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1. Introduction to religion

The history of religion is as long as the history of mankind itself, only mankind has religion, and religion appeared when man had consciousness. Religion shows the most humanity. So please explain why there is religion and why religion is divided into many branches. The first question is difficult to answer, only stating two points:

Humans could not explain supernatural phenomena, so “poured” on some supernatural being and religion appeared. Some religions have gods of fire, stone, and water; what people see every day. The ancient Greeks personified their gods as Zeus, Poseidon, Hades. People need a spiritual support in both happiness and adversity.

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The second idea is often directed to liberation and peace by ethical methods such as doing good deeds, tolerance, etc. The first idea is not so simple, it is often considered that religion is unrealistic, when In the brilliant development of science, many problems are explained in detail. But in the boundless universe, human life is only a moment, truth has endless dimensions, human truth is limited to a limited number of dimensions. For example, in two-dimensional geometry, the axiom “through a point only a line can be drawn parallel to a given line” no longer holds true in three-dimensional space. Similar to Newtonian mechanics and Einstein’s theory of relativity. The compatibility between Buddhism and science, the revelations in the Bible, the Koran have not been deciphered. So some arguments that religion brought by aliens seem mythical, but how to prove its myth.

In the process of formation, due to customs, practices, geographical position, geographical location of each ethnic group, religion is divided. For example, the thinking of the Greeks was realistic, “yang” along with extensive maritime civilization, so their gods had the most human appearance, and were also full of joy, anger, love, and ouch. Deep down, they have put the gods on an equal footing with them, they only appreciate the open-hearted men who dedicate themselves to mankind like Prometheus spreading the fire of civilization. The profound is a little lacking, but fairness and reality are sufficient as the basis for scientific civilization.

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So religion is divided into many branches, this article only focuses on Confucianism, Buddha, Lao, the rest due to lack of material should not be discussed.

Here is a point worth noting, Confucianism is not completely religious, rather it is a philosophy, an academic to teach to be a gentleman (a good person) and a social institution. Buddha is also a philosophy, a philosophy of liberation. Old man, too, philosophy for human outlook. True religion accompanied by rituals, sacrifices, idols. Catholicism, Islam is the correct religion. It is worth pondering when religion as sacred is attached to the hearts of secular people. However, it is not wrong to say that Confucianism, Buddha, and Lao are religions because they have penetrated into human life and have been deified.

Consistency will be more but within the article limit, I focus on:

Homosexuality of gender metaphysics Consistency of moral values ​​Consistency of cultivation

2. Homosexuality of world metaphysics

In Confucianism, Confucius avoids mentioning ghosts and spirits, but he always refers to the heavenly way. Those who do the righteous way of heaven will survive.

Buddhism refers to True Suchness (Nirvana, Buddha-nature). In the twelve links of causality, Mara, the metaphysical metaphor of the cycle of karmic retribution. Bodhisattva, Buddha metaphysical metaphor of Nirvana. Here are the twelve predestined relationships

Ignorance: darkness Ignorance gives birth to Actions: actions to create karma Begets Consciousness: as the basis for a life to Consciousness arises Name-and-form: the formation of the five aggregates Name-and-form gives birth to Six senses: six senses; The six senses that begin to come into contact with the outside are called Contacts, which give birth to Tree: the new person’s perception of the outside world. lead to Sinh Sinh giving birth to Lao Tzu

He proposed an infinite beginning of all things, so-called Dao. In the I Ching, Tao is Tai Chi. Tai Chi gives birth to two beings, Yin and Yang, and Yin and Yang harmonizes and gives birth to all things. Some scholars later added Infinity before Tai Chi, but in essence, Infinity is still Tai Chi.

Catholicism has God, taking care of people.

Hinduism has Brahma (the great self), the supreme being of the universe.

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3. Homogeneity of moral values

This is the biggest common point, all religions are good towards common human values.

Confucianism proposes the five common elements “Human, Righteous, Le, Tri, and Faith”. The value of benevolence is upheld in all religions. Keeping the five lowercase due to the word Tam, ie Chan Tam. Compared with Buddha, Confucianism tends to the lower part, universally integrated into daily life, easier to implement than Buddha. Confucius values ​​such as “wealth is not greedy, poverty is constant, authority is not” terrible” became immortal. He and his students later proposed the Trung Dung religion, putting themselves in the middle of the inner and outer world, preventing deviations to keep the religion. Do according to the divine way, not a side coin of the times.

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Buddha proposed the four miracles

The Truth of Suffering: observing human suffering The Truth of Suffering: explaining suffering The Truth of cessation: the cessation of suffering The Truth of Suffering: the path to Nirvana (liberation)

The key to the path to Nirvana is compassion, the Confucian word “Human”.

Lao Tzu proposes to keep the simplicity, “childhood” of people, the root is also the cause. He believes that the chaos in society is caused by people losing their humanity and fighting for greed. He advocates nonviolence. In the Tao Te Ching, Lao goes even further than the Confucian word “Human”: the loss of benevolence comes first, and the meaning is lost, then there is ceremony.

4. The Unity of Cultivation

The perfect man of Confucianism is a gentleman. If you want to be a soldier, you have to cultivate yourself. The I Ching also talks about self-cultivation, including in the sentence: “Change in accordance with the times to keep the Way”.

Buddha taught that in order to attain enlightenment (nirvana) one must follow the eightfold path:

Right view: understand the Four Noble Truths. Right thinking: right thinking Right language: right speaking. political career: not breaking the precepts. Righteous destiny: avoid occupations related to killing. Righteous progress: develop good karma. Righteous thoughts: practice Right concentration: concentration.

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Lao’s policy is that there is no action, so he advises everyone to always keep a child’s heart, avoid craving, and follow life to gain wisdom. Oriental medicine is heavily influenced by Lao. Taoism is divided into two branches:

A branch inclined towards the mundane, the form of the hermit, when needed will help the afterlife to dissolve into the world. The Chinese hermit has many anecdotes, both true and false. A branch of cultivation according to the art of nourishing life, that is Taoism. Some groups in Taoism are biased towards spells, the truth is unknown.

Taoist practice contains wisdom, today the doctrines of liberal economics such as the “invisible hand”, limiting the intervention of the state … that is true according to Lao, but not good. However, in times of crisis, strong state intervention is needed. Therefore, “depending on the time” of the I Ching has a moderate moderation.

Taoism also left behind writings on nursing medicine. Laotian’s non-greed is closer to Buddha than Confucianism, even the gentleman does not want to do it, enlightenment will be very close.

5. Conclusion

This part I temporarily conclude because of the article’s framework.

But religion never has an end, but man is still a religion

Because people always need happiness in their souls, which material comforts cannot bring.

To conclude, I have two ideas:

All three religions talk about the holy, transparent, beautiful part of man. Something that is only temporarily named. Confucianism is called “Tam”, “Minh Tam”, “Truth Tam” of the gentleman. He called it “Chi Chi Chi of the Heart”, “Truth Man”. Buddha called “Nirvana”, “Buddha mind”, “Buddha nature”, “Bodhicitta”, “Truth suchness”, “Nirvana”, “The original face”, “Great self”. Hinduism called “Brahma”. Catholics call it “God’s Kingdom”. The purpose of practice is to return or regain that good part, while the five aggregates are not, temporary. Religion has an absolute, monistic predisposition to perfection. True but not enforceable among diverse, complex human beings. Can only be approached. Religion should guide the good. As for enforcement measures, it is necessary to have more appropriate and practical methods.

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