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Vietinbank’s products and services

Individual customersCorporate customers

What is Vietinbank

?Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade (English transaction name is: Vietnam Joint stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade), transaction name VietinBank is one of the The largest state-owned commercial bank in Vietnam.

Up to now, Vietinbank’s system of branches and transaction offices has been widely present in 63 provinces and cities nationwide. In which, 1 main transaction office is located in the center of Hanoi, more than 1000 transaction offices and more than 150 other large and small branches are present across the country. With an extensive transaction network, Vietinbank has been bringing the highest convenience to customers.

What is Vietinbank? Is Vietinbank’s banking service reputable?

Is Vietinbank good

?When intending to choose and give full confidence to perform financial transactions at Vietinbank, surely everyone is worried whether Vietinbank is good? This is a reliable place for you to trust to use financial related services. And the examples below will help you get the most correct answer.

With the evaluation and publication of fair ratings from reputable organizations at home and abroad, it is the best proof for everyone about the quality and reputation of Vietinbank. And the convincing evidence above, surely gave you the correct answer, is Vietinbank reputable?

Is Vietinbank good or bad?

Products and services of Vietinbank

Vietinbank’s products and services are banking-related services, innovative and innovative financial products, etc. The target group of individual and institutional customers is provided with products and services. corresponding.

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Individual customers

Issuing a bank card

Currently, Vietinbank offers to individual customers 6 main types of cards:

Domestic debit card: 6 cards (VietinBank E-Partner C-Card, VietinBank E-Partner G-Card, VietinBank E-Partner Pink-Card, VietinBank E-Partner S-Card, VietinBank E-Partner Affiliate, VietinBank E -Partner Vpoint).International Debit Card: 5 cards (Premium Banking International Debit Card, Healthy Living Card, Visa Debit EMV USD, Visa Debit Sakura, Visa Debit Vpoint).Domestic Credit Card: 2 cards (Card) Personal Finance, Domestic Credit Cards Small and Medium Enterprises)International credit cards: 9 cards (VietinBank Cremium JCB, VietinBank Cremium MasterCard, VietinBank Cremium Visa, Premium Banking International Credit Card, VietinBank Cremium Visa Platinum, Visa Signature Card, Corporate Card – Diners Club Corporate Card, Visa Corporate Credit Card, Visa Credit SME Corporate Credit Card. Co-branded Cards: 5 cards (VietinBank JCB Vietnam Airlines International Credit Card, VietinBank JCB Card Ultimate Vietnam Airlines, Vpoint Card, Vietravel Card, Visa payWave Saigon Co.op Card).Prepaid Card: 1 card (Gift Card).

Vietinbank bank cards are diversified to bring the most convenience to domestic and foreign customers.

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Vietinbank issues domestic and international debit and credit cards Savings service

Extremely flexible in savings deposit products, Vietinbank offers many deposit packages with extremely attractive interest rates. Each savings deposit package will have different interest rates.

Term / demand / multi-term savings. Preferential exchange rate deposits. Accumulate savings. Online savings. Loan services

At Vietinbank, lending services for individual customers are divided into 2 main groups:

Consumer loans: Buying, building, repairing houses and receiving residential land use rights, loans to buy project houses, car loans, study abroad loans, unsecured loans, loans to issue personal financial cards… Loans Production and business: Small business production, agricultural and rural development, trading at markets, buying cars, borrowing restaurants and hotels, etc.

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In addition, Vietinbank also provides services on insurance, remittance, electronic banking… to best meet the needs of customers.

Corporate customers

Bank depositors

At Vietinbank, deposit services for corporate customers are extremely diverse.

Demand deposit on checking account.Multipurpose investment deposit.Margin deposit.Regular term deposit.Automatic term deposit.Corporate loan service

Both domestic and international businesses are fully supported by Vietinbank to lend when they meet the prescribed conditions.

Specialized loans (Car loan, car dealership). International credit program to promote foreign trade. Short/medium and long-term loans.International payment and financing services commerce Products and services for export/import businesses bar Accounting and cash flow management Supporting businesses to manage accounts payable (insurance, bills, paying to the state budget, etc.). aviation/hospital fees, finance…) Cash flow management services (Centralized capital management, automatic money management).Foreign currency trading and capital market services Foreign currency trading, professional consulting.Business foreign currencies and interest rate derivatives.

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Above is general information about Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade Vietinbank, the products that this bank provides. Along with that, there are very convincing evidences so that customers can trust and choose Vietinbank as the place to conduct financial transactions. From now on, when there is a need to use banking and financial services, there is no need to hesitate anymore because Vietinbank is the reputable bank address that you should choose.