In this day and age, there are dozens of different large and small banks sprouting up like mushrooms, competing fiercely to provide their products and services. And you are wondering whether to choose a good bank to make a transaction. The following article is Vietinbank which bank? What Is An Abbreviation, Whose It Is, Is It Good? will provide you with some information about this bank for your reference.

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Development orientation of Vietinbank

4 What are Vietinbank’s main products and services?

Which bank is Vietinbank

?This bank also has a registered English name: VietNam Joint Stock Commercial Bank For Industry And Trade and it is also the first bank of our country to open a branch in Europe. is considered as a step to bring Vietnam’s financial industry to integrate with regional and world markets.

Which Bank is Vietinbank? What Is An Abbreviation, Whose It Is, Is It Good?

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As one of the state-owned banks today, it can be said that Vietinbank is the leader and holds an important position in Vietnam’s banking industry with a network system spread throughout our country including 1 branch and 1 bank. main transactions in the center of Hanoi, 151 other large and small branches and more than 1000 transaction offices.

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Whose bank is Vietinbank

?Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade is part of the system of more than 50 banks present in our country today and is one of the nine banks owned by Vietnam. State in the form of a type of bank in which the state has shares.

Vietinbank is considered as one of the large-scale and widespread banks nationwide as well as reaching out to the world. equally important for socioeconomic development.

Development orientation of Vietinbank

In order to compete and develop or survive in this thorny market, it requires banks to have a clear direction, to build a suitable direction for themselves and Vietinbank is doing this very well.

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Building short-term goals

This is the basic goal to maintain a reasonable growth rate and long-term development in the future. First of all, priority should be given to improving service quality, which is increasingly demanding more and more stringent requirements from customers, promoting bad debt recovery, debt handling risks, developing infrastructure, modernizing information technology, etc. information, improve income structure, synchronize measures to increase financial capacity.

Building medium-long term goals

Vietinbank always wants to prove itself as the number 1 bank in the current Vietnamese banking system chain. To do this, Vietinbank orients its development in the direction of providing modern and convenient financial and banking services that meet international standards.

Vietinbank’s strategic focus in the next phase is: Continuing to promote effective and sustainable growth, automating services with high utilities based on current developed technology. Improve financial capacity and improve labor productivity and effective management of operating costs.

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Building sustainable development goals

Vietinbank’s long-term goal is to become a leading bank in all aspects of the banking system in Vietnam, worthy of the region, and a modern and versatile bank in accordance with international ISO standards.

In setting this sustainable development goal, Vietinbank cannot forget to develop criteria for performing well its obligations to the community, implementing projects and social welfare works that the State has proposed and implemented. It is true to the business philosophy of “enhancing the value of life”.

Which bank is VietinBank, whose bank is it, is it good?

What are Vietinbank’s main products and services?

Like most other banks, Vietinbank is currently providing a full range of products and services to meet everyone’s needs.

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Saving money service:

Savings without termSavings with regular termSaves for children

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Lending Services

Housing loans Car loans – Buy cars on installments Loans for production and business Holding a savings book

Card issuing service

ATM automatic withdrawal card Premium Banking international debit card Premium Banking international credit card Visa Signature international credit card

Life insurance services

Prosperity An Khang Phat good fortune Insurance for fatal diseasesInsurance for death and permanent disability due to accidents

Trading in gold, silver and gems

Gold BarsPremium JewelryPremium PensPremium Gold Plated Gifts

Other products and services such as:

Money Transfer ServiceRemittancesFor Rent Safes and CabinetsFinancial RentalVietinBank Securities

VietinBank’s promotion

?To prove the No. 1 position in the banking service industry and to further affirm it With its prestige and quality as well as great incentives for customers, VietinBank always offers large and small promotions depending on the time and cohesive events of the year to bring you the best service. most loving and caring. Promotions that VietinBank has been applying today are as follows:

VietinBank will add 1% deposit interest rate for customers who buy Aviva insurance Enjoy free golf with VietinBank Visa Signature card Great deals when booking flights on VietinBank Ipay Mobile app Free resort with NAPAS domestic debit card with ICB to hunt for good deals, visit JapanEnjoy shopping with VietinBank at Lazada Offer to book through AGODA when traveling

Those are extremely attractive and special promotions that VietinBank brings to its loyal customers.

Achievements VietinBank achieved

After more than 30 years of establishment and development, VietinBank constantly strives to change to prove itself and its achievements are obvious for that effort:

As a bank that makes a great contribution to the state budget thanks to high and stable business growth. It is a pioneer in the comprehensive transformation to a modern multi-purpose commercial bank successful in equitization and improving financial capacity thanks to the selection of foreign strategic shareholders, strongly promoting international business cooperation VietinBank is also a successful integrated commercial bank in the financial market VietinBank is also a bank with a professional working environment to contribute to the effective promotion of high-quality human resources. The bank that applies modern technology to the international market thanks to its bold and right directions. the provision of leading products and services in our country. Is a bank that well implements the government’s policy on social security today.

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Is VietinBank any good

?With extremely rich products and services at the same time, the quality of service is always reputable and accompanied by attractive special promotions, it can be said that VietinBank is the leading bank in Vietnam at the moment.

VietinBank always takes customers as the center for customers

activities and is always committed to providing customers with the best products and services. This bank strives to achieve the goal of perfection as possible in order to best meet the needs of customers.

Having a system network covering all parts of the country with 1 central transaction office, 151 large and small branches and more than 1000 transaction offices, this helps VietinBank always meet all customers’ needs and become a leading bank in Vietnam. among the 5 largest state-owned banks in Vietnam today.

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We hope that the article Vietinbank is Which Bank? What Is An Abbreviation, Whose It Is, Is It Good? will assist in providing all the information you need about Vietinbank so that you can make a decision to choose the right bank according to your service requirements in a forest of banks today.