a device that is used to recharge a battery (= fill it with electricity), for example in a mobile phone

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Would it be true to say that cavalry officers who expected to get £120 for their chargers would be the chargers themselves?

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If the rise is due to increased freights, increased insurance chargers or increased raw materials, that is a natural phenomenon of an inevitable economic character.

The process of mechanisation has far outdistanced any reductions which have been made in the authorised number of officers” chargers.

I saw all descriptions of horses, chargers, and even state-coach horses that had carried portly lord mayors.

A very strong case can be made out for sympathetic consideration at least in connection with the batteries and the chargers.

The proposals are also contrary to logic, because most of the expenses are determined by debt repayment, interest chargers, nationally fixed employment agreements, and housing benefit amounts.

The question refers to chargers supplied to officers for military purposes and hired by them for other than military purposes, for which payments are made quarterly in advance.

There is a reduction of £12,000 for officers” chargers, and of £68,200 for the purchase of horses, but there is no reduction in respect of the remount clerks.

There is an increase of £14,000 for animals—chargers, mules and what not—this year, and that is in addition to the 16,000 horses and mules on the establishment already.

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Other examples of nonlinear loads are battery chargers, electronic ballasts, variable frequency drives, and switching mode power supplies.

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