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Insurance is one of the hottest majors today. For those of you who are working in this field, you will come into contact with many different audiences, including foreigners. To communicate well with foreigners, requires you to have basic insurance specialized English vocabulary. In the hope of helping you do this job well, below TuhocIELTS will present the most basic and most common Insurance vocabulary in English. Let’s watch together!


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Absolute assignment: Full assignment Accelerated death benefit rider: Separate provision for advance payment of insurance benefitsAccidental death and dismemberment rider: Separate provision for accidental death and total permanent disabilityAccidental death benefit: Additional insurance benefits when the insurer dies due to an accidentAccumulated value: Accumulated valueAccumulation at interest dividend option: Choice of accumulating dividendsAccumulation period: Accumulation periodAccumulation units: Accumulating unitsActivity at work provosion: Working termsActivities of daily living: Daily activitiesActuaries: Actuaries AD & D Rider (acidental death and dismemeberment rider): Separate provision for accidental death and total lossAdditional insured rider: Additional separate terms insurance dividend option: Select choose to use dividends to buy term insuranceAdjustable life insurance:Adjustable life insurance act: Management service contractAdverse seletion antiselection: Adverse selection (adverse selection)Aggregate stop loss coverage: Coverage over total compensationAleatory contract Chance contractAllowable expensive: Ask for a reasonable feeAnnual return: Annual revenueAnnual statement: Annual reportAnnual renewable beneficiary term (ART) insurance annual renewable term insurance of annuity annuity certain: Term of annuity guaranteed annuity annuity date: start date of annuity paymentAnnunity mortality rates: Annuity mortality units: Annuity unitsAntiselection: Adverse selection (selection) adverse selection)APL provision automatic premium loan provision: Terms of automatic premium loanApplicant: The claimant

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Assessment method: Valuation methodAssets: AssetAssignee: AssigneeAssignment: AssignmentAssignment provision: Terms of assignmentAssignor: AssignorAttained age: Current ageAttained age conversion: Convert contract according to current ageAutomatic dividend option: Self-selection Automatic premium loan (APL) provision: Automatic premium loan termsBargaining contract: Bargaining contract Basic medical expense coverage: Medical expense coverage Basic economicsBeneficiary: BeneficiaryBenefit period: Beneficiary periodBenefit schdule: Description of insurance benefits Bilateral contract unilateral contract: Bilateral contract, unilateral contractBlended rating: Fixed fee by aggregate methodBlock of policy: Group of contracts uniformBusiness continuation insurance plan: Business interruption insuranceBusiness overhead expense ceverage: Business expense insuranceB Uysell agreement: Calendaryear deductible: Canadian Council of Insurance Regulator: Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators.Canadian life and Health Insurance Association (CCIR): Canadian life and health insurer insurance compensation corporation (CLHIA): Organization to protect the interests of life and health insurance customers CanadaCancellable policy: Cancellable contractCapital: CapitalCapitation: Per capita premiumCase management Case management Cash dividend option: Option Cash surrender value: Cash surrender value: Cash surrender value (refundable) Cash surrender value nonforfeiture option: Option to cancel contract to receive settlement value Cumulative of the contractCede: Concession of reinsuranceCeding company: ceding reinsurance company (original insurer)Certificate holder: Group insured person (in group insurance)Certificate of insurance: Certificate insurance certificate Change of occupation provision: Terms of change of occupationChildren’s insurance rider: Separate terms of insurance for childrenCritical illness coverage (CI): Critical illness insuranceClaim: Claim settlement of insurance benefitsClaim analist: Person settlement of rights Insurance benefitsClaim cost: Expenses for settlement of insurance benefits (in insurance valuation)Claim examiner: Claims settlerClaim specialist: Similar to Claim examinerClass designation: Designate group of beneficiariesClass of policies: Type of policyClosed contract: Closed contract (The type of contract that only includes the terms and conditions in the contract is valid) : Co-death clauseCommunity property state State: (country) under co-ownership regimeCommutative contract: Parity contractCompound interest: Compound interestComprehensive major mediacal policy: Comprehensive medical expense insurance policy ( Concurrent review: Concurrent reviewConditional promise: Conditional renewable policyConservative mortality tableConsideration: NormalConti ngency reserves: Contingent beneficiary: Second row beneficiary.Contingent payee: Next beneficiaryContinuous premium whole life policy: Continuous premium whole life policyContract: ContractContract of adhesion: Fixed contractContract of indemnity: Contract of indemnity.Contractholder: PolicyholderContractual capacity: Legal capacity when signing contractContributory plan: Group insurance plan with co-paymentConversion privilege: Right to convert contractConversion provision: Terms of contract conversionCenvertible term insurance policy: Convertible term insurance Coordination of benefit (COB) provision: Benefit combination term Copayment: CopaymentCorporation: CompanyCost of living adjustment (COLA) benefit active.Credit life insurance: Credit life insuranceCritical illness (CI) coverage: Critical illness insuranceCrosspurchase method: Cross-purchase methodDeclined risk: R Decreasing term life insurance: Term life insurance with decreasing potentialDeductible: Deductible rateDeferred annunity: Postpaid annuityDeferred compensation plan: Deferred profit sharing plan (DPSP): Defined benefit pensionplan defined contribution pension plan

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