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How to use and distinguish between “During” and “Through” distinguish “During” and “Through”

“During” and “Through” are words we need to distinguish and know how to use by the two This vocabulary is very common in both spoken and written language.


is a preposition used before a noun to say when that happens. It doesn’t tell us how long it’s been going on.

Example: What are you going to do during Christmas?

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(What are you going to do during Christmas?)

It was snowing during the morning.< /p>

(It’s been raining all morning)

I’ll come and visit you during the weekend.

( I’ll come and visit you at the weekend. )

I’ve heard the news about Peter and Ann. They are engaged. I was so excited during our lecture that I was not able to listen.

( I just heard about Peter and Ann. They’re engaged.

Watching: What is Through

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During throughout the lecture I was so excited that I couldn’t hear anything.)


Used to refer to the movement of things from one point to another, only through a crowd (through the crowd), through several towns, through a forest (walk through the wood)

Example: We drove through several towns.

(We went through quite a few towns)

Used to mean “from start to finish”

Example: This is a side road through the field.

(This is a side road that runs through the field)

Refers to family relationships.

Example: We are cousins ​​through our parents.

(We are cousins ​​through our parents)

Used to refer to a period of time.

Example: Monday throughs Saturday.

(Monday to Saturday)

Going through something.

Example: I went through a torture yesterday while I was writing my test. It was so hard!

(I had a stressful test yesterday. It was so hard!)

Used as a preposition.

Example: The dog got out through a hole in the fence.

(The dog ran out of the fence through a hole)

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Also, “through” also used as “because of something/somebody” or “due to”

Example: My wife could not catch her connection flightthroughdelay of her first flight.

(My wife missed her connecting flight because her first flight was delayed)