According to a spokesman of the Ministry of Public Security, Tuan “Monkey” after committing the crime brought a weapon and many bullets. Tuan has a wide relationship, is familiar with the area and has knowledge of dealing with the police.

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On the afternoon of March 3, at the regular Government press conference, Major General To An Xo (Chief of the Office, spokesman of the Ministry of Public Security) answered a question from about the role of more than 10 people prosecuted in the investigation. Tuan “Monkey” case as well as lessons learned about military weapon management.

According to General To An Xo, right after Le Quoc Tuan committed the crime, the Ministry of Public Security and Ho Chi Minh City Public Security determined that Tuan was a particularly dangerous criminal because he had an AK gun and a large number of bullets. There can also be other types of weapons.

Abandoned house where Le Quoc Tuan hides. Photo: Quynh Danh.

Moreover, Tuan is very knowledgeable about the area, has a wide relationship and is especially reckless. This is also a subject with knowledge of dealing with the police force.

From those observations, the Ministry of Public Security gave a decisive direction to arrest Tuan.

According to General Xo, before committing the crime, Tuan was a police officer, but due to lack of training, lack of discipline, Tuan fell into gambling, which led to the incident.

After this incident, the Ministry of Public Security directed the Ho Chi Minh City Public Security Department to ask the leaders of the District 11 Police to review the management of officers and soldiers and the management of weapons, and to ask the leaders of the Cu Chi police to review the management. geographical location, to occur gambling drive activity.

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As for why Tuan “Monkey” was discovered, General To An Xo explained that the Ministry of Public Security had launched the all-people movement to protect national security, received reports to denounce criminals as well as by other measures. Other operations should have discovered hiding places.

Regarding the origin of the gun Tuan “Monkey” used to commit the crime, a spokesman of the Ministry of Public Security said that according to Pham Thanh Tam’s testimony, the AK Tuan “Monkey” gun used to commit the crime was bought by Tam in Cambodia around approx. August 2019 for 20 million VND.

Regarding the subjects in the case, a spokesman of the Ministry of Public Security said that the Ho Chi Minh City police investigation agency prosecuted 17 defendants for the crimes of illegally possessing and using military weapons; Possessing property acquired by other people who commit crimes; Concealing criminals; Do not report crimes.

“These defendants helped Tuan “Monkey” when he was hiding. Because the special case is still under investigation, the Ministry of Public Security has not announced this list,” said General Xo.

On February 13, police forces discovered Le Quoc Tuan (also known as Tuan “Monkey”, 33 years old) hiding in Tan Hoa hamlet, Tan Hiep commune, Hoc Mon district, so they secretly raided and used special police force to arrest. During the pursuit, Tuan repeatedly fought fiercely and tried to escape, causing the functional forces to shoot and kill.

A day later, Ho Chi Minh City Police prosecuted and detained more than 10 people to investigate the crime of Consuming property acquired by other people and illegally possessing military weapons, related to the case. Tuan “Monkey”.

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Before that, on the afternoon of January 29 (the 5th day of the Lunar New Year of the Rat), Le Quoc Tuan and his cousin Le Quoc Minh (27 years old) rode a motorbike to the gambling ring in the longan garden in Hamlet 5, Tan Thanh Dong Commune, Cu District. Chi, Ho Chi Minh City to play poker.

Leaving after losing the gamble, Tuan then turned to point the AK at the crowd and pulled the trigger.

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When the gamblers ran away, Tuan “Monkey” robbed about 1 billion VND and then fled on his motorbike, leaving the scene of 4 dead and 1 injured.

After that, Tuan ran to give money to Pham Thanh Tam (also known as Ty “Ba Dom”) to keep it and then continued his escape.

Overview of Tuan “Monkey” shooting 6 people, hiding and being killed After Tuan “Monkey” opened fire at a casino in Cu Chi and shot one person on the way to escape, the suspect was killed by the police in the fight. late night raid February 13.