Research results of British scientists show that humanity can be “eaten alive” by zombies in just 3 months.

We know that zombies (also known as zombies, undead) are products of the mind; created by human imagination.

However, on a certain day, if an army of undead suddenly appeared and exploded, humanity could be wiped out in just 100 days. More tragic, it is that the number of survivors on Earth only stops at 300 people.

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This is the conclusion made by researchers at the University of Leicester (UK). Specifically, students at the University of Leicester were tasked with calculating the exact amount of time it took for a zombie virus to infect other individuals on Earth.

With the hypothesis that a zombie has a 90% chance of turning a person into a creature like it, and every day that zombie can find at least 1 person, the team has determined the time of humanity can stay on Earth.

Using the SIR epidemiological model to describe the spread of disease in a population, the team divided humans into three groups: susceptible populations (S), undead (Z) and humans die (D).

The SIR model helps to calculate the exposure of the person infected with the zombie virus to the uninfected group and the possibility of transmitting the disease to others.

As a result, the survival rate of humans is very small, only 300 people on Earth survived after the outbreak of the zombie pandemic.

And those who are still alive are forced to survive by adapting to the conditions, killing zombies and reproducing and maintaining the breed.

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However, experts also said that if the zombie epidemic really occurs, it will be extremely serious and the infection rate can be up to 100%.

They describe the zombie “condition” as “Conscious Deficit Hypoactivity Disorder” (CDHD) – a condition in which people have symptoms of not being able to control their actions. From here, the expert group came up with 5 secrets; ky;p survived a pandemic.

Don’t try to fight: Zombies don’t feel pain, so don’t be foolish to fight them but run away.

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Keep quiet: Zombies are usually smart; poor memory and low concentration, so try to hide and find ways to keep quiet.

Distractions: The brain damage of zombies makes it difficult for them to focus and easily pay attention to everything, use fireworks or fire to “trick” them and then run away.

Don’t try to explain; reason: Zombies don’t make sense; perhaps, so don’t be under the illusion that standing there presenting them for charge; time.

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Mimic them: Zombies don’t recognize faces, instead they recognize people by sounds and movements. So, pretend to be a zombie and wander among a swarm of zombies, so you won’t be discovered and torn apart by them.