What does despatch mean, definition, usage and examples in English. How to pronounce despatch with native accent. Synonyms, antonyms of despatch.

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/dis”pætʃ/ (despatch) /dis”pætʃ/

* noun

sending (letters, messages, etc.); dispatching

slaying, killing, killing, end of life

happy dispatch: Japanese-style suicide gastrectomy)

quick resolution, urgent work (something); haste, quickness

to do something with dispatch: to do something urgently

the matter reqires dispatch: the matter needs to be solved urgently

(diplomatic) message, announcement

freight carrier

* transitive verb

sending (letter, message…); send out

beat to death, kill, kill, end life (who)

quickly solve, do urgently (something)

to eat urgently, to eat urgently (meal …)

* intransitive verb

(ancient word, ancient meaning) to do quickly, to do quickly

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* economy

send (goods, documents)

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