You want to know the person born in 1964 What is the age, destiny, color, age, direction? Simply want to know to understand personality, people, choosing home direction, interior feng shui. All of these are related to feng shui, helping to bring luck and peace to the owner. So what is the feng shui horoscope of the 1696-year-old? Join me to find out in detail in the article below

Overview of people born in 1964

What’s your child’s age in 1964

?According to feng shui, what is the age of birth in 1964?, for those born in 1964, it is the year of the Dragon (Dragon).

Watching: Born in 1964

The main lunar year is: Giap Thin

– In Heaven: Armor

Compatible with: Ky Tuong born with: Canh, Mau

With address: Thin

The three are compatible with age: Body, Rat, and Thin The four elements are associated with: Thin, Dog, Ox, Mui.

People born in 1964 in the year of the Dragon

According to Giap Thin par, this person born in 1964 is quite hot-tempered, hasty and enthusiastic. Humans always contain many noble and beautiful aspirations, have the will to progress, so they have a number of officials. They also like to do big, important things.

These people have Irrigation, limited to 49 years old. Because it is Giap, if you live far away from home, it is easy to have a glorious and rich career path.

This age has spacious houses, abundant fortune, less fortunate cases also inherit the improvement of their ancestors as a basis.

Their lives are very fortunate and also create opportunities for themselves to develop their reputations, careers, and end their lives happily.

Born in 1964, what destiny

?According to the research horoscope 1964, what destiny? People born in 1964 carry the destiny of Hoa – Phuc Dang Hoa – ie: the flame comes from a lamp.

Mutual coexistence with destiny: Moc, Thuy Tuong with destiny: Kim, Thuy

What is the fate of people born in 1964?

The nature of darkness brings light to help people’s lives not be maximized, children study every night to expand knowledge. Should choose this person’s nature is very enthusiastic, kind, likes to help and cares for others.

The downside of this event is to approach the problem early, but solve the problem early, because they are the people with many inventions and creativity, always looking at things and then having a satisfactory and quick solution. .

Their positive, forward thinking is often one step ahead. When communicating with them, you will be opened with many valuable opinions, which are the foundation for success, you should cherish such friends.

Another weakness in the personality of these people is that they are sometimes overly resource-driven, vivacious, arrogant.

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Fire energy is used, so in love affairs, they are enthusiastic and passionate as if they have forgotten all about work, caring and selling equipment very thoughtfully. Not only that, Phuc Dang Hoa also gives energy and inspiration to partners in work and life.

What color is 1964

?Choosing clothes and using things in life with matching colors will help bring luck, joy and confidence to your destiny. Especially for homeowners born in 1964, what color is suitable?

Because of the Fire attribute, people born in 1964 will merge with the colors of the Fire par such as red, orange, pink, purple.

These colors are compatible with print, so they support strength, activate the spirit of excitement, enthusiasm and energy at work.

What is the direction of people born in 1964?

– In addition, people belonging to the Wood parity will match the green color of the Wood element. This is the color that helps Phuc Dang Hoa always have endless energy, always confident, full of vitality as well as creativity.

They are always an inexhaustible source of energy for the people of Phuc Dang Hoa, who are always confident, full of plastic creative life and endless, light becomes thousands of miles away.

– Earthy yellow, earthy brown (belonging to the Earth element); white, gray, silver (of metal); The blue and black sea water (belonging to the Water parity) engraved Fire, so it will create negative factors for them, reducing their luck in work and life.

Birth in 1964, what composite number

?Each person is born with a different number, with different age and destiny. Therefore, the number in feng shui luck with people born in the year of the Dragon in 1964 will also be different as follows:

For men, the numbers: 3, 4, 9. For women, the numbers: 6, 7, 8.

What age is 1964 suitable for business and marriage

?In this section, we share with you about what age 1984 is suitable not only in marriage but also in business. In order to bring fortune, health and success, all things bring luck:

– For men:

In business, suitable for all ages: Nham Ty, At Ty, Mau Thin, Binh Ngo, Tan Hoi. Choosing to be a husband and wife is suitable for: Tan Hoi, Mau Than, Nham Dan, Nham Ty.Ky with age: Ky Rooster, Dinh Mui, Quy Mao, At Mao, Ky Mui and Dinh Dau.

– For Female Network:

In business, suitable for: Mau Than, At Ty, Binh Ngo. Choosing to be a husband and wife is suitable for: Nham Dan, At Ty, Mau Than, Binh Ngo, Nhan Ty, Tan Hoi.Ky with ages such as: Quy Mao, Dinh Mui, Ky Mui, Dinh Dau, At Mao.

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What age is suitable for people born in 1964?

In which, with ages such as: Dinh Mui, Quy Mao, Ky Dau, Dinh Dau, At Mao. These are the ages that are incompatible with destiny of the Giap Thin people. Therefore, people born in 1964 who get married or intend to do business with these people will only have failure and bad luck.

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But keep in mind that the information about the zodiac sign – this is for reference only, a happy marriage or a successful business depends on many different factors such as courage, ability, luck… element – par Kim.

Born in 1964 is suitable for which direction

?Born in 1964 is suitable for what? These are the things that homeowners are learning to bring fortune and feng shui to their family in the nearest future:

– For men born in 1964:

Men born in 1964 Giap Thin are compatible with the East – Sinh Chi direction, the North – Phuc Duc direction.

East direction – Vitality: This house is prosperous, the family has good luck, the people in the family get high scores, the talent to sing, the children are healthy, smart, the family is in harmony. North direction – Phuc Duc: This house is rich. The health of the user in the family is good. You are smart, successful in life. However, it is necessary to neutralize the conflict of Water – Fire.

What is the direction of people born in 1964?

– For women born in 1964:

Women born in 1964 are associated with Southwest – Phuc Duc, Northeast – Thien Y, Northwest – Restoration.

Southwest direction – Dien Nien: This house is rich and precious, convenient roads, prosperous fortune, harmonious family, long life, noble people, success, health. Northeast direction – Thien Y: Abundant fortune, harmonious emotions, full of virtuous people, because of the sunflower, the daughter in the house is healthy. Northwest direction – Restoration: Descendants have careers, many successful people, especially the eldest son. Although the family is rich, because of the weakening of yin and yang, women are often weak and difficult to feed.

How does the Giap Dragon person born in 1964 match the kitchen cabinet model

?In feng shui, making kitchen cabinets is always the first issue that many people care about when in the interior of the house. Because they will mean bringing fortune, luck and prosperity to the whole family. In particular, the Giap Thin people can design for themselves a beautiful kitchen space not only in terms of form but also for the purpose of money and luck for the family.

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Model of kitchen cabinets for people born in the year of the Dragon in 1964

The direction of kitchen feng shui for people born in the year of the Dragon year 1964

– Good kitchen direction for the year of the Dragon:

East direction (Living Qi): Brings career prosperity, attracts fortune, helps homeowners easily get promoted. North direction (Dien Nien): Preserves and repairs relationships in the family, love always close. Southeast direction (Thien Y): brings good health, long life to a hundred years. South direction (Restored position): brings lucky events, continuous advancement and helps to lift the spirit.

– Bad direction for people born in the year of the Dragon in 1964:

Towards the West (Five Demons), the owner has no hands on the road to fame. The job declines, there is no source of income, the family quarrels. The cremation of the Northwest (Death to the Dead) fails, the illness lasts a long time, can cause death. life, bad luck, market phi. In the Southwest direction, normal relationships in the family easily lead to lawsuits and publicity.

Things to avoid when designing a kitchen for the Year of the Dragon

The sink as well as the sub-areas is understood as a gathering of water, ie discharging unlucky things, so it should be placed in bad directions such as the Northeast (Catastrophe); Northwest (Absolutely); Southwest (Luc Sac); West (Five Demons) The kitchen door must not be directly with the main door of the house. Or look directly at the bedroom door, the person sleeping will have disaster. Set up the stove between the washing machine, the air conditioner and the firewall, but use it to return to the feature. Avoid placing the kitchen on the front wall and do not leave the window behind the kitchen. Can’t face the toilet door, because the toilet is a place with many germs and bad air, easy to get sick through food. – You also need to put the stove right under the crossbar. Using the bar on the kitchen consumes resources. Also do not place on the water, drain the cellar. Place the kitchen in these locations, homeowners and people often have pain, in the house often lose gas.

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