Do you know what people born in 2018 have? What is your child’s age? Which color match? Which direction is right? not yet. If not, let’s join Gia Bao Group to find out the following article right away. To know more about their destiny, work and love.

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What is your child’s age when born in 2018

?According to the horoscope, people born in 2018 belong to the age of the Dog, Tien Son Chi Tuat. Also known as the Dog going into the mountain. According to heaven and earth chi, this is the year of the Dog.

Compatible with the celestial body Quy and similar to the celestial body Nham, Giap

Tam is in harmony with Dan – Horse – Tuat and the four elements are associated with Ox – Thin – Mui – Tuat.

Dogs are considered one of the loyal and affectionate animals. This animal dares to sacrifice itself for its owner. Although standing near the penultimate of the 12 animals, this is a very respected animal.

Born in 2018 is the age of the dog

What is the fate of 2018

?2018 is the year of the Moc – Binh Dia Moc – Plain Wood. The Dia Moc vase refers to the new tree sprouting, bud, and lush.

The Dia Moc vase refers to the newly sprouted trees. When it rains, Delta wood grows quickly and is not suitable for harsh climates. It is a heat-loving plant, so it is very suitable for spring and summer.

This person usually has a rather hot-tempered, fickle personality. But there are quite a few good ideas.

People born in the spring are those who will have a glorious career later. If you are born in the summer, you will be happy, God bless. Born in the fall, they are independent, building a business from their own hands. People born in winter have a full life.

If you were born during the day, you will prosper. At night, they are well off, have good fortune, and live long. Especially people with Binh Dia Moc destiny born in June will have a smooth life and reap many successes.

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The fate of mutual life is the destiny of Fire and the destiny of Thuy. The opposite fate is the Tho par and the Kim par.

People born in 2018 belong to the Moc par

What color is suitable for people born in 2018

?The auspicious color is green, blue belongs to the element Moc. The color of the similarity is navy blue, blue, black belongs to the element of Water, Engraved color is white, gray, inscribed in the element Kim

People born in 2018 can use this color every day and around. Be it the color of the wall paint, the color of the furniture, the color of the car, the color of the clothes, etc. These colors will bring luck and blessings to the people born in 2018.

Colors that should be avoided should be limited or preferably not used at all. These colors often do not bring luck and are prone to risks and bad luck in life.

Overview of personality of people born in the year of the Dog born in 2018

People born in 2018 are honest and loyal people. They always do not care about fame and profit. Always dream of a peaceful life, a happy and happy family.

They like to help others and don’t care about the benefits that will be obtained. They often avoid hurting others with malicious words.

They like to reason, explore and learn new things quickly. However, they are quite self-deprecating and afraid of affecting others.

People born in 2018 are very conservative, quite meticulous and pay attention to detail. They are introverted people, so making new friends is quite difficult. However, if they are soulmates, they will treat their friends very well, treating them like family.

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They have a sense of humor, so it is easy to make others laugh, and they are quite good at persuasion. They also know the difference between right and wrong. With the above personality traits, if they are taught and guided, they will become adults.

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Which direction is suitable for people born in 2018 to build a house

?For men:

The suitable directions to build houses include North, East, Southeast and South directions. Bad directions: Northwest, West, Northeast and Southwest

For female:

The right directions include Northwest, Northeast, Southwest and West. Bad directions: South, North, Southeast and East

Building houses in good directions will help homeowners to be rich and prosperous. Famous people in the house. Children are also healthy and talented. The whole family lived happily, with few diseases.

As for building houses in bad directions, disaster strikes constantly. The family is not warm. Children are also susceptible to diseases and poor schooling. The money in the house is also decreasing because of that. In the long run, there may be sadness and loss in the house.

In which direction do people born in 2018 build a house?

Age suitable for people born in 2018

For men:

In business, it is advisable to cooperate with the Dinh Hoi and Quy Mao. Career is also more promoted, more profit is earned. After that, life is abundant and happy.

For marriage, it is advisable to marry people of the age of At Ty, Ky Hoi, Dinh Dau, At Mui, Dinh Mui and Quy Mao. New married life is harmonious and peaceful. Children have enough to eat and clothe. New wealth is good, health is also more satisfied because of that.

The age of cavalry should avoid association, doing business together including Tan Suu and Quy Ox. These ages often bring bad luck, affecting the lives of people born in 2018. Therefore, it is advisable to limit and avoid these 2 years to avoid risks and uncertainties.

For female:

When doing business, it is advisable to cooperate with the zodiacs of the Rabbit, the Rat and the Pig. These ages are considered noble people who will support the career and reputation of people born in the year of birth 2018.

When you get married, you should choose the people belonging to Ky Hoi, Quy Mao, At Ty, Dinh Mui, Dinh Dau and At Mui. Women born in 2018 who get married at this age will be loved by their husbands. Children are also smart and obedient. The family is always happy and cheerful.

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Horse age, engraved with people born in 2018 include Tan Suu and Quy Ox. If doing business together is easy to misunderstanding, friction, high risk, loss of money. As for marriage with the age of cavalry, the husband and wife are in conflict and easily fall in love. Children live without love. The family’s situation is not very rich, sometimes they fail or go bankrupt.

House interior design samples for people born in 2018


People born in 2018 should use similar and compatible colors to design the interior and decorate the house. Colors like green, blue, blue, brown and black are suitable. Contrasting colors should be limited to white, gray and gray.

Blue interior is suitable for people born in 2018


The most fused parity is with wood. Or you can use materials such as bamboo, cork, rattan in combination with flowers and ornamental plants. This wood material brings a cozy living space, close to nature.

Bedroom using brown wood is suitable for people born in 2018

Furniture arrangement for the kitchen and bedroom:

The kitchen should use the brown color of wood with the dining table, chair or ceiling. Brown color increases the aesthetics and brings a more hygienic and clean kitchen space.

Modern bedroom interior paint green or green interior decoration. The space also becomes greener and friendlier. This color is also considered a color that helps relieve stress and pressure effectively.

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Beautiful green bedroom for people born in 2018

Some shares of Gia Bao Group have helped you gain more understanding about people born in 2018. But in fact the article is for reference only. Human destiny still depends on many other factors. If you want to be successful and happy, you should work for it yourself.