The Year of the Rat in 2020 is the year of the golden rat, which is a lucky year, everything is favorable, so many people believe that giving birth in 2020 will have a good fortune. However, good fortune or not it depends on many factors such as environment, education, date, month, time of birth… So let’s find out through the following article.

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What year is 2020

What is the fate of 2020

People born in 2020 have an earth destiny. Specifically, Bich Thuong Tho means the land on the wall or the land on the wall. Another name is arched land. The fate of mutual birth is fire and metal. The opposite fate is wood and water.

Born in 2020 destiny

General characteristics of people born in the year of the Rat

The Rat is the leading animal in the 12 animals because of its intelligence and cunningness. Therefore, people born in the year of the Rat are usually very intelligent and agile.

People born in the year of the Rat are always optimistic and happy in the face of all difficulties and challenges in life. They rarely give up, but always try to find ways to fight for their lives to become better.

Rats are quite sensitive, have a rich imagination, and their intuition is very good.

If you have a friend, you will easily feel that they are quite approachable and easy to make friends. Therefore, people of the same age have a lot of friends.

Common characteristics of people born in the year of the Rat in 2020

The psychology and stance of people born in 2020 are very solid. Do not be swayed by the opinions of others. They are honest and very good-natured people. Always like the black and white separation, so for these people, love is love, hate is hate, but there’s no such thing as hating on the inside but still smiling on the outside.

A very principled person. Always adhere to the standards they have set, so sometimes they handle problems quite rigidly. Like to protect and protect the people they love, so they are always ready to sacrifice, ready to help others without any self-interest or calculation.

Those who bear the destiny of the upper earth spade are those who are lucky, enjoy blessings and meet many successes in life.

Men of this age are intelligent, alert, especially very skillful. Quick adaptability. Seeing problems very quickly so they are masters at seizing opportunities. Weakness is sometimes a lack of courage when needed.

Women are usually the traditional type. She is a family woman who loves to take care of her husband and children. They are very hardworking, so the house is always neat and tidy.

General personality of people born in the year of the Rat in 2020

Which month is a good month to be born in 2020

?People born in 2020 have an earth destiny. Therefore, they will have good fortune if they are born in the months: 4, 5, 6 (summer); March, June, 9, 12 (fourth quarter month) corresponds to the prosperity column and general in the following table:

Vuong General Huu Tu Tu’s birth season Spring (January, February, 3) Manh Moc Menh Thuy Menh Kim Men Earth Summer (April, May, June) Destiny of Fire, Destiny of Wood, Men of Water, Men of Metal Autumn (April, May, June) May, July, August, 9) Menh kim, men, men, men, men, men, men, men, men, men, winter (October, November, December) Men of water, men, men, men, men, of men, men of fire, four quarters (March, June, September 12) earth Manh Metal Manh Fire Mand Wood Manh Thuy

If people born in 2020 are born in the summer months and the four quarters corresponding to the prosperity and generals, they will thrive, have a lot of luck and advantages in life. Retirement, imprisonment, and death mean restriction, restraint, decline in destiny, things not going as planned.

Born in the summer month, love will be tumultuous and difficult. Born in the winter month, fate is restrained, facing many difficulties. Born in the spring months are very bad months, in poor health, often suffering from chronic illness, severe, short life.

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Specifically, the personality and life of these people are expressed through the months of birth as follows.

Born in January

Born in the spring period is a person with talent, so he has a full life. Arrogant and conservative personality. Always think that what you do is right, so you often encounter many unsatisfactory things in life. When he was a teenager, he was a bit playful and lazy, so he had to be over 35 years old to achieve many achievements in building a career.

Born in February

His personality is somewhat shy but gentle and courteous, so he can establish a fairly wide relationship. In life, there are many difficulties and worries. Often meet noble people for help.

Born in March

People born in March 2020 are introverted. Being an independent person, he rarely relies on friends. Need to beware of friends harming. People born in this month have lucky numbers.

Born in April

They are the romantic type. In love are often lovers. They often have many friends, many wide relationships in society. Still the usual number of petty people harassing.

Born in May

Having a rich fortune, but enjoying a bit of happiness. A person with a high self-esteem, admired by many people

Born in June

People born in June 2020 are intelligent people. They have good fortune in both fame and career. Life is full of blessings. However, do not do things beyond your ability to easily fail.

Born in July

Being human Introspective, secretive thoughts. Temperament is peaceful but will be extremely strong-willed. Life is blessed with God’s blessings, so in middle age, it will be prosperous and full of life.

Born in August

People born in August 2020 endow them with intelligence and talent. Boys have a number of peach flowers, women are charming and live virtuously. They have a wide relationship and are often the ones who will be successful in life. These people need to learn patience in order to be more successful.

Born in September

Personality is a bit sensitive, lacks confidence in himself. An honest person, always careful in everything. They are independent, self-reliant, self-employed and have the ability to make money very well.

Born in October

An independent person, able to see far and wide. However, before the age of 30, many opportunities are often missed, so the material life is a bit difficult. After the age of 30, things gradually stabilized. Career titles began to have.

Born in November

Canh Ty born in this month is usually an authoritarian, conservative personality. They don’t have many friends, few relationships. However, the life of these people is quite peaceful. The career comes a bit late, but once it has, it is very successful.

Born in December

Those who will have a full, rich and happy life for the rest of their lives. The personality of the year of the pig year 2020 born in December is very enthusiastic and kind. At work they work hard and are always busy.

The year 2020 is born in the summer months and the fourth quarters, the luck will be the best

What is the best date for the year of the pig year 2020 to be born

?Lunar calendar for the year of the pig year 2020

Born on the day of the Rat: the number is ruled by the star of Thien General, so the business is prosperous, the family is asked for help. Lucky numbers, noble people help, so they often overcome difficulties easily. There is an export number.

Born on the Ox day: Have a happy life. Happy family, harmonious husband and wife love each other.

Born on the following day: is a hot-tempered, outspoken person. Careful words should be taken to avoid conflicts and scandals. This day was projected by the Dich Ma star, so the number had to be far away from home, traveling to three different countries.

Born on the day of the crown: Life is blessed, blessed by ancestors. The family is warm and peaceful.

Born on a lucky day: Being ruled by Hoa Cai star, you will be very smart and talented. Has a high pouring capacity.

Born on the moon day: There is a chance to achieve a lot of success in the business field, but be careful, it is easy to waste money. Be careful when traveling.

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Born on the day of the Horse: Often encounters many unlucky things that are detrimental in life. Care should be taken to prevent unexpected accidents.

Born on the day of the smell: Smart, bright. He is a straightforward, honest person, loved by many. You need to pay more attention to your own health. There are numbers engraved children.

Born on the day of the family: Normal life, not much money but comfortable, not afraid of lack. Have a lot of ambitions but don’t try but always settle down. A filial son, always devoted to taking care of his parents.

Born on the day of the rooster: Good fortune, good fortune. Need to be careful in social relationships due to being misunderstood by others

Born on the day of the pig: An independent person. Not good at communicating with people. Often unlucky in love. Married life is prone to conflict and discord.

Born on a pig day: Life is difficult, not as expected. Or have a lot of trouble. It takes a lot of will and determination to get what you want.

Which lunar date of birth is good for the year of the pig year 2020?

Good time of birth for the year of the pig year 2020

From 23 to 1 o’clock (hour of the Rat): Fame, favorable career, good luck. In love, if you get married late, it will be detrimental to the children’s path.

From 1 to 3 o’clock (Ox time): Born in 2020, but born in Ox time, is a talented person but has few friends. Some have to go far. Life is often unlucky, often encountering legal problems such as lawsuits and disputes. Women born at this time will be better. Men are not suitable.

From 3 to 5 o’clock (times gradually): Have a brilliantly successful career. Build tall houses. There are noble people to help solve bad things. This time is suitable for men, not suitable for women.

From 5 to 7 am (Horse time): A brave and courageous person. In life, people are always respected and respected. Career is only at a relatively low level of development.

From 7 to 9 am (time): The will to establish, the school is not stable, often lacks consistency in all matters. Life has to be far away from the country, but everything is quite favorable, enjoying happiness.

From 9am to 11am (tick time): The number is hard, or you have to travel a lot. Life is less fortunate, it is necessary to prevent failure in career and in other problems. Thoughts and actions often don’t go together. Think one thing but do another.

From 11 am to 13 pm (lunch time): Have some leisure, meet good fortune. However, you need to be careful in your words because it is easy to be lied to, to be falsely accused.

From 13:00 to 15:00 (smell time): Canh Ty 2020 born at the time of smell is a smart and agile person. Life is just average. Fame and career sometimes succeed, sometimes fail.

From 3pm to 5pm (closer time): The fate of people born in this year 2020 born at this time pretty good. Everything is favorable, although there are times when there will be a deadline that causes property damage, but they will quickly overcome it and still maintain their reputation and career until the end of their lives.

From 5 pm to 7 pm (Rooster time): Life is full, family is happy, children are crowded. There is a lucky number, but you need to be careful to avoid accidents related to water problems.

From 19 to 9 pm (dog time): People born in 2020 born in the year of the dog are often unlucky in life. In communication, you should be patient and careful with your words.

From 9pm to 11pm (Horse time): A person with authority, but having a relationship with people around is often not very good. Accidents and problems related to poisoning should be taken into account.

Color suitable for the age of 2020

Color of mutual birth (fire fate): Red, pink, orange, find. Destiny color (destiny earth): earth color and dark yellow.

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Contrasting colors: Black, navy blue (due to earth carving), green, banana green (onion).

Mix red, pink, orange, find, earth color and dark yellow

Modern bedroom interior design for people born in the year 2020

In the bedroom, the direction of the bed in accordance with feng shui will bring health and peace to the homeowner, so for the earth man, you should place the bed in the northeast, south, and southwest direction. These are 3 very good mutualistic directions.

Should choose the right color for the interior perspective for the bedroom of the earth man. Specifically, choose the color of destiny or the color of life with a specific destiny, purple, pink, red (the color of life) or yellow, yellow or brown (the color of destiny).

Purple dreamy, extremely beautiful and delicate

Brown is the color that brings luck and money

What age is the year of the pig suitable for in business

?Male network

Suitable age: Tan Suu (2021), Giap Thin (2024), Dinh Co (2027).

Horse age: Human gradually (2022), Quy Mao (2023), Mau Tuat (2018), Giap gradually (1974-2034), At Mao (1975-2035), Binh Than (2016)

Female network

Suitable age: Tan Suu (2021), Giap Thin (2024), Dinh Co (2027).

Horse age: Human gradually (2022), Quy Mao (2023), Mau Tuat (2018), Giap gradually (1974-2034), At Mao (1975-2035), Binh Than (2016).

Which direction is suitable for the Southern Canh Ty 2020

?For the male Canh Ty, you belong to the Doai sign corresponding to the West Tu Trach. You belong to the Earth par, the year of the Kim element. You will fit in 4 directions including Northwest, Northeast, Southwest and West. Specifically, the meanings of these directions are as follows:

West (Destiny): This direction brings good progress in study and work. When choosing this direction for children in the family, the West direction will maximize its use. Children’s learning will continue to improve. Children are smart, bright and quick to learn.

The inappropriate directions should be avoided when doing construction is the East, Southeast, North and South directions.

North direction (Disaster): The direction of the house is not good for the owner of the Canh Ty 2020 which brings unlucky things and gets entangled in unnecessary markets. For these bad directions, you should arrange for the bathroom to turn into good luck for family members. South direction (Ngu Quy): this is considered the second bad house direction that people born in the year of the Rat should. grip to choose a more suitable house direction.

Which direction is the female Canh Ty 2020 suitable for

?For the female Canh Ty 2020 it is necessary to pay attention to 4 good directions after choosing the direction for the project to be constructed. That good direction includes the following directions:

West direction (Dien Nien): the direction of the house brings a lot of fortune to the owner and family members. Female Canh Ty can apply this direction when choosing the direction for the ancestral altar. Northeast direction (Restored): This direction means “recovery” or restoration and rebuilding. If you are looking for a business to grow or a project to run smoothly, this direction is the most suitable. You can apply it to the direction for the office, the main door of the company, the cafe, etc. to attract a lot of luck.

Female 2020 is suitable for 4 directions bringing a lot of luck

The directions to avoid and limit to be chosen as the main direction for the homeowner of Canh Ty are Southeast (Tuyet Menh), North (Ngu Quy), South (Hoa Hai) and East (Luc Sat). These directions mean bad feng shui and bring less luck to those living there.

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Above we have presented very useful information for the year of the Rat year 2020. However, the fate of each of us is held by ourselves, no matter how correct the horoscope is, it is only 40%. If we always live positively in any situation and do a lot of good deeds, then surely our bad luck will also improve in the direction of getting better.