Unisex style is a huge achievement in the field of fashion. So what is Unisex fashion? Let’s find out with Minh Thu Fashion.

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Fashion trends are constantly changing over time. Most of them emerge and are short-lived. After that, it was quickly forgotten, giving way to more novel fashion movements. However, there are still fashion styles that have made a big impact on the dressing habits of the masses. And they still exist and continue to evolve despite many other fashion trends that have fallen into the past.

Unisex is a very influential fashion style

Marlon Brando is a prime example of this. During the 50s of the 20th century. T-shirts and comfortable jeans quickly created a new fashion wave. Although the fashion trend right now is classic, rigid suits. And to this day, that trend is still the choice of many fashionistas.

In the 21st century, we see an explosion of Unisex (non-gender) fashion. This trend is strongly supported by the gender equality message it brings. The following article will give you the most accurate view of what Unisex fashion is. At the same time, tell you some “cool” ways to mix-match in this style.


Popular Unisex Fashion Items

How to coordinate Unisex clothes for womenHow to coordinate Unisex clothes for men

What is Unisex?

Although it is not a strange term, there are still many people who do not really understand what Unisex means? Unisex is also known as non-gender. This is a word used to describe how to coordinate clothes and accessories suitable for both men and women.

Unisex is a genderless fashion style, for both men and women

What is Unisex style? Unisex style is a neutral style for both men and women. It has been and is spreading all over the world, including Vietnam. The keywords “what is unisex clothing”, “what is unisex product” or “what is unisex style” are always mentioned frequently and attract a lot of attention on fashion forums, proving the attraction of the trend this direction.

Girls will no longer be constrained by dresses or high heels. Which can comfortably wear strong costumes full of personality. Or the boys will not be judged by the slightly feminine Outfits. That’s how Unisex fashion is changing the “prejudice” about the difference in clothing styles between men and women. This has contributed to support the fight against gender inequality.

Popular Unisex Fashion Items

Throughout the years, Unisex fashion has constantly changed to meet the development of the times. New designs are released continuously to satisfy the fashion needs of consumers.

If you think that Unisex fashion is women wearing men’s clothes or vice versa. That’s because you don’t understand what Form Unisex is. Unisex clothing is usually loose or oversized. It brings comfort to the wearer. Although the design is quite simple, Unisex fashion has a unique and extremely eye-catching feature. They give the wearer a dynamic and personal look.

Unisex fashion is extremely diverse with many different items

In addition, tight items are also popular for men’s fashion. And the wide shirt styles originally for men are also modified to suit the body shape of girls. If you are looking to learn what Unisex clothing is. Please refer to some of the items that Minh Thu Fashion has summarized below:

Unisex Watch

Unisex ShoesUnisex JacketsUnisex Shirts Unisex ShirtsUnisex JeansUnisex ShortsUnisex JoggersUnisex Baggy Pants

Unisex watches

Different from large-sized watches for men or sophisticated details for women. Unisex watches are always aimed at minimalist designs, to be suitable when worn on both men and women’s hands. Unisex style watches are the perfect choice for couples who want to shop for a couple watch.

Unisex watches are a couple item that many people choose

If the models of double watches are often less diverse in models. Then Unisex watches will give you more beautiful and fashionable choices. Moreover, there will not be too much difference between two watches in the same pair.

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Unisex Shoes

What are Unisex Shoes? This is an extremely “hot” and popular accessory for families, friends, and couples. Whether it’s sports shoes, sneakers or simple sandals. Unisex fashion always gives you many great choices.

Unisex shoes are an extremely “hot” item and are sought after by many people

Unisex Jacket

What is Unisex Shirt? With the increasing demand for non-gendered clothes, the shirt models are also extremely diverse. Unisex t-shirts will be an item that is undisputed in popularity. And of course, Unisex jackets are also one of them.

Jacket is one of the most popular Unisex jackets today

Day Nowadays, you can easily find yourself a cheap, high-quality men’s jacket with Unisex style at many Clothing Shops. T-shirts like Jackets always receive a lot of favor from users. However, there is a small note about Unisex jackets you should pay attention to. The size of the shirt is often confusing when seen with the naked eye. Therefore, you should try it on before deciding to buy.

Unisex shirt

Shirts are popular clothing, appearing in many people’s wardrobes. This costume is often very diverse in color, design and material.

Unisex shirts are extremely popular items for followers of gender-neutral fashion

This item is quite simple but still very “Trendy”. Very easy to wear, comfortable and not too fussy. Jeans combined with Unisex shirt promises to be a very “matching” duo, giving you a very unique and trendy look.

Unisex Hoodie

Referring to Unisex fashion style, it would be remiss to ignore Hoodie Item. The Unisex Hoodie is designed to fit everyone. You can wear them as a jacket to keep warm. Or replace as a dynamic t-shirt. Depending on the thickness of the shirt, you can wear a Unisex Hoodie all seasons of the year if you master a few rules. You can refer to how to wear a hoodie on a hot summer day here

Unisex Hoodie is an outstanding item in the genderless fashion trend

Unisex Jeans

When you search for the concept of Unisex pants, you will see a lot of different results. And one of the most popular items is Unisex Jeans.

With personality and dynamic characteristics, Unisex Jeans are the first choice of many followers pursuing non-gender fashion. Besides, this item is very suitable for many different mix-match styles. From shirts, Oversize T-shirts, Hoodies to tank tops, all can be combined well with men’s jeans with straight tubes, vertical tubes, tapered tubes… Unisex style

Unisex Shorts

Instead of being constrained by long pants. Unisex Shorts are the perfect alternative. Especially in the summer or when going out. However, unlike jeans, shorts cause many difficulties in coordinating clothes. If you do not know how to mix-match properly, you will become less stylish and sloppy in the eyes of others.

Unisex Jogger Pants

Unisex Jogger pants are very “popular” with young people with active style

If you love the minimalist style but still personality. Jogger Unisex pants with neutral colors will be the Item that should be in your wardrobe. Not only aesthetic, Jogger pants also bring comfort and confidence to active young people.

Unisex Baggy Pants

Baggy Unisex pants are a “hot” trend that is actively sought by young people in recent times. This is an item with a wide design at the hips and thighs, a low crotch and a loose thigh part and gradually narrows towards the ankle. With a moderate width and length, not too tight, made from a variety of materials such as Jeans, Khaki, umbrellas… Baggy Unisex pants can be worn in any season and are suitable for those who exercise a lot.

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How to coordinate Unisex clothes for women

For those of you who want to break away from the feminine style with the usual skirts. Then Unisex fashion is a great way for you to “change the wind” for your look. You can try applying some of the Unisex combinations that Minh Thu Fashion suggests right below:

How to coordinate with Unisex t-shirt

Coordinate with women’s hoodie Mix-match with Jogger pants Youthful and playful Unisex with Jeans bibs

How to coordinate with Unisex t-shirts

What is Unisex T-shirt? Unisex t-shirt is a very popular item and easy to coordinate with a variety of different outfits.

Unisex t-shirt mixed with Jeans, Baggy pants… is a popular way of dressing for girls

It can be affirmed that the T-shirt is the first outfit that anyone thinks of when mixing Unisex style clothes. Women can easily coordinate simple or eye-catching T-shirts with many different styles.

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Shorts: Shorts and T-shirts are always a “couple” that wins the hearts of many girls because of the dynamism and personality they bring. Besides the usual way to coordinate with Short Jeans. You can also try combining with other materials such as soft fabric shorts or khaki.

– Skirts: This is an extremely delicate mix-match and never goes out of fashion. If you want to be more charming, try combining a t-shirt with a knee-length skirt!

– Jeans, Baggy pants, Culottes pants: This combination is a trend that has existed for decades. However, today, it is still loved by many young people and has never lost its “hot” level. You can also use some accessories such as crossbody bags, hats, belts… to transform the multi-color style from dynamic to classic and liberal.

Outfits with women’s hoodies

– Unisex Hoodie combined with Skinny Jeans or long skirts can create excellent beautiful sets.

If want to pursue a more dusty style. You can replace the Oversize T-shirt with a Unisex Hoodie.

Besides, women should also pay attention when choosing to buy this item. Should choose a shirt with light material and moderate width, so you will look neater and more attractive.

Some outfits that women can combine with Hoodies:

– Skinny Jeans: Hoodie and Skinny Jeans are considered the “golden duo”. A Hoodie combined with a Skinny Jeans accompanied by a pair of Converse will be a simple but still extremely “quality” outfit. Bringing you a dynamic, youthful beauty suitable for both going out and going to school.

– Long skirts: For those with a slightly chubby body, the Hoodie + long skirt duo will help conceal the body defects perfectly. This set of clothes is both discreet and charming as well as charming.

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Very nice way to coordinate school clothes for middle school and high school girls

Mix-match with Jogger pants

Jogger Unisex pants have the end of the elastic pants to tuck, creating a comfortable and neat feeling when moving. This is also an item that helps her to show off her ways and attract as much as men. Women who love Jogger pants have a strong and dynamic personality.

Unisex Jogger pants can be combined with some other items such as:

– Tanktop shirt: Tanktop shirt and Jogger pants are a pair of matching cards, combined with each other extremely well. Dates with friends or walking on the street, this outfit is always the first choice of girls with strong personalities.

– Combine with a shirt, Vest, or Blazer: This mix-match is quite fancy, but you will be surprised with the look that this combination brings. This is a suitable arrangement for office people. You will look more elegant and mature.

Youthful and mischievous Unisex with Jeans bibs

Unisex Jeans combined with Sweater gives her a youthful and dynamic look

What is Unisex Fashion? It is the arrangement that does not follow any old rules, or certain frameworks. Many people think that Unisex style must be unique, strong personality in the style of “BoyFriend”. But actually not so, Unisex also has lovely features that are very suitable for girls.

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Jeans overalls are proof of this. Combined with a T-shirt or a Unisex Sweater will create a youthful and energetic look for you.

How to coordinate Unisex clothes for men

Unisex fashion has always received a lot of attention from men. However, not everyone knows how to coordinate Unisex clothes for men. Here are some ways to mix-match the perfect Unisex outfit for men that you can refer to:

How to coordinate Unisex clothes for men with shirts

Varieties with Unisex t-shirts for menHow to mix and match Unisex clothes for men with shirtsCoordinate with Unisex shorts for men How to mix and match Unisex style clothes for men with Jogger pants “Extreme” unisex style for men with graphics

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Reflective T-shirts and super cool outfits for young people

How to coordinate Unisex clothes for men with a shirt

Shirts are a common item in men’s wardrobes. From simple, elegant to unique, sophisticated Unisex shirts can be met.

Shirt combined with Sweater creates an extremely impressive Unisex fashion style for men

To refresh this quite familiar Item. Men can wear a shirt with a sweater, Hoodie or Polo shirt to make the overall Outfit more impressive.

Various variations with Unisex t-shirts for men

Just like how to coordinate Unisex clothes for women. T-shirt is a very common combination and very popular with men. The way to mix-match with men’s short-sleeved T-shirts, Unisex style wide form is also extremely diverse. From jeans, shorts to khaki or jogger pants, all can be combined with a t-shirt. Attaching some accessories such as watches, bracelets will create more highlight and attraction for the outfit.

Because it is a “easy” item, men can freely combine and create diverse male Unisex styles.

Coordinate with Unisex Shorts for men

This is a suitable outfit for men who love Unisex style and are planning to go out or travel. However, when coordinating with shorts. You need to pay more attention in choosing matching outfits. Otherwise, it will make you sloppy in the eyes of the opposite person.

Unisex Shorts can be combined perfectly with long sleeves

A good tip for men is that long-sleeved shirt is very suitable to mix with Unisex Shorts! And pay attention to the color when combining these 2 items, you should choose two opposing colors to create more accents and impressions.

How to coordinate Unisex style clothes for men with Jogger pants

Black Jogger pants combined with a T-shirt of the same color will give you a strong but equally sophisticated look. In addition, guys can also combine a variety of accessories such as glasses, hats, bags… to create unique styles.

The idea of ​​​​using Jogger pants to coordinate clothes Most male friends use it widely because it is both healthy and dusty and shows both Unisex features.

Unisex style “extreme” for men with textures

The best way to mix-match with a textured shirt but still full of masculinity

A patterned shirt combined with an inner t-shirt, plus a pair of jeans is enough to create a perfect Unisex Set. If you are worried that the gentle textures will lose the masculinity. Combine with a shirt in a dark color to create contrast.

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At this point, you must have understood what Unisex is? Unique Unisex outfit for both men and women. Hope with the sharing of Minh Thu Fashion. You will be more confident when renewing yourself with Unisex fashion style.