse.

What is a discount to sell inventory, perhaps this is one of the problems that any business owner will not want to encounter. It is one of the worst problems of business people when they have to sell inventory and reduce prices. Lowering prices to free up inventory is a problem where a business has produced a lot of products for a while and can’t sell out for a while, and soon other items take over. That’s why it wasn’t long before this item fell into inventory and now businesses need to release everything to get rid of the inventory. The selling price at this time may be equal to the production price, but it may also be lower than the selling price.

So, you already understand what is Clearance sale, right? To better understand this issue, below we will introduce you to specialized terms in the matter of discount, promotion, and discount.

Words related to discount

Promotion: Understood as trade promotion, it can be understood as a discount, but it is a word that has a broader meaning than discount. Or to be able to understand it more clearly, this word is understood as the efforts that you can make to increase sales, stimulate consumer demand for goods.

– Sale off: Understood as a reduction in price for a short period of time to increase the sale of products to the market, stimulating consumer demand. But the sale off is only seasonal in nature, that is, only on special occasions such as holidays, there are many discount programs.

– Price drop: For this phrase, we will rarely see it in Vietnam because it only often appears in the United States, but it is also understood as the word used to refer to the reduction of the selling price of goods, However, the discount period of this product is permanent, not just a discount for a certain time.

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And there are many other phrases used to refer to this problem, whether the words about discount or discount are understood in many different ways, its ultimate purpose is still to stimulate demand for goods. of consumers. It can be said that this is one of the trade promotion issues that almost all businesses have to do for their products.

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2. Why reduce the selling price to clear inventory

After you understand what is Clearance sale, do you know why businesses have to reduce selling prices to free up inventory? Known as a taboo in business, businesses still have to do to limit and overcome their risks. There are many famous brands in the world, they apply the destruction of inventory, but definitely do not reduce the selling price to preserve their own brand. So why do brands and businesses have to reduce selling prices to free up inventory?

Why reduce the selling price to clear inventory?

Firstly: because manufacturing enterprises have too much inventory in stock, and if this quantity is not released, it means it will remain so for a period of time past its expiry date. the goods will be damaged. If so, the business will lose a large amount of money to produce those goods. However, if the selling price is kept at the same price, no one will buy it, in this case, businesses have applied Clearance sale to release all inventory. It may be possible to get a return on the initial production capital, but it may not be.

Second: because initially the enterprise did not study the market carefully, leading to the case of overproduction. But it is also possible that during that period of time, the demand from customers was so high because of the desire for profit that businesses overproduced, causing inventories to be available soon after customers stopped buying.

Third: because the product quality is not up to the market’s requirements, poor quality will not last long in the market, it will be pushed down by other good quality goods. It can be said that this problem is encountered a lot in the careless and irresponsible production and transportation stages, so there are many problems that cause defective and quality goods. not as originally planned. Customers, of course, will not be able to spend money just to use a poor quality product. It is because of such things that more inventory begins to appear in the warehouse.

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Those are the reasons why inventory started to appear and become more available to businesses, but it is not necessarily the main reason that comes from businesses, but it also comes from objective reasons. such as: Customers, the market economy is depressed, the competition of other businesses is getting stronger and stronger, it makes other businesses unable to develop and start to have inventories with poor quality goods. qualified. However, it may also be because the product design is not diverse, not attractive to users, etc. and many other reasons cause the inventory of goods and businesses have to reduce the price to clear the inventory.

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3. How does Clearance sale affect businesses today

How does Clearance sale affect businesses today?

As an enemy, as the last step that businesses have to use, it can be seen as one of the problems that make businesses worry the most. How does the Clearance sale affect businesses today, let’s find out in the following section.

– Clearance sale, will cause businesses to suffer the most losses, if lucky, they will recover the original production capital. However, it is also possible that businesses will lose a lot because they cannot get their original production capital back because they have to reduce prices deeply.

– In many cases when the Clearance business sells but still cannot sell all the inventory. In this case, inventory is one of the problems that pose a difficult problem for businesses. Businesses will have to do with these goods and products when the price has been reduced but still cannot sell it all.

– Clearance sale will consume a lot of wealth as well as human resources for manufacturing enterprises. Learning will have to spend a lot of labor to produce, then have to spend a large amount of labor to sell and run ads for that volume of goods. Thus, the business not only costs money and wealth when producing goods, but also costs money to pay workers to perform the work.

Clearance sale affects the reputation of the business

– Clearance sale not only makes businesses suffer in terms of the amount of capital they spend, but it also greatly affects the reputation and quality of products. If they are large enterprises, big brands, if they reduce the selling price too much, will affect the brand and reputation of today’s businesses. Customers will doubt the quality as well as the brand of those brands. If it’s a big brand and has a lot of users, why cut prices to free up inventory?

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Clearance sale gives businesses a lot of influence. Not only does it make a business lose money and time, but it also affects the brand and reputation that the business has to build for a long time. With such great effects on businesses, what do they need to do to no longer have a Clearance sale?

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4. What businesses must do to not have a Clearance sale situation

What should businesses do to not have a Clearance sale?

First of all, in order for their production and business to take place most smoothly, businesses need to research, learn and have the best understanding of the market and the needs of customers today. After carefully studying the market situation and the needs of customers, new businesses go into production. Based on market demand as well as economic development, new businesses give estimated numbers of goods. Overproduction should not lead to oversupply.

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In the production process, businesses must also produce fully and carefully so that there are no product defects that lead to a lot of inventory and then have to reduce prices to free up inventory.

For today’s businesses, there is a lot of competition that other businesses need to face, that’s why in such cases, business leaders need to really have a good mind, logical thinking and know how to make the best decisions.

Enterprises need to carefully study the economic situation as well as the situation of other rival businesses to have directions and strategies for timely development. For those products, businesses now also need to have timely trade promotion programs to develop.

If there is inventory, businesses now need to have reasonable strategies to develop and best deal with those goods and products.

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In the field of production and business today, there is a lot of competition that businesses are facing, so it can be said that commodity production businesses are like an art, for each business. each has its own battle steps, the most strategic steps.

Hopefully with the information we provide you above, you already understand what Clearance sale is, right?