If you were born in 2010, you belong to the Moc par, you are compatible with the destiny colors such as green, banana green, black, navy blue, blue. It is advisable to choose these colors as the main colors in interior design and architecture so that you will have a lot of luck and fortune.

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Born in 2010 what destiny

?People born in 2010 in feng shui five elements correspond to par Moc. Specifically, Tung Bach Moc (Coniferous wood) means a large pine tree that is stable against the storms of life.

People born in 2010 belong to the Moc par

People born in 2010 for men are compatible with the following numbers: 2, 5, 8, 9. In contrast, for women, the numbers 6, 7, 8. These are numbers that bring good luck to those born in 2010. People born in 2010.

What age are you born in 2010

?People born in 2010 are associated with the years of the Tiger – Horse – Dog. These are the most suitable ages to talk about business, make close friends or get married. People born in 2010 cooperate with the above age, everything is favorable, career advancement, happy life.

In addition, the years of the Tiger – Monkey – Snake – Pig, these are the four elements associated with people born in 2010. You should avoid all relationships with these ages to avoid dangers for yourself.

Character of people born in 2010

In general, people born in 2010 have a straightforward personality that does not like to flatter anyone. At work, they are people who are always focused, dedicated and responsible to complete the assigned tasks, so they are trusted by everyone and handle important jobs. In the family are filial children to their parents and grandparents. They are not good at communicating, but when they communicate a lot, people will be attracted to their personality.

Lifetime horoscope of male network Canh Dan born in 2010


It can be said that the love of the male network born in 2010 is quite difficult and difficult, going through many times of dissolution to find true happiness in life.

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If you were born in the 5th, 7th and 11th lunar months, the love line will undergo 3 changes of love before you can find a real home.

If the male Canh Dan is born in the 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th lunar months, they will change their love twice.

Finally, in the 2nd, 9th and 10th lunar months, you will have a perfect love life, a married life filled with happiness, and you and your husband will work together to build a lifetime of happiness.

The love life of people born in the year of the Tiger will begin to change when you turn 20 years old

Family religion and career of people born in 2010

Although the career of people born in 2010 is up and down erratically, they will achieve the success that they set out through their efforts.

Family religion

Gia Dao encounters many sorrows and sorrows when you turn 20 to 21 years old. So you love your filial parents and grandparents Lifetime horoscope for female network Canh Dan was born in 2010.

Life horoscope of people born in the year of the Tiger

Lifetime horoscope for female network Canh Dan born in 2010


Women born in the year of the Tiger have a painful love affair and a series of pessimistic days. So the love of people born in 2010 is divided into 3 cases corresponding to the following months:

You will experience 3 love changes if you were born in the 3rd, 7th and 12th lunar months. Despite going through many breakups, at the end of your life you still find your own happiness.

If you were born in the 4th, 5th, 8th and 11th lunar months, you will have a difficult love relationship and 2 changes in love. But you also do not need to worry too much because after those changes you will find someone who truly loves you.

Finally, the female network Canh Dan born in the 1st, 2nd, 6th, 9th and 10th lunar months has a perfect love relationship, without any change. Happy married life with the person you love until the end of your life.

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Family and career

Career of people born in 2010

Female Canh Tiger has a well-developed career when in luck. The road to fame is always shining, so whatever you do can attract a lot of fortune.

Communalism has few difficulties when young, but after middle age, family life is warm and happy with children and enjoys a lot of happiness.

People born in 2010 are suitable for which direction can attract money and luck for themselves

Good direction for both men and women born in the year of the Tiger

West direction (Dien Nien): This is the direction with the implication that the family religion is always peaceful and happy, and the career is stable.

Southwest direction (Born Qi): This is the direction of fortune with the implication of bringing a lot of fortune and luck to your family, fame and career.

Northeast direction (Fu Wei): This is the direction where noble people help with the meaning that when the family has difficulties that cannot be solved, someone will help your family overcome difficulties.

Northwest direction (Thien Y): This is one of the good directions to build a family because it will be protected by heaven and earth to help you overcome difficulties in life.

Directions to avoid for men and women born in 2010

These are the directions that homeowners born in 2010 should avoid to prevent bad luck and wear down the family’s fortune. directions such as the Northwest (Birth Qi); Northeast (Dien Nien); Southwest (Thien Y); West (Resurrection).

The color and feng shui direction of the house of the owner born in 2010

The color and direction of the bedroom matches the feng shui of the owner born in 2010

Homeowners born in 2010 are suitable for colors such as green, black, and blue. These are good feng shui colors that should be chosen as the main color for the bedroom. The bedroom is often placed in the best direction of the house because this is the most important part of your life, helping you to have a good night’s sleep after a hard day’s work and full of energy for the new day. Therefore, homeowners born in 2010 are often careful when choosing the direction to build the bedroom.

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Here are the good feng shui directions that homeowners born in 2010 should choose such as: Sinh Qi, Thien Y, Dien Nien, and Phuc Vi.

Here are some feng shui bedroom designs for people born in 2010.

BedroomColor and interior direction of the living room

The living room is the place that attracts a lot of fortune and money to the homeowner and is also the most vital place in the house. Therefore, homeowners often place the living room in the best direction of your house as a southwest, west, northwest, and northeast direction.

You were born in 2010, you have a passion for nature, want to decorate your living room beautiful and full of life, cool and fresh but still suitable for feng shui, then refer to the design below:

Living room The color and direction of the kitchen interior is in accordance with feng shui with the owner of the Canh Dan

Normally, the kitchen is always located in the worst direction of the house, but the kitchen must look out in the good direction in order to prevent bad omens for your home. So the kitchen is built in the following directions: Southeast, North, South, East.

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If you were born in the year of the Tiger, you should choose the colors green, banana green, black, navy blue, and blue. These are the colors that are suitable for feng shui people born in 2010. If you choose these colors. As the main color for the interior of the kitchen, your family will have a peaceful and happy life.


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