There is a term that is often mentioned in the planning process, which is workflow.

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So what is a workflow? What is a Workflow Diagram?

Let’s find out in this article.

What is Workflow?

Workflow (workflow) is a diagram that describes the order of execution of each job, each event.

This diagram helps administrators see exactly how the work is done or can be used to design a scientific and highly effective work order.

Workflow can be used in many fields and used in many different jobs. For example, you can use it to design a to-do list for a construction project, for example.

2-Benefits of workflow

a/ Design work visually

Instead of stacking work into a mess, workflow allows you to present your work in a visual, scientific, and easy-to-understand way.

Design work with workflow

Thanks to that, you can easily check its logic and reasonableness. This makes it easy to change the performance of tasks if something doesn’t feel right.

b/ Better Collaboration

By different types of interactive interfaces, workflows allow better coordination of work between people and software.

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c/ Workflow is a way to put work in order

Using workflows you can see:

How to get started

3-When to use workflow

Workflows will make your work better. At the same time save working time. And especially can convert many potential customers into customers.

Organize your work efficiently with workflow

Have these completely convinced you or not?

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But wait, when do I need to use workflows in my workflow?

There is no single correct answer to this question here.

Because it’s really up to you. That’s when you want to start adding workflows to your business strategy. But we also recommend a few times when you can get started with workflows.

Try to consider the following times:

Your leads refuse to buyList of leads judged by the sales team to be of poor quality Unable to use information from leads to categorize them Proposals and ideas are not entirely based on information information gathered from research on potential customers

4-Steps to create workflow

Identify the work-related parts that need to be done Know the starting and ending points Identify the work that needs to be done in the process Identify the bottlenecks, the points that need to be evaluated and made a decision Determine what data needs to be used to get the job done Identify points to manage and monitor

5-Workflow applications

a/ Workflow on iPhone/iPad

Apple acquired the Workflow app and made it available for free to its users. This is an app that automates almost anything you can do on your iPhone/iPad. At the same time, it helps you to perform tasks on your device extremely easily with just one simple key press.

b/ Microsoft project

This is a professional application for you to plan your work. Microsoft Project is not included with the Microsoft Office suite, so you need to purchase it separately.

This software supports you to create mindmaps (mind maps), workflows to present your ideas and plans in a scientific, logical and most professional manner.

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Microsoft Project illustration

c/ Microsoft Excel

Excel is probably not strange for people who work. With its tabular design, Excel offers a useful solution for you to draw workflows, tasks in order.

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Understanding the importance of Workflow, you will probably want to create a workflow right away so that you can execute your plans and make upcoming plans more effectively.

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