What is USP? – As a marketer or administrator, you need to understand the concept of this term to find the USP of your business. Let’s MarketingAI decipher what the USP is and the prominent USPs of the brands in the article below:

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What is USP?

USP stands for the first 3 letters of Unique Selling Point, which can be translated as unique selling point. USP is a factor that differentiates your product or service from your competitors, such as lowest cost, highest quality, first in the market, or some other differentiator.

Good USPs have a unique quality and can explain how that quality will benefit a customer, all with a few words that carry a memorable message. Many companies past and present use USP as their tagline, so that they can convey them to as many potential customers as possible.

USP can be thought of as “what you have that your competitors don’t.” Using the USP is a great marketing tool to position your business and sell your products.

What is the role of the USP?

A clear USP can be an effective tool to help you shape and focus on your marketing goals to successfully establish your brand and product. USP strives to convey unique benefits to the average consumer, and is an integral part of a company’s branding strategy, making campaigns memorable and creating a positive impression in the eyes of people. consumption.

You know what can differentiate your products and business from your competitors, but if you don’t clearly communicate it to your potential customers through all the marketing assets you create, that’s not enough. won’t make a difference. That’s why businesses need to define their USP – that is, define their unique point of difference.

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How to develop a unique and powerful USP?

Remember that the USP is not a tagline but a good tagline summarizes the entire USP fully in one sentence to make it impactful and digestible.

What is the way to develop the unique and powerful of USP (Image: Aimhigherafrica)

The purpose of the USP is to answer one question: “Why should a potential customer buy from you?”. A successful USP can be just a few words (like a slogan) or a paragraph. Word count doesn’t matter, as long as you capture and articulate your promise to your customers, setting you apart and creating desire.

Defining your USP starts with market research. The first step to establishing a strong connection with customers is to learn what drives their purchasing decisions and what interests them. There are various selling features, such as convenience, quality, friendliness, reliability, cleanliness, customer service, etc., that can influence a customer’s decision and entice them to come back. return.

You must do market research to find out why your current customers are choosing your brand over the competition among other brands. If you’re just starting out and don’t have a client that can give you such a view, research your competitors and look for areas where you can improve and innovate. Understanding what makes your company special in the first place will help you grow faster. More customers will buy from you and achieve better brand recall.

USPs are generally grouped into the following categories: price, quality, service, speed, choice, convenience, assurance, customization, uniqueness, and specialization. Choose the one that will be the core of your promise and work from there.

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To crystallize and communicate your unique strengths, ask and answer the following questions:

What makes your product/service special? What does your product have but competitors don’t? Is that difference easy to duplicate? This power can be communicated easily. easy?

Featured USPs of brands

M & Ms: “Milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand”

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Here’s an example of how a quirky USP can capture a customer’s interest. Who would think of making a USP on the fact that your product doesn’t melt when you hold it? M&Ms did just that. This USP shows that, as long as a benefit makes sense to the prospect, it will work. In this case, the fact that the M&M candy shell keeps the chocolate inside from oozing out and dirtying your hands is a definite advantage for the customer.

Domino’s Pizza: “You get your hot pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less, otherwise you get it for free”

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This tagline is really too long to be catchy but it’s still a great USP because it shows a clear reassurance. The terms of the deal set out to specifically Domino’s Pizza are about delivery and commitment to hot pizza quality. This USP helped make the pizzeria successful however, sadly, Domino’s no longer uses this tagline or offers this agreement as it resulted in a series of car accidents while driving delivery.

DeBeers: “Diamonds are forever”

There’s a reason this tagline has been around since 1948 and is still in use today. The tagline indicates that a diamond, which is virtually unbreakable, will last forever and thus it symbolizes undying and eternal love. As a result, diamonds become the almost 100% perfect choice for engagement rings.

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It’s no surprise that Advertising Age magazine named it the best advertising slogan of the 20th century. It contained the perfect USP for DeBeers and helped it impress its customers. row.

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USP (Unique Selling Point) is a unique selling feature. USP is considered as a way for a business to stand out among thousands of other competitors. Businesses need to focus on finding unique USP by creating unique business value to get a great Marketing advantage.

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