Terms such as “chip”, “chipset”, “microprocessor” have become too familiar to anyone who has ever learned about computers or used computers. However, have you really understood “what is a chip?, what is a chipset? And what is a microprocessor?”. Let’s find out in detail through the article below to know exactly how a processor affects a computer.

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What are chipsets? (What is a microprocessor?)

What are chipsets?

Chipset is an on-board component of a server, a set of chips that act as the communication center of the motherboard, controlling all data transmission activities between hardware.

The hardware includes: CPU, RAM, graphics card (GPU) and hard drive. It also tells about the ability to upgrade and expand the system, to some extent, so it is possible that the system will be overclocked.

Although the server board and hardware are closely related, they are manufactured completely independently by different units.

History of chipset

The individual chips are arranged in rows on the motherboard

In the early development of computer generations, the motherboard of a computer had to integrate many ICs (also known as chips) to control each separate part of the computer such as mouse, keyboard, monitor. image, sound, image, etc.

At that time, this board was considered an extremely important part and a great development achievement. But over time, manufacturers constantly improve and require it to be more optimal in size and performance.

Now a board with so many chips needs to be improved and changed.

The proposed solution is to integrate chips with individual functions into each other thanks to the support of PCI bus technology. 2 innovative chips northbridge (northbridge) and southbridge (southbridge) are mounted at the 2 ends of the board holding two different task groups.

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While the northbridge chip plays the role of direct connection to the CPU and intermediate communication with high-speed hardware such as RAM microcontrollers, PCI Express interface microcontrollers, etc., the southbridge plays a role. control lower speed hardware such as: USB port, audio connection port, network, etc.

It is because of the integration of individual chips into an integrated chip that controls a group of different functions for the data stream management system that the official chipset names are used (English set means “a set”) ).

Types of chipsets available on the motherboard

In addition to providing information “what is a chipset?”, the article will provide some more information to help you better understand the types of chipsets available on the mainboard (the motherboard – the place where all components and devices are mounted. peripherals together into a unified block.In simpler terms, you can understand the Mainboard as the backbone of the human body).

Types of chipsets on motherboards

1/ Northbridge chip

The northbridge chip (MCH – Memory Controller Hub) is an intermediate chip between hardware such as CPU, RAM, AGP or PCI Express and the southbridge chip communicates with each other.

For some other types of northbridge chips, they also have integrated video control program (commonly known as GMCH – Graphics and Memory Controller Hub).

In addition, this chip is also the component that determines the quantity, quality and speed of RAM, CPU – plays a very important role in the motherboard.

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2/ Southbridge chip

Unlike the northbridge chip, the southbridge chip (I/O Controller Hub – ICH) is located on the south side of the motherboard, but will not be directly connected to the CPU, but only through the northbridge, so These two chips require a compatible design.

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The northbridge is the middle ground between the slower devices on a typical microcomputer. Responsible for controlling hardware such as PCI expansion slots, SATA and IDE connections for hard drives aka HDDs, USB connections, integrated audio ports, network…

3/ North and South bridges

Chipsets are increasingly improved and optimized, so with the new design, only one chip is needed – the north bridge and south bridge “revolve into one”, giving priority control to the CPU.

The role of chipsets for computer systems

Each chip has a different function and task; Accordingly, for the computer system, the chipset will have the following roles:

Chipset has an important role in CPU system

1/ Decide on hardware compatibility:

The chipset determines the compatibility of the hardware, so the choice of hardware is very important and usually the CPU motherboard and then the motherboard.

After choosing a motherboard, choosing compatible hardware also becomes a lot simpler, for example, what RAM to choose? What hard drive? Graphics card?…

With the above diverse options, we can see that the chipset will also have many different versions and depending on each specific need, each person will have corresponding and suitable options.

2/ Decide on expansion options

On a bus-based computer system (with different speeds and bandwidths), it is this component that helps the chipset decide on hardware options (hardware and devices). Peripheral devices can be connected to each other by buses).

With buses, we can divide them into two types, namely: internal bus and external bus.

3/ Decide the system’s capabilities

Chipset that supports overclocking is required to be able to control the essentials while overclocking such as voltage, multiplier, clock … in UEFI or BIOS to be able to push CPU speed higher than design level.

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Thanks to that, when users have a need to use a CPU with a higher speed than the original design of the manufacturer, it can be completely upgraded. Conversely, if the chipset cannot overclock, then you can only use the CPU with the speed set by the manufacturer from the beginning.

What is chipset driver

?You often hear the term “driver” when installing computers such as: audio, video drivers, etc. In fact, chipset driver is a language system created specifically for chipset. Driver chipsets help connect the computer’s software and hardware. It helps the chip understand and process the activities when the user uses the computer.

Above are detailed information to help you understand “what is a chipset?”, the types of chipsets available and their specific roles on the computer system.

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Hopefully this information can help you in deciding which model to choose or if you need to upgrade the device you are using, it can be done more easily.

Wish success!