With the rapid spread of the social network Facebook, slang words are becoming more and more popular, for example the word “cow luong” is storming and showing no signs of slowing down. Despite appearing with such frequency, not everyone knows what salary crane is? Used in many cases like? Let’s thosuaxe learn more in this article, guys!

What is slang

?Cau luong is a slang word used by Chinese people very commonly, especially among young people. This word is used for the purpose of making jokes, creating funny situations.

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It is often used to refer to intimate, sexual, and romantic acts that a loving couple unintentionally or intentionally shows in front of single people.

What does salary crane mean?

Because of this cheerful meaning, the word crane is seen a lot in dramas or entertainment videos on social networks. Specifically, Chinese crane is written as 狗粮, transliterated as /gǒulàng/ in which:

+ 狗 /gǒu/: Translated into Vietnamese as crane, this word refers to a dog.

+ 粮 /liáng/: Translated into Vietnamese as salary and refers to foods, foods, and foods that we eat every day.

If based on the explanation above, when these two words are combined, it will be understood to be another meaning that only dog ​​food. And if the word dog salary is interpreted and understood in the sense of dog food, it seems quite impolite and condescending to others.

In practice, this phrase will be used more figuratively and slang than in the naked literal sense. Therefore, in terms of meaning, most people just consider this a word used to joke around. Cuu luong is not only used to refer to real-life “sex show” couples, but also to refer to the couples in the movie. In short, you can simply understand that crane salary is a general word for the emotional actions of a couple in love.

What is the origin of the word dog luong in Chinese

?In Vietnam or any other country, comparing a story or someone with a dog seems uncivilized and uncivilized. It’s great, but Chinese young people are very popular in using words related to the image of a dog in everyday life, for example: 累成狗 /lèi cupg gǒu/: crazy tired, tired as a dog, 热成狗 /rè cupg gǒu/: crazy hot, hot like a dog or 单身狗 /dān shēn gǒu /: FA, no lover or rougher, “single dog ”, it is like a metaphor to tease people who have reached the age of marriage and still do not have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

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The image of the word dog luong is imagined to be similar to the image of dogs sitting silently watching their owners eat rice, even though they are very hungry, they themselves have not eaten but have to wait next to them. Do you feel this scene is quite similar to the image of people who have no lover but also have to watch alone when loving couples show their affection, making themselves jealous?

What is spoofing

?Verbs such as play, sprinkle or drop are preceded by the word cynical to refer to intentional acts of showing affection and sweet concern for each other. 1 couple in front of singles for the purpose of teasing, toying with them. Those kind of show of affection are compared to an attractive food, the FAs can only look enviously and enviously but never know how to taste it.

What is eating crane salary

?So what is eating crane salary? Eating crane is to refer to the situation where “single people” have to go on the main road to see loving couples acting in love movies right in front of them. Maybe they were forced to see the scene or it could be by accident. For example, your best friend invites you out to play, but he “deliberately” brings his lover along and you are like an extra person. Taking this opportunity, those two people will intentionally make intimate actions with each other in front of you, at this point you will become a pitiful “victim” who they give you food to eat.

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How should I use the word crane

?In life, this word is used very commonly and can be encountered in many different situations:

Cuong luong is used a lot in movies to talk about the passionate love story of two main characters, the supporting characters have to witness this provocative love scene of the two of them. For those of you who love to ship couples, as long as the 2 idols they are shipping have fun with each other such as talking and holding hands, they also consider it a good taste. Used when couples who love each other want to show their affection outside, especially in places where there are single people. It could be that when the couple in love doesn’t show it in front of you, but they post emotional pictures on Facebook, it’s also an act of showing off their salary that deserves to be “up”. judgment”.

Vuong Nhat Bac and Tieu Chien show off their “dog rice bowl” after Tran Tinh Lenh. The word dog luong is not only used in movies or in real life, but also in these romance novels. to be able to create attractive, attractive to come closer to young people.

However, if you want to use this word salary crane, you also need to pay special attention to the surrounding circumstances and objects. If the friends around you are of the younger generation, it is very normal to use this word, it is not only humorous but also shows the closeness between people in a group of friends.

But if you intend to use this word with older people, you need to consider it very carefully because people of this age will not have the agility to be able to update the slang words that they do not know. young people are using. That’s why in communication, if you use the word dog pay to communicate with them, most of the time they will not understand what it is and cause unnecessary misunderstandings and you will be scolded as a young person without respect. adult.

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All in all, it is just one of the new languages ​​that young people love very much and no matter how it is used, it is just a saying with the purpose of joking. single people before the act of showing affection of couples in love, it has absolutely no negative connotations.

Some common words related to dishonesty

– Single “Dog”/Single Dog: To talk about people who are still FA, have not had a lover or even have not had a single love affair.

– Spreading or distributing salary: Unknowingly or intentionally sharing, showing actions or sweet emotional images of yourself and your lover for suffering single dogs to admire.

– Opposite “dog” or reverse dog: The fact that you and your lover together show too sweet images for those who are still FA is considered an extremely cruel act of “mistreatment” for them. .

Example: We don’t give out wages anymore. Is it any different from our FA?

– Buy dog ​​salary: Those who do not have a lover but can withstand the scene of dog salary can quietly watch loving couples show their affection and comfort themselves only.

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For example: I’m used to suffering, today I will buy a salary crane to watch for less sadness.

Some of the hottest salary related memes on the internet today

Because the word crane is so hot, the trend of making memes related to this word is also extremely active. Here are some pretty funny memes that you can use in conversations with friends for more fun and entertainment!

Is it expensive to eat this high-class food?

Being caught eating crap and getting addicted to it…

Eating cranes choking on the throat

Let’s make some “dog rice” for mental alertness

Through the above very specific article, you probably already know what crane salary is as well as the deep meaning of this word, right? Hope you will use it properly and have a good time with this very interesting slang word.