2. What is Verge (XVG) used for? 4. Verge Exchange Rates and Exchanges 5. What is the future of XVG?

Talking about the virtual currency world, how many types do you know? Today, let’s learn about Verge (XVG) together.

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5. What is the future of XVG?

The goal of the Dev team is very ambitious. It is to bring transactions on Blockchain closer to everyone.

According to Verge (XVG) their solution is suitable for both individuals and businesses that need to receive and send money.

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Where is Verge mining

?Verge can be mined on many different pools. Available on vergecurrency.com website. Many people did a lot of mining when the mining rewards were high. In fact, sometimes the price is too cheap to be ignored. You should use the most up-to-date algorithms. You can choose your preferred algo. Likewise, you will get block time and reward number.

6. Should you invest in Verge

In the crypto world, anonymity and privacy are major issues that are increasingly taken into account, coins that focus on high anonymity. As Verge has great potential for development in the future, there are some rival coins of Verge that are also anonymous such as Dash, Monero, Zcash, etc. These are all big, old coins. Although, “late birth”, but Verge still asserted its position and received a lot of support from the community.

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Verge coin is enjoyed by both traders and holders, as it is suitable for both surfing and long-term holding, XVG coin started to emerge from the end of 2017 when the crypto market witnessed the strongest pump in history. Bitcoin price reached a peak of 20k USD, the price of XVG at that time also increased dramatically, although the price has decreased significantly at the moment, but XVG still holds the position in the top 50 coins with the largest market capitalization in the world. CoinMarketCap, which shows that it is still a coin worth holding and potential.

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