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Humanity is infinite

Humanity is human. Wu is nothing. Ten is ten, which is perfect, just like when giving a score, the perfect score is 10/10. Toan, meaning completeness, completeness.

If we combine the words, the above tree will mean:

“When we were still in the worldly position, until we had attained the Arahantship and liberation, all of us here, no one is perfect in all aspects. I still have my faults, I still have my flaws.”

Maybe there are some people who have a bit of merit such as being smart and talented, then they are conceited, thinking that they are superior to others, outstanding, and good.

Then from there, begin to despise and despise, even harshly with others.

This is something you should not do.

Some people are good in one way, but bad in another.

There are people who are bad on the other hand, but good on this side, this side.

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People have advantages, excel in one point, but cons in another.

Therefore, if a person understands this principle, how do you think they will live?

That is, they will live an extremely tolerant, humble, condescending, very compassionate, and humane way of life.

He will live without reproaching anyone, nor laughing at anyone.

Because they understand one thing is «Human beings are infinite and perfect», which means that as humans, no one is all good and perfect.

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You too, through this idiom, you should also draw for yourself a truth of life, a philosophy of life, and a life ethic.

It is a moral that should not be ridiculed.

Should help and support each other to aim for great things, good and good things.

How precious it is to understand and live like that, isn’t it, sir.

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Namo Amitabha Buddha.

Layman Nhuan Hoa

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