What is New Year’s Union? What are the customs of Vietnamese people on Tet Reunification Day? will be the main content that Hanoi1000 would like to send to readers in today’s article.

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Many people mistakenly believe that: Tet reunion is the day of the Lunar New Year. In fact, it is not, because from the point of view of the ancient Chinese, the Reunification Festival has similar characteristics to the Mid-Autumn Festival. However, with the long-standing habit of Vietnamese people, who calls the Mid-Autumn Festival is the Lunar New Year. To answer this issue more deeply, the following article will provide you with the most “interesting” knowledge about Tet union members.

Referring to the New Year’s reunion, the memories of reunion, gathering with parents, friends and relatives come rushing back. Everyone is excited, excited, looking forward to the upcoming Tet holiday season. Most Vietnamese people know and understand well about the Mid-Autumn Festival, but the information about the reunion festival is not updated in more detail and clarity.

So what is the union festival? Is the reunion festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival the same thing? What are the special activities that take place during the Tet holiday? To be able to answer all of the above questions, right now we will go together to discover the most special things of the Lunar New Year.

What is the reunion festival? Are the reunions and the Mid-Autumn Festival the same thing?

What is the reunion festival?

Like its name suggests, Tet reunion is a rare occasion where distant children can return to gather with loved ones. It is an opportunity for us to meet old friends again after many days apart, to confide and chat together.

The reunion festival takes place on the full moon day of the 8th lunar month every year and is also the Mid-Autumn Festival. Tet reunion is held in the cool and pleasant autumn weather, so there are many activities on this occasion. According to the ancient concept, this is the time when the farmer has just finished the harvest, celebrates the bountiful harvest, and thanks heaven and earth for the favorable rain and wind.

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Not only Vietnam but also countries in the Asian region celebrate the reunion. The governments of some countries such as Korea, China, etc. also allow people to take a long day off to conduct rituals and perform customs during this holiday. In addition, in Thailand, Singapore, Japan and other countries that use the lunar calendar, Tet Reunification is considered a major holiday of the year. With distinct cultural features, the reunion festival in each country will have many differences in origin, cuisine, etc.

Baked cakes and soft cakes are two typical cakes of the New Year’s reunion

The customs of the Vietnamese people in the New Year’s Reunification Day

– Looking at the moon:

The full moon of August is the night when the moon is round and brightest of the year. Under the gentle light of the moon, the shimmering, fanciful sky is dotted with millions of sparkling stars and the autumn wind blows, creating a wonderful, poetic and poetic scene. There is nothing better than gathering with loved ones in that romantic space, enjoying the beauty of the moon together.

The moon in the concept of Vietnamese people has a great meaning, it is a symbol of well-being and peace. When the moon begins to rise, it is time for people to rest and relax after a long day of hard work.

On the full moon day of August, the moon will be very round and bright.

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– Break the deck:

Every time the New Year comes, families will prepare a tray full of fruits, vegetables, baked goods, flexible cakes and many other favorite dishes of children. However, that tray is not only arranged in the usual way but will be neatly arranged and eye-catching. The fruits are cut into the shape of funny animals. From the pomelos can be arranged into the shape of a puppy or the guava is cut to resemble a frog, …

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Breaking the feast is the name of the fact that everyone enjoys fruits and sweets together when the moonlight reaches the top of the head. Before breaking the feast, that tray was offered to sacrifice to heaven and earth, the gods prayed for all the luck and peace to come to their families.

The family breaks the feast on the New Year’s reunion

– Cut the cake:

Cakes and cakes are symbols of the reunion festival. Without these two types of cakes, the Mid-Autumn Festival is no longer complete. Cakes and cakes have a clear shape because they are modeled after the shape of the moon. Moreover, in Asian culture, the circle symbolizes goodness, fullness, and fullness.

The fragrant crust combined with sweet fillings forms a very interesting taste. The number of pieces of cake cut will be equal to the number of family members so each person will fully enjoy the taste of each cake.

– Lion dance:

In the spiritual life of the East, the lion is one of the four most sacred animals that people often call the four spirits. Besides the unicorn, there are dragons, turtles, and phoenixes, which are mascots with supernatural powers that can protect people from evil spirits and bad luck.

Lion dance is a form of art performance combined with drums and joyful music. Therefore, children are very excited and excited to see the lion dance. Every season to the whole After returning, many dance troupes will perform along the streets, attracting all the eyes of passersby.

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Watch the lion dance in the New Year’s reunion

– Torch light:

The star lights, military pull lights, carp lights not only have eye-catching designs and colors, but each type of lamp also contains many deep meanings. The towing lights originate from the dictionary of stories about filial piety and love for grandparents and parents. Carp lights are associated with the image of “carp turning into a dragon” expressing the desire to rise up and make relentless efforts.

The 5-pointed star lamp symbolizes the 5 feng shui elements Kim – Wood – Water – Fire – Earth, meaning harmony and balance in life. The tradition of lantern procession is the wish of adults for children, hoping that they will grow up to be filial, hardworking and kind people.

Activities on New Year’s Day help to strengthen the family bond

Life is more and more modern, Vietnam is gradually integrating in all aspects from economy, education, culture to the world. Many festivals and international New Year’s Day have been introduced into our country. However, traditional values ​​and traditional cultural features are still being preserved and promoted.

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Typically, the New Year’s Day has never been ignored or really forgotten by the Vietnamese. Leaving behind the hustle and bustle of work, sitting down next to loved ones, enjoying a piece of fragrant cake, sipping a cup of hot tea, watching the full moon is a moment incomparable.