As one of the largest joint stock commercial banks in Vietnam today, VPBank’s financial growth rate is always high compared to many other banks.

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So what is VPBank bank? Is VPBank good? What products and services does VPBank support?

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?What is VPBank?

According to the latest survey, VPBank now has more than 227 transaction points with more than 27,000 employees and is a partner of many large companies and corporations such as Vinmec, Be Group, Bestlife, FTU, Flywire, Opes.


During its operation, VPBank has always adhered to the core values ​​set forth since its inception, which are:

Customer FocusedEffectivenessAmbitionDevelopment of PeopleReliabilityMake a Difference

In addition, VPBank is constantly striving to improve its organizational structure and operating procedures with the goal of making VPBank the largest joint stock commercial bank in Vietnam today.

Specifically, in 2020, VPBank achieved the goal of Top 5 Private Commercial Joint Stock Banks and Top 3 Top Retail Private Commercial Joint Stock Banks in terms of customer lending scale, customer mobilization and profit.


During its operation, VPBank has achieved many different achievements as well as awards voted by prestigious financial organizations and magazines in the world and in Vietnam.

TOP 3 largest commercial joint stock banks in Vietnam organized and voted by Vietnam Report. VPBank is one of the 4 banks with the highest brand value in Vietnam. This information was voted by the world’s most prestigious brand valuation company in the financial sector – Brand Finance. In 2018, VPBank received 12 consecutive awards for brands, services and products… Reported by Vietnam Report voted. Also in 2018, VPBank entered the Top 10 Largest Private Enterprises in Vietnam. In 2019, The Asian Banker Magazine announced VPBank as the “Best Bank for SMEs” in Vietnam. Also in the year 2019 : VPBank entered the Top 10 prestigious Vietnamese commercial banks in 2019, Top 10 prestigious private commercial joint stock banks.

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Which products – services does VPBank offer


Card products at VPBank

The trend of using cards for payment has taken the throne recently and VPBank is not out of this trend when it continuously launches many card products with many incentives on interest rates and promotions.

No Credit Card Debit Card 1 VPBank Visa Platinum Travel Miles Credit Card VNA – VPBank Platinum MasterCard International Debit Card 2 Mastercard Platinum Cashback Credit Card VPBank Visa Platinum Travel Miles International Debit Card 3 Titanium Cashback Mastercard Debit Card international debit VPBank Cashback Mastercard Debit 4 Credit Card Number 1 Autolink Card T24 Payment Account Link 5 Mastercard MC2 Credit Card mc2 International Debit Card Master Card 6 MobiFone-VPBank Classic MasterCard International Debit Card MasterCard Platinum 7 VPBank StepUP Credit Card 8 VPLady Credit Card 9 MobiFone-VPBank Titanium MasterCard Credit Card 10 VPBank Platinum Mastercard (Loyalty) Credit Card 11 MobiFone-VPBank Platinum MasterCard Credit Card 12 Vietnam Airlines – VPBank Co-branded Card Platinum Master Card

Credit loan products

The products of unsecured loans and mortgage loans at VPBank meet the needs of consumers, buying houses and buying real estate of almost all individual and corporate customers.

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Refer to VPBank’s loan products below:

STTV Loans without collateral Loans with secured products 1 Consumer loan Personal unsecured excavator and excavator business loan 2 Unsecured personal loan for business, household business Start-up loan 3 Preferential unsecured loan Teachers Secured consumer loan 4 Beauty and health care unsecured loan Beauty Up Repay the paid amount 5 Extra unsecured loan 10% from an existing mortgage Loan to complete an apartment or real estate Project assets 6 Unsecured loans to customers for salary payment VPBank Overdraft mortgage of online savings books 7 Unsecured loans of existing customers VPBank Business loans on installments 8 Overdrafts with collateral 9 Business loans to supplement working capital level 10 Loans to buy houses and apartments 11 Loans for construction and home repair 12 Loans to buy cars in installments 12 Loans to mortgage GTCG issued by VPBank 12 Loans to finance study abroad

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Personal customer services

Western Union foreign currency payment service through account (APN)Salary payment service through VPBank account.Domestic and international money transfer service.InteBanking and interbank money transfer service. foreign currency exchange service.Foreign currency verification serviceCounting service.

Saving products

Savings packages at VPBank with many preferential interest rates as well as various forms:

Saving Wealth Prosperous Savings Phat Loc Prosperous Savings An Prosperity Savings Savings Guaranteed Overdraft Savings Bao Toan Prosperity Savings with flexible installments (Easy Savings) Savings that usually pay interest at the end of the period Savings with periodic interestSaves with interest payments in advanceSave online

Other products and services

No. Insurance E-Banking Service Account 1 CARDER SECURITY INSURANCE – Insurance product exclusively for Credit Cardholders VPBank Online Payment account 2 VP PLUS CARE – Health insurance product linked between VPBank and VBI VPBank Mobile Current account 3 SmartLIFE – Lifetime Critical Illness Insurance VPBank SMS 4 VP Gold Care – Premium Health Insurance Package VPBank ePay 5 smartPLAN – Joint Insurance with superior benefits VPBank BankPlus 6 Insurance service with credit card 7 VP Master Care – Comprehensive and preeminent insurance 8 Women care insurance – VP LADY CARE 9 Business loan to supplement working capital with limit 10

Is VPBank good

?With such achievements, is VPBank good? Is it reputable? Obviously the answer is yes.

With a wide range of products and services, VPBank always receives many positive feedbacks from customers and partners.

Besides, VPBank also focuses on investing in people and technology with the desire to increasingly bring the best services to customers.


If you have a need to go to a VPBank branch or transaction office to make a transaction, it is very necessary to know the address of the branch system – VPBank transaction office.

Besides, knowing VPBank’s working hours is equally important:

Morning: 8am – 12pm Afternoon: 1pm – 5pm

Some VPBank branches in Hanoi are also open for transactions on Saturday morning, but only cash transactions are limited.

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Some typical VPBank branches in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

At Hanoi

District Address Cau Giay District 107 Building D5, Tran Thai Tong Street, Dong Da District M3 – M4 Nguyen Chi Thanh74 Yen Lang, Trung Liet Ward, Ha Dong District 121 – 123 To Hieu Street, Nguyen Trai Ward, Dong Da District 61 Xa Dan292 West Son89 Lang Ha District Hai Ba Trung 362 Hue Street 3rd Floor, Handico Building, No. 34 Tay Ho District 152 Thuy Khue Hoan Kiem District No. 4 Da Tuong 72 Tran Hung Dao No. 20 Lot A1, Le Duc Tho, My Dinh 2 Ward, Hoang Mai District 2nd floor, No. 17 – 19 Kim Dong, Thanh Xuan District 72A Nguyen Trai, Thuong Dinh Ward, Ha Dong District, Rainbow Building, at EIA’s Van Quan, Cau Giay District 299 Cau Giay, 29T1 Building, Hoang Dao Thuy

In Ho Chi Minh

District Address Thu Duc District No. 104 Vo Van Ngan Street, Binh Tho Ward Tan Binh District 112 – 114 – 116 – 118 Ly Thuong Kiet, Ward 8 5th Floor, Scetpa Building, 19a Cong Hoa, Ward 12, District 10 296 3/2 Street , Ward 12, Binh Thanh District No. 151 No Trang Long, Ward 12, District 1 165 – 167 – 169 Ham Nghi, Ward Nguyen Thai Binh2 Ton Duc Thang, Ward Ben Nghe District 5 474A Tran Hung Dao, Ward 2129 Nguyen Chi Thanh District Tan Phu 187 Nguyen Son, Phu Thanh Ward, District 2 278 Tran Nao, Binh An Ward, Go Vap District 2B Quang Trung Street, Ward 3, District 7 85 Hoang Van Thai27 Nguyen Huu Tho, Tan Hung Ward, Phu Nhuan District 296 Phan Xich Long , Ward 7 District 6 120 – 122 Kinh Duong Vuong


What is VPBank Bank? Is it good? The answer has been answered in this article.

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Hopefully, through the article, customers have given themselves the best options when they need to use online loan products and services of VPBank.