If you want to know what year 2017 is, what year is it, you can look up the Can Chi – Destiny table for specific results.

2017 is the year of the Rooster (chicken), according to the Can Chi table below, the destiny of the following year is Son Ha Hoa (Fire at the foot of the mountain).

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Son Ha Hoa is the fire at the foot of the mountain. The body represents the gate of the land, the Rooster is the gate of the setting sun. So when the sun at the end of the day goes to the gate of the earth (the foot of the mountain) and then disappears, it is called Son Ha Hoa.

Suitable colors for this year are Fire colors such as red, purple, pink, orange. You can consider decorating your home in this color scheme.

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Moreover, Wood supports Fire, so the colors suitable for Fire parity in 2017 are green, blue, … Fire engraved Thuy, so avoid cold colors like blue, black, gray, …

According to Bich Hue (Synthesis) (Discovery)


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