We are living in the 4.0 era. The era in which information technology has developed rapidly. Therefore, careers related to information technology are always hot. In which, it is indispensable to be an information technology programmer. What is Junior and Senior? What is the difference between Senior and Junior developer? These are always the issues that young people are interested in. Please refer to the following article with riclix.com!

What is Junior and Senior?

According to Google translation, Senior means senior, senior. In it, Junior means younger, younger. Thereby, we can understand a small part of Junior and Senior concepts. So what is Junior and Senior?

This is a word used to divide ranks and qualifications in work. This division and comparison must be used between members of the same field.

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Senior is used to refer to people who have experience and mature skills. In pure Vietnamese terms, they are the forebears. And Junior are newbies, immature skills, not much collision. These are juniors who need to be taught and trained by their seniors.

What is a Junior Developer?

If we leave Junior and Senior separate, we can use comparisons in many areas. Then Junior developer will be used for people who work in information technology. Because developer means programmer.

Junior developer is a term that refers to people who are new to the profession. For example, a student who has just graduated from high school. These people have little work experience and skills. These Juniors know about technology but not in depth. They have only recently been bumped into superficial problems.

Junior developers can do the work on their own that is not too difficult. If they have a strange and more troublesome problem, they are often difficult to solve. Then they will have to ask for the help of Seniors.

However, that is not to say that we despise Juniors. The starting point of every developer is also from Junior level. All efforts will bring Juniors to a higher level.

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What is a senior developer

?In contrast to Junior, Senior developers are people with superior qualifications. To be called a Senior developer, he or she must have at least 3 to 4 years of coding experience.

What is the difference between junior senior? It is solid experience and professional knowledge

Because of their deep and wide experience, when they encounter a strange problem, they can calmly give solutions, moreover during the working process, there are many collisions, they clearly understand the mistakes that newcomers make or do. encountered.

Senior developer has such high skills, so he is very favored and respected. They are usually assigned as the team leader. Or be assigned as a coach to train new employees. Juniors will learn a lot from being mentored by Seniors.

However, not everyone who has worked for a long time is considered a Senior. That’s why if a person works for 5 years but only works around easy and odd jobs like Juniors assigned when they first joined, they are no better than Junior developers. A true Senior is someone who must be able to work in many aspects and fields.

What’s the difference between Senior and Junior developer

?If you have a clear understanding of what Senior is and what Junior developer is, you will easily recognize the differences. Within the scope of this article, riclix.com will point out the three most basic differences.

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What is the difference between Senior Junior? It is in the way of seeing and solving problems

The first is about the level of work. Senior has an advanced level and Junior is just at the basic level. Senior developers solve problems very quickly. They handle problems professionally. They have the ability to do the hard work better and faster than the Junior developers.

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The second is about professional requirements. Certainly, with a level like Senior, the requirements will be much stricter than that of Junior. Juniors are assigned as apprentices, taking on small and simple jobs. Meanwhile, Senior developer will be in charge of large and important projects.

And what makes the biggest difference between Senior and Junior is the way they look at the problem. Junior developers tend to focus on solving problems and getting results. Senior will be more interested in the experiences and lessons learned from the working process. That is understandable, since Juniors are people who are trying to assert themselves. Meanwhile, Senior needs to consolidate and build knowledge to reach further.

A Senior developer always understands that theory is not right for all cases. Flexibility is the best solution. That is why the role of Senior developer becomes so important.

How to be a successful Senior developer


1. Skills required in a Senior developer

To become a good Senior developer, you need to practice 3 main skills.

Presentation and communication skills: Explaining, giving suggestions and appropriate plans is something a Senior must do regularly. Therefore, Senior developer You need to know how to communicate concisely and succinctly. This will help everyone understand and absorb knowledge better.Leadership skills: Senior like the captain on the ship of the whole team. Therefore, leadership training is essential. A good senior will lead the team to progress together. They will go with people through difficulties to solve problems. With deep experience and expertise, Senior developers rarely let the team miss deadlines or get into trouble. Teamwork skills: Senior senior developers can not only do well when working independently. They can also work well in groups. The strengths that Senior has will make up for the shortcomings of the team. Therefore, they are always assigned as the leader to manage the team.

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A good Senior can work both independently and as a team

A “cool” Senior developer doesn’t usually code according to what the books say. They code their own way, code to solve problems. Not only that, the senior’s working time is also very scientific. You don’t have to work hard to succeed, right?

In addition to the three main skills above, the ability to work under pressure, to think, to learn and to see problems as a whole is also essential for a Senior.

2. How to train to become a Senior

The training to become a real Senior doesn’t just happen in day one, day two. This is a long process of effort. Learning from the experiences that the seniors taught is the fastest way to accumulate knowledge. Moreover, you need to be proactive in your work. Always ask yourself questions and find the most diverse ways to solve problems.

Let’s learn from our predecessors’ way of looking at problems. You also need to practice flexible thinking and apply theory. Remember to accumulate lessons learned from the process, not pay attention to the results.

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Managing the work schedule properly is also very important. That helps you balance between work and rest. You should also set short-term and long-term goals to strive for. The achievement of a certain goal is very motivating.

Everyone has a starting point from Junior level. If others make progress, so can you. Diamonds are created from high pressure. Always persevere to the end, success will follow you!

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