A. What is the destiny of a child born in 2020, what age is he born in, what month is he born in, what season is good?

Planning to have a baby in the year of the Rat 2020

1. What age parents SHOULD have children in the year of the Rat year 2020

?Dragon AgeOx Age Than Than

The 2020 horoscope shows that the Dragon, Ox and Monkey years are the ages when parents should have children in the year of the Rat. The year of the Dragon, giving birth in the year of the Rat, will make the children’s health good, the fortune in the family is increasing, the parents will be prosperous in business, progress in work, and surrounded by sand.

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People born in the year of the Ox meeting the year of the Rat is also a harbinger of the benefit of having a new member. Ty Suu Nhi Hop, giving birth this year will be favorable in that the age of parents and children are compatible. It is a foreshadowing of good news that will not stop coming, and good things will happen in a hurry. In life, everything will go smoothly.

Ox parents, whether giving birth to their first or second child this year, are surrounded by sand and air. In the fortunes of parents, the child is the factor that brings a lot of luck to the parents. The closer the family’s feelings are, the more harmonious the parents and children will be if the child is born at the right age.

Entering 2020, choosing to have a baby will remove all the troubles in life that you encounter. And like thousands of other marriages, having more children will help your family’s happiness become more and more sustainable. The love of prosperity also helps the child to be born healthy, vivacious, and have good luck. It is a special gift for parents.

2. What age parents SHOULD NOT be born in 2020

?Rooster Age Goat Age Horse Age

According to scientific horoscopes, people born in the year of the Rooster, the year of the Goat, the age of the Rabbit and the age of the Horse are not suitable for giving birth in the year of the Rat. People born in the year of the Rooster in the Year of the Rooster Tuong Po, so it is easy to have conflicts, so many troubles pour on their heads, causing bad mood, indirectly affecting their health to conceive and give birth. Especially in this year, the love line is easy to encounter unexpected things.

Rat Mui Tuong Ha, people born in the year of the Goat in this year are also not good luck. Their bodies are weak and they can suffer a lot of emotional damage when they love wholeheartedly but are not reciprocated. In addition, giving birth in this year, the parent and child’s age are in conflict, so it is not good for both parties.

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Not only that, in 2020 people born in the year of the Goat often have to face bad luck, which can easily affect their psychology as well as their health, which is not good for mothers and fathers as well as the birth of a baby.

The year of the Rabbit in 2020 suffers from the situation of Xiangxiang, so it is not suitable for childbirth because there will be difficulties in giving birth. Unfavorable work due to the impact of external factors causes mood swings, so health is not good.

In addition, the destiny in the year of Thai Tue is also prone to disasters falling from the sky, so it is necessary to carefully consider the plan to welcome new members so as not to face many disadvantages.

Particularly for people born in the year of the Horse, the situation is Tuong Chong, so many parents are also very afraid to guess the baby because their destiny in the year of the Rat is constant illness, unstable work, and many failures.

3. Which month is the best month to give birth in 2020

?If you give birth in 2020, your baby will have the fate of Earth in the year of the Rat (the Rat), depending on the date and time of birth, but each person’s destiny will be different. However, according to the Eastern Horoscope, it is possible to summarize the good and bad months when giving birth in 2020 as follows:

Born in January 2020: Rats born in the spring period often have talents, so they have a full material life. However, due to my self-conservative nature, always thinking that everything I do is right, my life is not as good. Besides, when they were young, they were very playful, lazy, and passive, so after 35 years of age, they were successful in their careers.

Born in February 2020: A shy, mild-mannered, polite, well-connected person, although he doesn’t like the excitement, he has a predestined relationship with noble people. Life is full of worries and worries, partly because luck is rare. There will be a chance to become famous if you choose to pursue a career in writing.

Born in March 2020: An independent, introverted person. They always lose everything like nothingness even though their fortunes give them fortune. Not only can they not rely on their friends, but on the contrary, their friends are the ones who harm them. So those who give birth in 2020 this month need to be on the lookout for bad things to happen.

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Born in April 2020: A person who is romantic, passionate and often can’t control himself. There are many social relations, the number is frugal, but there are many dangers. Need to prevent minor harassment.

Born in 2020: A person with a high self-esteem, admired by many people. Some are rich but enjoy late happiness.

Born in 2020: An intelligent and generous person. The road to fame, career is open, life is more blessed than friends. However, they like to do things beyond their ability, so they often fail. At work, it is easy to have conflicts with superiors. To prevent illness due to hot weather, it is best to live in a place with cool water. Born in July 2020: A person who has a resilient temperament but is very peaceful, rich in heart, has a secretive mind. Blessed by God, full of life, prosperous middle age. Need to prevent minor harm. In great things, there needs to be tolerance and generosity.

Born in August 2020: A person who is intelligent, more intelligent than others, sensitive, has wide relationships, and is successful. The number of people who support you, if you have an unsatisfactory job, you will need to be patient. If you are a man, you will have a pompous number, if you are a woman, you will be charming and virtuous.

Born in September 2020: Rats born in this month are usually honest, careful, sensitive people but do not want to communicate widely. They are good at making money, start their own businesses, have a tendency to be commanders but lack confidence in themselves.

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Born in October 2020: Being a visionary, having good judgment, and being independent. If you are a man, you often have low self-esteem in front of women. Material life is not stable because good opportunities are missed. After the age of 30, he has a career of his own.

Born in November 2020: Domineering, conservative, low-relationship. Peaceful life, few enemies. Although the career came late, it was very successful.

Born in December 2020: Rats born in Tieu Han period are enthusiastic people, always busy at work. A life full of happiness, prosperity, and a lifetime of happiness.

4. Giving birth in 2020 Canh Ty is a good time and suitable for feng shui

?According to the 12 zodiac horoscopes, Rat and Than are a “match-worthy” couple. The witty humor is something that both have and will become the center of attention in parties or social activities.

Therefore, their time together is interesting and happy. However, the egos of these two animals are quite large, but they easily reconcile this with each other. Although they sometimes argue, it is the cheerful humor that will bring them back together.

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Born in the Rat hour (23h-1h): facing difficulties in children’s path if married late, but in return the career is favorable.

Born in the Ox hour (1-3h): is a highly talented person, matured and has to be exiled. In life, there are quite a few friends, this number is not suitable for men but only for women. Or encounter litigation and disputes in life.

Born in the Rooster hour (3-5h): Quite satisfied in both love and career, meeting evil is often resolved. However, it is only suitable for men and not for women.

Born in the time of the Rabbit (5-7h): His career is not developed, but he is a bold, brave and courageous person, so he is still respected and admired by others.

Born in Dragon time (7-9h): Life is quite convenient, enjoying full happiness despite living in exile and being quite unstable.

Born in the time of the Snake (9-11am): Should beware of failure in life and career path because in life they have little luck and are indecisive in thought and action.

Born in the Horse hour (11-13h): good luck, wealthy family, but often have a bad reputation and have a bad mouth.

Born in the Goat hour (13-15h): Career goes up and down erratically despite being a smart, agile and vivacious person. Normal family life.

Born in the Monkey Time (15-17h): Life is stable, although there are ups and downs, it still retains its reputation until the end of life.

Born in the Rooster hour (17-19h): It is easy to have water accidents, so you need to be careful. Peaceful, happy life with children and grandchildren.

Born in the time of the Dog (19-21h): Need to know how to seize and seize opportunities in life because people born at this hour are less fortunate.

Born at the time of the Pig (21-23h): A person with authority but in relationships encounters many disadvantages. Pay attention to your own health, especially poisoning accidents.

Rat people born in 2020 at the age of 20 to 35 years old often face many storms in life. Sickness and bad luck will strike in the years during this period. In which, at the age of 20, 25, 27, 31 and 34 is the age when you have the most difficulties. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully calculate your plans during the above period.

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With general information on the issue of giving birth in 2020, what is the age of the child and good months as well as a good time frame to give birth, hopefully parents will have the best plan to give birth. this year 2020.