Maybe in a way, you’ve heard or seen phrases like “deal hunting”, “big deal”, “deal deal”, “salary deal”,…. But not everyone understands what a deal really is? Understanding this, in today’s article, would like to summarize and introduce to you the common meanings of “deal” to help you better understand it!

What does

Deal mean

?You probably already know, each English word will be translated with a corresponding meaning depending on each specific case and context. Similarly, “deal” has many different meanings, such as the following:

Deal when used as a noun has the following meanings:

(1) Wooden plank

(2) Pine, larch wood

(3) Quantity- is often used in comparative sentences, such as:

a good deal of rice: quite a lot of ricea good deal better: much better

(4) Deals, games, deals

Example: It’s her deal: It’s her turn to share

(5) Purchase and sale agreement, transaction

For example: to do (make) a deal with sb: deal with someone

(6) Unscrupulous work, collusion (shady nature).

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(7) Treatment; treatment

Example: a square deal: to treat it straight

When used as a transitive verb, deal means:

(1) Deal out: Distribute, distribute

Example: to deal out rice: distribute rice

(2) Give

Example: to deal someone happiness: give someone happiness

(3) Give, deal (1 blow…)

When used as an intransitive verb, deal means:

Common sense

Have a relationship / socialize / socialize / swim / travel with someone

to deal with sb : to have a relationship / play / hang out with someone

In commerce, business

(1) Trading, dealing with

Example: to deal in milk: sell milk

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(2) Deal with, deal with

Example: to deal with a difficult problem: to solve a difficult problem

(3) Treatment, treatment, behavior, accommodation

Example: to deal generously/ cruelly with (by) sb: to deal generously/ cruelly to someone

Besides the general meanings that we have summarized and introduced above, “deal” is also commonly used in the field of trading with phrases such as “deal hunting”, “deal goods”, “big deal”. , or in the field of recruitment with the phrase “wage deal”,… So what do these words mean?

What is a deal in buying and selling

?In ordinary trading, the word deal is often used to mean agreement, promotion. Deal is one of the forms of advertising applied to units wishing to introduce services and products to customers by organizing deep discount programs. Normally, products and services will be reduced from 30 to 90% of their original value.

Along with this concept, you may also notice other common phrases such as:

Hunting for deals – hunting for promotions means waiting until the sales unit drops the product price, then buy. lower than the actual price of the product.

What is closing deal

?Closing deal or closing sale is simply understood as a transaction, a business agreement between the seller and the buyer that has been agreed.

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For example, the salesperson of a real estate unit, after many days of consulting, convinced the customer to buy that house or villa; If the customer has paid a deposit to buy a house, this is considered a successful deal closing.

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What is a salary deal

?In this case, the word “deal” is no longer translated to mean promotion but it is understood to mean “agreement”. Thus, “wage deal” is an agreement on a salary – a negotiation process about the official salary that an employee will receive during working at the unit.

This process helps job applicants ensure that they receive a salary commensurate with their qualifications and working position.

In the current time, the salary and bonus of employees in enterprises are not the same. Among employees of the same position, the salary may also vary depending on the candidate’s ability to negotiate in advance.

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What is a deal breaker

?“Deal breaker” is used to refer to an event that resulted in breaking up with something or someone.

What is a deal

?“Deal with” is a phrase used to describe the act of agreeing to achieve or resolve a problem. It is also sometimes used to refer to the subject of something.

Above are some basic meanings and usages of the English word “deal”. Hopefully, through this article, you’ve got the answer to the question of what “deal” is, thereby avoiding misunderstanding, or being surprised when encountering this word!