Currently, the domestic and international economy is growing, so there are many banks springing up like mushrooms after the rain. In addition to famous banks such as Agribank, BIDV, etc. with many attractive policies and incentives, there are also some not-so-famous brands and many aggressive advertising programs that also have the same service quality, typically picture is VIB bank.

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What bank is VIB?

VIB Bank stands for Vietnam International Commercial Joint Stock Bank or International Bank. Officially established on September 18, 1996 and headquartered at 16 Phan Chu Trinh, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi.

With a large charter capital as well as a wealth of experience, VIB is one of the banks in Vietnam operating in the field of foreign economic relations such as import-export loans, international payments, etc.

After nearly 24 years of establishment and development, Vietnam International Commercial Joint Stock Bank has become one of the leading banks in Vietnam. With charter capital of 5,644 billion dong, equity of nearly 9,000 billion dong and total assets of 123.2 trillion dong.

About VIB . bank

Currently, VIB is present in almost all parts of the country. In 27 provinces/cities, there are 162 branches and transaction offices. Abundant human resources with more than 5000 staff serving and answering all the needs of customers.

With the basic information given in the article, you probably have the answer to the question: What is VIB, right?

How is VIB’s development

?Since its establishment in 1996, VIB has continuously strived to develop and bring the best services to customers. Until 2010, Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) – one of the leading banks in the world and the number 1 retail bank in Australia with more than 100 years of experience, has become one of the strategic partners. of VIB with a share ownership rate of 15%,

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Only 1 year later, on October 20, 2011, CBA continued to invest VND 1150 billion in VIB, raising the share ownership rate from 15% to 20%. This move helps CBA strengthen its capital base and capital adequacy ratio. Besides, it also helps VIB to expand its operation and business scale.

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Answer the question what bank is VIB?

In 2014, when having stable economic potential, Vietnam International Commercial Joint Stock Bank continued to invest in banking technology infrastructure and risk management.

Is VIB good

?After answering the question: What is VIB? Is it good to invest in VIB bank or VIB bank? This is a question many people ask.

VIB is one of the activities focusing on business reform. With the motto of taking customers as the center, VIB always actively improves service quality and uses innovative solutions as the business motto. So you can completely trust and invest in VIB.

The business strategy that VIB is currently aiming for is to develop the retail banking segment through multiple distribution channels and provide optimal economic solutions to customers. Besides, service quality is also a factor that VIB constantly improves.

Knowing its position, VIB constantly strives to become a bank operating in accordance with international standards, improving its core in all aspects from products to behavior and service attitudes of employees. pellets.

Put your full trust when investing in VIB bank.

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Reference: VIB . switchboard

Hopefully with the above details, customers already know what VIB is. Besides, the article also shared some information about VIB’s business and development goals. Hope you can make the right investment decisions for the future.

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