Cloud VPS – What is Cloud Virtual Private Server

?What are the advantages of Cloud VPS you should not ignore Renting Cloud VPS or Cloud Server?

The popularity of Cloud VPS has increased significantly in recent years. More and more organizations, businesses and organizations are choosing to host with Cloud VPS for their servers.

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What is Cloud VPS? The outstanding advantages of VPS virtual server

Cloud VPS provides a virtual private server deployed and developed on the basis of cloud computing technology. Bring more benefits due to users. It is thanks to the inheritance of the advantages of cloud computing technology that ordinary VPSs do not have.

Cloud VPS – What is Cloud Virtual Private Server?

Cloud VPS is a form of virtual private server based on cloud computing, which is allocated separately for each user. Cloud VPS can be shared and used together from one server. Each Cloud VPS is an isolated system, users have the right to manage root, restart the system at any time.

Multi-service website hosting

Forums, e-commerce website systems, websites with high traffic volumes, etc. need a stable server system. Renting Cloud VPS is chosen to save investment costs for management staff, servers, Data Center installation space… and still have powerful server systems.

Help develop the platform

Like the operating system, the application on the operating system. These developments need a centralized place to store data such as transaction history, setup files, software updates, user information, images, etc.

Serving for business email systems

Cloud VPS provides businesses with resources to manage receiving and sending internal emails, ..

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Cloud VPS helps to store data, documents, videos, images, etc. Very suitable for businesses to store data in the system. Especially, data has high capacity at a reasonable cost without using removable storage devices that are difficult to control and easily damaged.

The advantages of Cloud VPS you should not ignore

Cloud VPS is an effective solution to help businesses and organizations do their work faster and have many other advantages compared to regular VPS.

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Easy to manage

When you use Cloud VPS, users can take the initiative in all situations, you are provided with a portal account, full right to start, shut down, backup, and reinstall reasonably on the system.

Cost saving

When using Cloud VPS, you only have to pay the cost for the parameters you use (such as RAM, HDD, capacity, …). Enterprises can upgrade or reduce capacity easily, thus saving service costs.

Safe and secure

Cloud VPS has high safety and security. Traditional VPS is usually deployed on physical servers. If the server has a problem, the VPS will be affected, the risk of equipment damage and data loss is very high.

For Cloud VPSs, any small details in the Cloud system fail. The system will automatically move your Cloud VPS to another space. Thereby ensuring that your information and data are safe and the service of the business is always continuous.

Rent Cloud VPS or Cloud Server?

Cloud VPS

Some features you need to pay attention to when renting a cheap Cloud VPS such as Ping, VPS management system, hard drive recording capacity, etc.

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Ping will be about 70 ~ 90 ms with a normal network connection ping. Check the VPS management system such as CPU, the amount of Mhz on that core, etc. You can avoid waste, make the most of the CPU on the server. If you overuse the system may limit the amount of CPU back to the registered level. Or you can upgrade the VPS package. Check the hard drive write speed, if the time to copy 1G data to the internal hard drive is under Check the server running time continuously (uptime). You should report back to check if the VPS time from the time of delivery to the time of inspection is larger than the uptime. provides quality and highly secure virtual server services

However, Cloud VPS still carries some disadvantages that make users unhappy:

VPS works depending on the server, so it is sometimes unstable. It costs a lot to upgrade more resources, but that resource is also limited and not much. VPS will often hang or even be lost. network at peak hours, the traffic suddenly increases.

Cloud Server

Same as a virtual server, but Cloud Server brings superior benefits over Cloud virtual servers. Cloud Server with cloud computing platform for extremely fast access to unlimited supplies in a physical server like other traditional servers.

Cloud Server resources are stable, not congested, businesses expand, grow, and are convenient to manage. Besides, Cloud Server has extremely high stability on the cloud platform. It works always in a ready state, without fear of congestion or hang-ups.

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Cloud Server is an effective solution, a great strategy in terms of cost, convenience, safety, etc long-term benefits for the business. Contact immediately if you have any questions or need to rent a cloud server.