Have you ever heard of Tour operator? If so, do you know what Tour operator is? And let’s go to distinguish between travel agent and tour operator have different similarities. Let’s follow Vissai’s article below:

What is a tour operator?

Tour operator (or it is abbreviated as T.O) is understood as a travel business company, or it is a business unit specializing in the service of arranging individual tours to become a tourism product. Complete calendar to bring to tourists. In other words, T.O is also considered as a type of business that specializes in doing business in the fields of organizing, building, selling, providing and implementing tour programs including packages. 100% for visitors.

Tour Operator is an enterprise that provides tour packages with products and services from A to Z in the field of tourism for tourists

Besides me, what is Tour Operator? This can be understood as an intermediary to arrange the sale of products of other tourism product service providers or implement other general business strategies. From there, it is possible to fully serve the necessary needs of guests from the first stage to the last stage of the trip. TO – or Tour Operator is also a way to call the job of planning and operating a tour. Those who do this TO job must organize and build a program that includes a detailed package tour such as: Booking hotels, homestays on demand, booking transportation, booking taxis, booking restaurants, searching for guides staff, schedule a tour to move from A to Z.

Compare travel agent and tour operator

Surely there will be questions surrounding the difference between a travel agent and a tour operator

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When working in the tourism industry, in addition to basic terms like T.O, there are also some common acronyms that you should also pay attention to when participating in working activities in this field. Popular ones include:

T.A which stands for Travel Agent. This is a word used to refer to an agency that provides intermediary travel packages.

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Some sites like yesgo.vn are also considered as a travel agent that both provides hotel rooms and tours for the whole trip. At the same time, you can also refer to the tour operator of Vissai Hotel when you come to experience Ninh Binh tourism! O.T.A – this is an acronym for the whole phrase Online Travel Agent, is a travel agent dealing in travel products and services: from hotel rooms, tours, airline tickets, bus tickets… through online channels (Online – O). In other words, this is the agent that represents all T.A companies providing the aforementioned services. All processes of making purchases, payments, as well as searching for information are done online through online payment. Very convenient and fast for users.

Tour operator Vietnam

Vietnam tour operators are becoming more and more popular in today’s tourism product service industry. So the reason why the tour operator’s features make it so attractive is:

Wholesale travel agency: selling tours through smaller branches, their retail points or through travel agencies. The great feature of these companies is to offer tours in large quantities and at extremely attractive discounted prices. Retail tour operators: carrying out the sale of these tours will offer them directly to the public. The main products of these retail companies include transportation services, accommodation, meals, and all-inclusive resorts.

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Divided into two basic types

In addition, some other tour operator classifications such as:

T.O’s tourism products T.O’s scope of activities The scale and implementation of T.O’s operating methods T.O’s direct relationship with tourists Regulations on regulations of tourism management agencies

Each country in the world will have a classification to suit the tourism characteristics in that country.

For Vietnam, the scope of activities of this service provider will be based on the basis of this service provider’s operation to classify Tour operators, which will include:

+ Company providing travel services in the international area

+ Business company providing domestic travel services.

Above, Vissai has provided information about what is Tour Operator? Wish customers can choose the most impressive travel combos!