Law Plus – What virus does President Tran Dai Quang have?


After nearly 2 months since Vietnam discovered an infection caused by the COVID-19 virus, General Secretary; Letter and President Nguyen Phu Trong is still “disappeared”, has not made any statements or instructions about this pandemic.

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The last time Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong appeared in the media was on the morning of February 27, when he received ambassadors of the following countries: Kingdom of Cambodia, Switzerland, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Greek Republic, Republic of Paraguay, Dai Cong. Kingdom, Republic of Paraguay, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to present Credentials.

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Meanwhile, Article 86 of the Constitution of Vietnam stipulates that “The President is the head of State, representing the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in domestic and foreign affairs.”

Doesn’t appear because there is no quest

Nguyen Lan Thang, a political and social activist in Hanoi told that not only him, but many people in the country are wondering where the head of the country is at this moment. The whole country has to fight the epidemic like this:

“I have seen information that Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong has not appeared in the media and activities of the state for a long time, this is something that I am also very curious about. With both the position of General Secretary; As the Communist Party secretary, as well as the President, it should be that when there are critical situations in the country like this epidemic problem, the Party leaders must have a voice and have activities.

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But now, the people as well as the news agencies; Everyone wondered why he didn’t appear with such a role. Of course, the head of the Party and State can also be sick, there can also be personal problems. But a country cannot be without a leader and must have a replacement mechanism.

Up to now, we have only seen Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc as well as members of the Government who are struggling to cope with the epidemic. That’s what a lot of people are wondering as well.”