Academic confusion between the two concepts of process and process can lead to misoperation in production and reduced efficiency of the management system. In the context of fierce competition in both domestic and foreign markets, every business needs to seize opportunities to improve productivity and product quality. To do that, businesses need to know certain differences between the two terms in ISO 9000 and ISO 9001.

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1. What is process and process

?Concept of process and process

When looking at documents related to ISO, we often see the terms process and process. The following are definitions of the two terms above:

Process: Process management is a management approach based on categorizing activities according to processes. All activities that take inputs and then convert them to outputs that satisfy previously set requirements can be considered as a process. The input of one process can be the output of another process and vice versa. Therefore, it can be said that “process is a set of actions that convert input into output”. Process: A way or method to perform an activity or process. When it comes to a process, it means the sequence of activities in a sequence of jobs.

2. Difference between process & process

Difference between process and process

Process and process are two completely different ways but are often confused with each other. According to the terms ISO 9000 and ISO 9001, there are differences in meaning as follows in the management system as follows:

Process (Procedure) A set of interrelated or interacting activities to transform input into output.Process is represented by action.Process is an object of management. A process can be managed by many processes. May contain an optional sequence. Respond to requirements according to the input and output standards of the process. The process is usually implemented in a non-required form. optimized, not concise, not high efficiency. See also: What is Binding – Meaning of the word Binding A specific method of carrying out an activity or a process.Process is often expressed in writing.Process is a tool of management. A process can manage multiple processes.It is mandatory to comply.The process defines and sets out the inputs and outputs for the process.The usually immutable process is usually executed in a certain order.

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3. The importance of the process in the management system

Importance of processes in management systems

In an organization, individuals with different knowledge and skills will lead to different ways of working and effectiveness. Therefore, it is necessary to have a process to help the person doing the work know how to get the job done and what is the result to be achieved? Avoid the situation that employees are slow to instructions from their superiors or perform redundant work that wastes time.

For tasks that need group coordination, in addition to helping to allocate work properly, it also helps to increase coordination among members, ensuring that the work is done on schedule and in the sequence as expected.

The process also helps superiors manage their employees better by checking their work progress shown on the process, thereby giving timely solutions or strategies.

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In order to have a quality management system, it is necessary to legalize the process and processes, in order to serve the achievement of the set goals. Building a rational process and process management system is a long-term job that requires many factors such as technology, human resources and working experience… Establishing ISO 9001 is the optimal solution to have a methodical management system to help increase profits.

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